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  1. Should Traders Buy Shopify or Shop Elsewhere? (SHOP)

    A look at Shopify following its run-up and where the stock may be headed from here.
  2. Treasury ETFs Breakout (TLT, IEF)

    U.S. Treasury ETFs have broken out of a range to the upside. (TLT,IEF,GOVT)
  3. Market Cycles Turning Against American Express (AXP)

    American Express price action has set off its first major sell signal since 2013, raising odds the long uptrend will come ...
  4. IBM Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (IBM)

    IBM sold off at harmonic resistance in February after a yearlong bounce and could test even lower levels following a surprisingly ...
  5. This ETF Suggests Now Is the Time to Buy Financials (XLF, C)

    The bullish trend on the chart of the popular financial ETF is suggesting that the next leg higher could just be getting ...
  6. Momentum Stocks Poised for Breakouts (S, ETE)

    These stocks rallied big and then stalled. The next breakout is also expected to produce a big move. (S,ETE, OCN)
  7. Goldman Sachs Breaks Down from Head & Shoulders (GS, C)

    Goldman Sachs recently broke down from its head and shoulders pattern, which could spell a larger fall for the iconic investment ...
  8. Buy U.S. Steel for a Pullback Trade (X)

    U.S. Steel has reached major support after a 2-month decline and should reward dip buyers with a sizable oversold bounce. ...
  9. Yahoo Earnings Overshadowed by Verizon Deal (YHOO, VZ)

    Yahoo is exposed to broader market forces following last month's renegotiation of its controversial asset sale to Verizon. ...
  10. JB Hunt Mixed Start to Transport Earnings Season (JBHT)

    J.B. Hunt Transport bounced off a 5-month low after a mixed earnings report but is unlikely to underpin the DJ Transportation ...
  11. Will Big Tech Lead a Mid-year Correction? (AAPL, FB)

    Big tech stocks could get targeted for aggressive selling pressure soon, in a natural expansion of the broad downturn that ...
  12. These Commodities Are Trading Near Major Levels of Support (DBC, COW)

    Bullish long-term chart patterns on these key commodity-related ETFs suggest that prices are headed higher over the months ...
  13. Stocks Fall Amid Rising Geopolitical Risk (SPY, DIA)

    International markets were mixed over this holiday week. (SPY,DIA,IWM,QQQ)
  14. Could’s Rally Finally Be Coming to an End? (WIX) has risen about 250% over the past 52-weeks and analysts are growing concerned over its valuation.
  15. Gold Ratios Are at Critical Junctures (GDX, GLD)

    Gold ratios—comparing gold miner stock performance to gold—tells a lot about the strength of gold (and miners). That ratio ...
  16. S&P 500 Crosses Below 50-day Moving Average (SPY)

    The S&P 500 recently crossed below its 50-day moving average in further signs of a stock market slowdown.
  17. Wells-Fargo Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (WFC)

    Wells-Fargo reported weak first quarter results that indicate it's still losing business as a result of the 2016 sales scandal. ...
  18. Three Must-Own Defense Stocks (COL, LMT)

    U.S. defense stocks should gain significant ground during the Trump administration. Here's why. COL,LMT,UTX
  19. Rising Trend Channel Buying Opportunities (ADSK, TTWO)

    These two stocks are in long-term rising price channels. Currently trading near support, an upside move indicates another ...
  20. Oprah's Weight Watchers Bet Finally Paying Off (WTW)

    Weight Watchers is set to enter a new long-term uptrend that should add to Oprah Winfrey's profitable stake. (WTW)
  21. JP Morgan Chase Levels to Watch After Earnings (JPM)

    JP Morgan Chase is gaining ground after a strong earnings report, but the muted reaction is unlikely to signal a quick return ...
  22. Will Shake Shack Shake Its Bearish Trend? (SHAK)

    We look at Shake Shack's troubled performance and whether a breakout may be in the cards.
  23. These 3 Charts Suggest Regional Banks Are Heading Higher (KRE, OZRK)

    Mean reversion theory suggests that traders will be looking to buy into regional banks as prices drift toward the support ...
  24. Are Chip Stocks Topping Out? (NVDA, INTC)

    PHLX Semiconductor Index has reached long-term Elliot Wave targets, raising odds the multi-year uptrend is coming to an end. ...
  25. Whole Foods Enters Uptrend After Activist Threat (WFM)

