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  1. BlackBerry Stock: Buyers Step Up Ahead of Earnings

    Lowly BlackBerry broke out above the 50-day EMA on healthy volume after reporting a software partnership agreement.
  2. Apple and Cisco Stocks: A Reversal of Fortune

    The diverging paths of Apple and Cisco stocks highlights changing capital flows within the tech sector.
  3. Will Treasuries Break Down From Key Support?

    Treasuries remain resilient despite a hawkish Fed meeting, suggesting that traders still see low growth and low inflation ...
  4. Bank of America Stock Could Break Out

    Bank of America shares could break out from key resistance levels following a hawkish Federal Reserve meeting.
  5. Car ETF Rallying – Is It Sustainable?

    The car manufacturer ETF is in a strong uptrend, but long-term resistance levels are coming into play.
  6. Oil Refiner Stocks Could Hit New Highs in 2018

    Oil refiners and marketers are leading an energy sector recovery wave, with top performers set to test their 2014 and 2015 ...
  7. Active Traders Focus Attention on Emerging Markets

    Strong uptrends and well-defined risk/reward setups suggest that it could be time to buy key emerging market ETFs.
  8. Short Sellers Take Aim at Vulnerable Health Carriers

    Health carrier stocks could enter steep bear markets if the latest Obamacare repeal bill becomes law.
  9. Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Breaks Down as Retail Struggles

    Bed Bath & Beyond shares moved sharply lower in after-hours trading Tuesday following poor second quarter results.
  10. Citigroup Stock Lifts to 8-Year High Ahead of Fed

    Sector leader Citigroup has broken out to an eight-year high and could test triple digits in coming months.
  11. Fitbit Stock Tests Support After Breakout Fizzles

    FitBit shares moved lower amid concerns over smartwatch competition and profit taking from a recent rally.
  12. Best Buy and Rite Aid Stocks Break Support

    One of the few strong retail performers, even Best Buy is starting to sell off, while beleaguered Rite Aid starts another ...
  13. Alphabet Stock Is Setting up for a Major Breakdown

    After months of a slow decline, the stock of Google parent company Alphabet is at risk of breaking down.
  14. 4 Top-Performing Alternatives to Bitcoin

    Bitcoin's blockchain technology has spawned a new ecosystem of “altcoins.”
  15. Herbalife Stock Setting Off Multiple Sell Signals

    Herbalife has reversed at the .786 Fibonacci retracement level after a long-term recovery failed to reach the 2014 high.
  16. Will Teva Pharmaceutical Stock Close the Gap?

    Teva shares moved sharply lower over the past three months before a brief relief rally took hold.
  17. Tesla Stock Extends Breakout, Tests All-Time High

    Tesla shares briefly touched their all-time high this week, but some analysts aren't so confident in the future.
  18. Intel Stock Awakens After Long Slumber

    Intel stock lifted to a four-month high and into a test at 2014 resistance, with a breakout opening the door to the all-time ...
  19. McDonald's Stock at Key Support After Expiration Swoon

    McDonald's shares fell after a research firm alleged that hurricane disruptions could undermine third quarter profits.
  20. NVIDIA Breakout Bodes Well for AMD Stock

    NVIDIA's breakout could benefit AMD, which has attempted to mimic its rival's price action in the past two years.
  21. Pullback in Base Metals Suggests It Is Time to Buy

    A retracement toward key levels of support suggests that base metal prices could head higher in the months ahead.
  22. What You Can Learn From the Latest Bitcoin Panic

    This is not the first time the price of Bitcoin has tanked.
  23. Cybersecurity Stocks in Play After Equifax Hack

    Cybersecurity stocks are gaining ground, but corporations still aren't allocating the funds needed to fix the problem.
  24. Is It Too Late to Buy Defense Stocks?

