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  1. Stocks Tread Water Amid Healthcare Anxiety (SPY, DIA)

    The major indexes were mixed and relatively volatile this week as the CBOE Volatility Index soared from 11.00 to a high of ...
  2. McDonald's Could Break out in the Second Quarter (MCD)

    McDonald's is trading less than three points below the 2016 bull market high and could soon break out to an all-time high. ...
  3. Chipotle Ready to Reward Bottom Fishers (CMG, MCD)

    Chipotle just bounced at critical support after a research firm predicted big first quarter upside, setting the stage for ...
  4. Tony Robbins on the Fiduciary Rule

    Best-selling author and entrepreneur Tony Robbins on the Dept. of Labor's "Fiduciary Rule"
  5. Stalling Healthcare Reform May Be Holding Up the Rally

    It appears that partisan gridlock over healthcare reform may be helping to derail the rally.
  6. These Sectors Should Reward Shorts (WFC, IWM)

    Post-election rally leaders have been grinding lower for three weeks, raising odds the market is headed into a mid-year correction. ...
  1. Cash-And-Carry Trade

    A trading strategy in which an investor buys a long position in a security or commodity while simultaneously selling a short ...
  2. Natural Gas, Oil Remain Weak (UNG, UGAZ)

    Oil and natural gas have fallen on persistently high inventories, and the ETFs that track them are suffering even more.
  3. Energy Lags on Falling Oil Prices (XLE, USO)

    Oil futures are falling, and they're dragging energy stocks down with them.
  4. Penny Stocks to Watch for March 2017 (MOBL)

    These ten penny stocks trading on U.S. public exchanges could gain substantial ground in March 2017 and the coming months.
  5. Natural Gas Futures Slump Despite Winter Storm Stella (UNG, UGAZ)

    Half a foot of snow is blanketing much of North America, but that isn't boosting natural gas prices.
  6. Oil Stabilizes after Last Week's Carnage (UWT, USO)

    Oil futures are steady after hedge funds cut their positions and abandoned the commodity.
Hot Definitions
  1. Trumpcare

    The American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare and Ryancare, is the Republican proposal to replace Obamacare.
  2. Free Carrier - FCA

    A trade term requiring the seller to deliver goods to a named airport, terminal, or other place where the carrier operates. ...
  3. Portable Alpha

    A strategy in which portfolio managers separate alpha from beta by investing in securities that differ from the market index ...
  4. Run Rate

    1. How the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period ...
  5. Hard Fork

    A hard fork (or sometimes hardfork) is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions ...
  6. Interest Rate Risk

    The risk that an investment's value will change due to a change in the absolute level of interest rates, in the spread between ...
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