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  1. VF Corp. Announces $5 Billion Buyback Plan (VFC)

    VF Corp., with brands like Timberland and The North Face, has announced a revamped five-year plan.
  2. Amazon Effect: Stock Soars, ETFs Get Bigger (XLY, FDIS)

    As Amazon shares soar, some investors are pumping fresh money into ETFs that allocate big weights to the stock.
  3. Four Big Investor Errors

    These simple lessons can cut your losses
  4. Snap Trades for the Fast-Fingered Crowd (SNAP)

    Snap has failed to hold the IPO opening price since its third trading day, signaling relative weakness that favors additional ...
  5. Casino Stocks Could Rally Into Mid-Year (MGM, LVS)

    Casino stocks shook off weak Las Vegas metrics earlier this week, in a buy-the-news reaction that could signal higher prices ...
  6. Post-Earnings Valuation: Red Hat Edition

    RHT reported strong results, will the shares continue to surge higher?
  1. Enjoy Life Now and Still Save For Later

    Find out how to balance living well today and retiring well tomorrow.
  2. Compensation Myths: Burger Flipper Vs. Investment Banker

    Though these two jobs are perceived as being opposites, the compensation can be quite comparable.
  3. 5 Common Mistakes Young Investors Make

    Starting to invest can be a scary process. Luckily, steering clear of common errors is half the battle.
  4. These Charts Suggest Biotech Is Heading Higher (IBB, CELG)

    The recent long-term buy signals on these biotechnology stocks suggest that this could be the beginning of a long-term uptrend. ...
  5. Small-Cap ETFs Set for Sharp Swings (TNA, TZA)

    Analysts see greater price volatility on the horizon for small-cap stocks, and that may drive greater movements in the leveraged ...
  6. Volatility Begins Falling Again (VXX, TVIX)

    After a few days of reversing course, volatility and volatility-tracking ETFs are falling lower yet again.
Hot Definitions
  1. Profitability Index

    An index that attempts to identify the relationship between the costs and benefits of a proposed project through the use ...
  2. Restricted Stock Unit

    Compensation offered by an employer to an employee in the form of company stock. The employee does not receive the stock ...
  3. Operating Ratio

    A ratio that shows the efficiency of a company's management by comparing operating expense to net sales. Calculated as:
  4. Expense Ratio

    A measure of what it costs an investment company to operate a mutual fund. An expense ratio is determined through an annual ...
  5. Pro Forma

    A Latin term meaning "for the sake of form". In the investing world, it describes a method of calculating financial results ...
  6. Trumpcare

    The American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare and Ryancare, is the Republican proposal to replace Obamacare.
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