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  1. Freeport-McMoRan Stock Breaks Out as Copper Soars

    Freeport-McMoRan shares broke out from key resistance levels to new highs following copper's strong move.
  2. Alphabet Stock Breaks Down Despite Earnings Beat

    Alphabet shares broke down to their 50-day moving average but should remain at $900-1,000 unless fundamentals change.
  3. Shorts Pummel Sears Shares After Kenmore Rally Fades

    Sears rallied more than 23% after an agreement to sell the Kenmore brand on Amazon but gave up those gains in a two-day rout.
  4. McDonalds Stock at All-Time Highs After Earnings

    McDonald's hit an all-time high after another solid quarter, solidifying its position as a Dow and broad market leader.
  5. Why Oil Prices Are Headed Even Lower

    A look at the trendlines shows that the price of oil is going to keep dropping.
  6. 3 Signs Point to a Rebound for Chipotle Stock

    These three indicators say Chipotle stock is ready to end its fall.
  7. Chipotle Stock Breaks Down From Key Support

    Chipotle shares broke down, but the stock could see some relief near these key trendline support levels.
  8. Fitbit Stock Moves Toward Support as Wearables Waver

    Fitbit shares are losing momentum and could be at risk of breaking down from critical trendline support.
  9. GM Stock Holding 3-Year Breakout Into Earnings

    General Motors stock broke out above a three-year trendline in late 2016 and has held new support despite selling pressure.
  10. Alphabet Bull-Bear Battle Lines Drawn at $1,000

    Alphabet stock is within 10 points of $1,000 ahead of Monday's earnings report, with tailwinds favoring even higher prices.
  11. 3 Charts That Suggest Bears Are Taking Aim at Commodities

    Nearby resistance levels suggest that the next move for commodities could be lower.
  12. Tech Sector Breakout Continues, but Stocks Are Mixed

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  13. Visa Stock Hits $100 but Fails to Break Out From Resistance

    Visa shares reached $100 for the first time, but with 28% year-to-date performance, there are signs of hesitation among traders.
  14. eBay Stock Falls to Support After Mediocre Quarter

    eBay stock fell after a lackluster quarter, but the overall trend is bullish as long as it stays above key support.
  15. Microsoft Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

    Microsoft stock sold off after strong quarterly results, but low volatility should keep a lid on selling pressure if the ...
  16. Small Cap Stocks Are at Risk of a Pullback

    The iShares Russell 2000 ETF looks to be bumping up against some upward resistance.
  17. Energy Funds Testing 2017 Downtrends

    Energy funds were sold after lifting above seven-month resistance, raising doubts about recent social media buying calls.
  18. How Commodities Hit Their Bull Run

    The leading index that tracks commodities reached a key downside objective before beginning its current bullish trend.
  19. These International ETFs Are Trouncing the Competition

    These are some of the top performing international ETFs this year, and they are still in uptrends.
  20. Railroad Stocks Sell Off to Support After Strong Earnings

    CSX and Union Pacific are selling off despite strong second quarter results, signaling growing fears of an economic slowdown.
  21. Biotech Stocks on Fire After Vertex News

    Vertex Pharmaceuticals research results ignited a strong biotech sector advance that could gain traction in coming weeks.
  22. Microsoft Stock Reaches 52-Week Highs After Baidu Deal

    Microsoft shares broke out from key resistance to new highs ahead of fourth quarter earnings.
  23. Facebook Stock Breaks Out From Key Resistance

    Facebook shares hit all-time highs as the company looks to test subscription-based news products.
  24. Rounded Bottom Could Mean a Rally for These Stocks

    These stocks are showing a rounded bottom – a powerful pattern that often goes unnoticed until it is too late.
  25. Health Carrier Stocks Need to Hold These Levels

    Health insurance carriers are starting to show technical cracks that could trigger steep declines if the ACA system collapses.
  26. JPMorgan and Citigroup Stocks Could Hit New Highs

    Bull flags are forming for JPMorgan and Citigroup stock.
  27. Chipotle Stock Falls to Critical Support After Illness

    Chipotle shares declined after customers fell ill at a Virginia restaurant, but analysts are divided on the long-term implications.
  28. Harley-Davidson Stock Headed for New Lows After Profit Warning

    Harley-Davidson is rapidly losing customers, undermined by a millennial generation unmoved by the company's outlaw branding.
  29. Bitcoin’s Bloody Sunday Has Weeded Out the Weaklings

    Volatility is sure to continue, but a recent reversal suggests a medium-term bottom for Bitcoin.
  30. Amazon Stock Breaks Out After Blitz Into New Industries

    Amazon shares hit fresh highs this week as investors look forward to the company's move into new industries.
  31. Netflix Stock's Big Breakout May Have More Upside

    New highs for Netflix stock on large volume points to increasing demand by institutions.
  32. Is Netflix Stock a 'Buy' at New Highs?

    Netflix stock is at an all-time high after strong results, but weak accumulation raises the odds for a failed breakout.
  33. Tesla Stock Is at Risk of a Major Breakdown

    Even Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla stock might be a bit pricey.
  34. BlackRock Stock Breaks Down to Pivot Point Support

    BlackRock shares broke down after bearish second quarter results. Where is the stock headed over the long term?
  35. Hesitant Traders Turn Their Attention to Utilities

    Nearby support on the charts of key utilities suggests that the sector could be a good choice in the coming months.
  36. Trucker Stocks Shake Off J.B. Hunt Shortfall

    Trucker stocks are probing monthly highs after an initial sell-the-news reaction to J.B. Hunt's weak second quarter results.
  37. Goldman Sachs Stock Could Break 10-Year Resistance

    Goldman stock completed a basing pattern and could bounce back to the high, completing a long-term cup and handle breakout.
  38. 3 Charts That Suggest Gold Miners Are Headed Lower

    Nearby resistance on these charts suggests that the gold mining industry is setting up for a long-term move lower.
  39. Netflix Stock Breaks Out Ahead of Q2 Earnings

    Netflix shares broke out from trendline resistance ahead of second quarter financial results expected next week.
  40. Stocks Rise on Crude Recovery and Yellen Testimony

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  41. Wells Fargo Stock Falls to Key Support Levels

    Wells Fargo shares moved lower in early trading on Friday after the bank reported worse-than-expected second quarter financial ...
  42. Bank of America Levels to Watch After Earnings

    A post-earnings sell-off for three major commercial banks is lowering expectations for Bank of America's release early next ...
  43. NVIDIA Stock Retests June Highs as Traders Eye Breakout

    NVIDIA shares tested prior highs before moving lower, but the stock could still see a breakout to new highs.
  44. Delta Stock Breaks Down After Earnings Disappointment

    Delta shares broke down from trendline support on worse-than-expected second quarter financial results.
  45. Agriculture ETFs Facing Headwinds Despite Bounce

    Despite a bounce in the agricultural ETFs over the past few weeks, technical evidence suggests lower prices to come.
  46. 3 Under-the-Radar Defense Plays

    Defense contractors are hitting new highs in a rally fueled by expectations that military spending will rise under Trump.
  47. Sunny Times Ahead for the Solar Sector

    Bullish solar sector action may signal new uptrends that yield substantial gains in the second half of 2017.
  48. Why FANG Stocks Can Extend Their July Rally

    Indicators point to bullishness for FANG stocks going into earnings season.
  49. Activision Stock Rebounds From 50-Day Moving Average

    Activision Blizzard shares moved higher on bullish e-sports developments, but the stock remains just below key resistance ...
  50. Facebook Shares Break Out From Key Resistance

    Facebook shares reached all-time highs after breaking out from key trendline resistance.
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