Coming Soon: Financial Modeling

Practical financial modeling instruction for professional success

Instructor: Andrew Russakoff

Coming Soon!

Financial Modeling is dedicated to helping anyone—regardless of experience level—use Excel to make financial models to evaluate the performance of an entire business or a single project.

It’s an easy-to-follow, interactive online course designed and taught by the finance leaders and Excel experts at Investopedia. No commitment. We'll send you a discount code when the course is live.

  • 6 hours of video instruction from an Excel expert: take at your own pace, return for a refresher as often as you like

  • Practical and immediately applicable tips and techniques to help create financial models from scratch, or improve on models you already use

  • Details on sensitivity, scenario, and breakeven analyses, tips to calculate IRR, rate of return, or ROI of a project or opportunity, and much more all in plain English

Who it's for...
  • Financial professionals looking to improve their modeling skill-set and advance their career
  • NON-financial professionals looking to make a move into finance
  • Students/finance majors about to enter the job market and looking to impress prospective employers
  • Business owners looking for a better way to evaluate risk, ROI, and other critical financial metrics

Coming Soon!

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