    Whole Foods completed a multi-year basing pattern and has entered a new uptrend after an activist shareholder group criticized ...
  26. Netflix Losing Its Appeal to Traders (NFLX, GOOG)

    Netflix has soared nearly 40% over the past six months, but is the rally coming to an end?
  27. Citigroup at Cusp of Historic Breakout (C)

    Citigroup rallied into multiyear resistance after the November election and could break out following this week's earnings ...
  28. Delta Earnings on Tap After Weather Debacle (DAL)

    Two public relations nightmares have undermined Delta buying sentiment ahead of Wednesday's quarterly confessional.
  29. Technical Indicators Suggest Agriculture Commodities Are Headed Lower (DBA, WEAT)

    Nearby resistance, combined with recent moves below key support levels on major ETFs, suggest agriculture commodities will ...
  30. Stocks Give Up Ground Amid Slowing Job Growth (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  31. Health Carriers Hanging Tough Despite D.C. Debacle (UNH, HUM)

    Health insurance carriers have dropped into holding patterns at their 50-day EMAs, awaiting specifics on health care reform. ...
  32. Amazon Rally Could End at Hidden Resistance (AMZN)

    Amazon is rapidly approaching Elliott Wave and Fibonacci targets that could trigger a long and painful correction.
  33. Pullback Buying Opportunity in These ETFs (VTI, IWD)

    The uptrend in the U.S. stock market remains strong, and the recent pullback provides an opportunity to buy to index ETFs.
  34. These Oil Stocks Tend to Rise in April (WFT, SWN)

    These oil-related stocks show a strong tendency to rise April, having rallied more than 80% of the time over the last 27 ...
  35. Three Small Caps to Buy for the Second Quarter (BOBE, MDCO)

    Buying the strongest small-cap components could offer a more profitable second-quarter strategy than picking up the Russell-2 ...
  36. Dull Year Ahead for Gold and Gold Miners (GLD, GDX)

    Gold and gold miners are carving the next legs of multi-year basing patterns, setting up ideal condition for a long and dull ...
  37. 3 Ways to Invest in Energy Infrastructure (AMLP, MMP)

    Bullish chart patterns on key energy infrastructure assets suggest now could be the ideal time to buy. (AMLP,MMP)
  38. Are Solar Stocks Due for a Rebound? (FAN, FSLR)

    Are solar stocks oversold following their mid-March breakdown?
  39. Is NVIDIA Topping Out? (NVDA)

    NVIDIA is trading in the red for 2017 and may be carving a topping pattern, ahead of a correction that generates much lower ...
  40. Three Dow Stocks to Buy for the Second Quarter (MSFT, KO)

    Look for capital to rotate out of the Dow's first-quarter winners into less overbought plays that show greater upside potential.
  41. Will Zosano Pharma Break Below Support? (ZSAN)

    A look at Zosano Pharma's precarious technical position and where the stock could be headed over the coming weeks.
  42. 3 Financial Stocks to Buy for the Second Quarter (MCO, DFS)

    Financial stocks consolidated gains in the first quarter and could head higher in coming months, with mid-tier sector plays ...
  43. Viacom Could Hit $60 in the Second Half (VIAB, VIA)

    Sumner Redstone has finally given up his chairmanship following a long legal battle, allowing Viacom to play catch-up with ...
  44. Gold Faces Major Resistance (GLD, GDX)

    Nearby resistance levels on the charts of key gold-related ETFs suggest the next move could be lower, which most investors ...
  45. Stocks Move Higher as Risks to the Rally Mount (SPY, DIA)

    The major indexes moved higher this week driven by earnings growth.
  46. Three Tech Stocks to Buy for the Second Quarter (RHT, ADI)

    Widely held tech stocks are overbought and in need of pullbacks, raising odds for a second quarter rotation into less known ...
  47. Blackberry Levels to Watch After Earnings (BBRY, AAPL)

    Blackberry is testing 15-month triangle resistance after upbeat fourth-quarter earnings and could trade into double digits ...
  48. Retail Poised for a Short-term Rally (XRT, RTH)

    Retail ETFs have bounced off support and are threatening to break to the upside. (XRT, RTH)
  49. Snap Trades for the Fast-Fingered Crowd (SNAP)

    Snap has failed to hold the IPO opening price since its third trading day, signaling relative weakness that favors additional ...
  50. Casino Stocks Could Rally Into Mid-Year (MGM, LVS)

    Casino stocks shook off weak Las Vegas metrics earlier this week, in a buy-the-news reaction that could signal higher prices ...
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