    Mid-cap U.S. defense stocks now offer better value than blue chips, carving breakout patterns that could yield gains into ...
  25. The Big Bond Rally of 2017 May Be Over

    Fundamentals and technicals show that bonds could start reversing course after a solid year of returns.
  26. Tesla Stock Breaks Out Toward All-Time Highs

    Shares broke out from near-term resistance levels after Elon Musk announced Tesla's entry into the trucking industry.
  27. Tough to Buy Caterpillar Breakout

    Caterpillar stock has broken out to an all-time high, but mixed technicals suggest that the rally could fail.
  28. Conventional Retail Versus Online Retail ETFs

    Online retail is booming, while conventional retail is getting crushed. These ETFs are both nearing critical technical levels.
  29. Boeing Stock Could Hit $300 in Coming Months

    Boeing shares have held like glue to the mid-summer rally high and could add to gains, reaching $300 in coming months.
  30. When Will Equifax Stock's Capitulation End?

    Equifax shares continue to move lower, but with volumes declining, traders could see capitulation coming to an end.
  31. Amazon Stock Breaks Out From Short-Term Downtrend

    After moving lower over the past month, Amazon stock has shown signs of a rebound and could retest its all-time highs.
  32. Micron Stock Nearing Steep Resistance After Upgrade

    Micron stock hit a two-year high but is just two points below a major resistance level that should trigger a reversal.
  33. These Stocks Are Near a Major Breakout

    These two stocks are near major breakouts after being held below a resistance level for the past several months.
  34. Traders Sell Apple Stock After Big Show

    Apple stock reversed after the big marketing event, trapping weak hands while adding to evidence of a longer-term top.
  35. How to Trade the Uptrend in Aerospace and Defense

    Nearby support on the charts of these aerospace and defense stocks suggests that now could be the ideal time to buy.
  36. Shopify Stock Continues Breaking Out to New Highs

    Shopify shares broke out from trendline resistance, but traders will be watching these key levels over the coming weeks.
  37. McDonalds Stock Falls to Support After Bearish Comments

    Aanalysts suggested that restaurants could see lower-than-expected comparable sales. Traders will be watching this critical ...
  38. Chip Stocks Headed for New Highs

    The semiconductor index looks set to break three-month resistance and test the dotcom high posted more than 17 years ago.
  39. Where Will the Nasdaq Go Next? It Depends on Apple

    A lot is riding on Apple's big product launch, both for its stock and the Nasdaq.
  40. Gold Reversal Could Pick Up Steam

    Gold has reversed just below the 2016 high and could pull back to support, offering a low-risk buying opportunity.
  41. Amgen Stock Breaks Out From Resistance

    Amgen shares hit 52-week highs on Phase III ARCH study results, but traders will be watching these key price levels.
  42. Can Teva Pharmaceutical Turn Around Under New CEO?

    Teva shares soared nearly 20% this week after the company finally found a new chief executive officer.
  43. Apple Stock Is at a Key Pivot Point

    These are the levels to keep an eye on for Apple stock after its big product launch.
  44. 3 Under-the-Radar Tech Plays

    Mid-cap tech stocks are offering better value than widely held big caps, with many components poised for higher prices.
  45. MGM Downgrade Could Unnerve Shareholders

    MGM has made little progress since June's breakout to a nine-year high and could head lower after a top-tier downgrade.
  46. 3 Positive Long-Term Charts for Precious Metals

    Bullish precious metal chart patterns suggest that the coming weeks and months could be profitable for commodity traders.
  47. Stocks Move Lower Amid Growing Risks to the Rally

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  48. Macau Casino Stocks Head for New Highs

    Macau stocks are challenging 2017 highs after shaking off revenue hits following two devastating August storms.
  49. What Will It Take to Un-Stick the S&P 500?

    For the last six weeks, the S&P 500 has been stuck in a tight three-percent range.
  50. Equifax Breach Opens the Door for Short-Term Traders

    Equifax shares plummeted after it revealed a data breach affecting nearly half the U.S. population. What are the key levels ...
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