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  1. Time to Sell These Stocks With Double Tops (G, NCR)

    These stocks have completed a topping pattern, indicating their run higher may be over.
  2. Markets Reach New Highs as Brexit is Left Behind (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary and outlook for the major U.S. stock market indexes.
  3. 3 Single Digit Darlings Flying High (LEDS, HMNY)

    Single digit momentum plays can yield fabulous profits, but aggressive risk management is needed to avoid financial games ...
  4. IBM Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (IBM)

    Price action since February may signal the end of the long downtrend but IBM still needs to prove its value with a strong ...
  5. Delta Taking Off After Earnings (DAL)

    Delta has lifted off long-term range support, but gains may be limited due to overhead supply from recently broken support ...
  6. Bank of America Levels to Watch After Earnings (BAC, JPM)

    Bank of America could make incremental technical progress after a strong earnings report while a weak confessional is unlikely ...
  7. How to Trade These Top Performing Sector ETFs (XLU, XLE)

    With the S&P 500 at all-time highs, lots of sectors are performing well. But these are the best-performing sectors.
  8. Defensive Plays Setting Up Dip Trades (GLD, TLT)

    Gold, bonds, and utilities are pulling back after strong rallies and should attract healthy buying interest at lower price ...
  9. Intel Poised for Major Breakout (INTC)

    Intel has rallied into a great position to break multi-decade resistance in the mid-30s and head into a test of last decade's ...
  10. 3 Underfollowed ETFs to Watch (VEU, BSV)

    Long-term traders are using technical analysis to identify buying opportunities in underfollowed ETFs. We'll take a closer ...
  11. Fours Stocks Breaking Out to the Upside (IBN, WDC)

    These stocks are breaking through chart pattern resistance, signaling another move to the upside.
  12. Wells-Fargo Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (WFC)

    Wells-Fargo could gain ground after a weak earnings report on Friday due to excessively negative sentiment.
  13. Cliff's Resources Rising Against The Iron Tide (CLF)

    Cliffs has posted fabulous gains in the last 6 months but has now reached a price level that could trigger a major reversal.
  14. The Uptrend in Commodities Is Just Getting Started (ABX, AA)

    Despite the run in commodities so far in 2016, the long-term chart patterns are suggesting that this could only be the beginning.
  15. Yum Brands Levels To Watch After Earnings (YUM)

    Yum Brands has lifted to an 11-month high and could challenge the 2015 high after a strong earnings report and outlook in ...
  16. Crude Oil Overbought at Mid-Year (USO, XLE)

    Crude oil could consolidate its enormous gains into the fourth quarter while U.S. energy funds join the broad market at new ...
  17. Long-term Upside Breakouts Close at Hand (AMGN, ARMK)

    These three stocks are approaching major highs and resistance, and a breakout could mean another strong advance to the upside.
  18. Stocks Continue Winning Streak After Payroll Data (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary and outlook for the major U.S. indexes.
  19. Chipotle Still Poisoned By 2015 Outbreak (CMG)

    The troubled fast food giant has returned to the financial headlines after a bizarre social media incident.
  20. Costco Headed for Test of Bull Market High (COST, WMT)

    Thursday's bullish price action could eventually yield a breakout to an all-time high and strong trend advance.
  21. United Technologies Stuck in Neutral (UTX, LMT)

    United Technologies has failed to participate in a strong defense contractor rally, held down by a building division vulnerable ...
  22. Eurozone ETFs at Critical Level (EZU, VGK)

    These ETFs focused on European stocks are near critical support, providing a buying opportunity if support holds, but a warning ...
  23. Mondelez Challenging High After Hersey Bid (MDLZ, HSY)

    Mondelez buying interest is lagging price development, lowering odds for a quick breakout and new trend advance
  24. U.S. Airlines Enter Bear Markets (UAL, AAL)

    U.S. airline carriers with international exposure could offer excellent short sales after oversold technical readings work ...
  25. 3 Ways to Add Dividends to Your Portfolio (VYM, HDV)

    Heightened volatility has led many investors to search for quality dividend-paying investments. In this article, we'll take ...
  26. 3 Stocks Breaking Higher (ALL, FE)

    These three stocks are breaking through resistance, signaling another advance to the upside.
  27. Time To Reload Bearish Retail Bets (M, JWN)

    Department stores have failed several tests at resistance, raising odds for critical tests at 2016 downtrend lows.
  28. Dissecting Silver's Wild Holiday Ride (SLV, GLD)

    Silver's wild holiday action on the other side of the Atlantic is more likely to signal a short-term top rather rapid uptrend.
  29. How to Trade the Breakout in Silver (SLV, EXK)

    Many traders are turning to the silver market given the strong surge in momentum. While all eyes are on the underlying commodity ...
  30. Stocks to Buy Along Trendline Support (ABBV, MXL)

    These stocks are near or approaching trendline support, which is often a favorable time to buy.
  31. Stocks Soar as Central Banks Expected to Go Dovish (SPY,DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  32. Biotech Bottom Calls After Big Bounce (IBB, XBI)

    Biotech funds have bounced sharply after testing downtrend lows, setting off a wave of bottom calls.
  33. Rate Hike Stalemate Bad For U.S. Banks (KBE, KRE)

    Banking ETFs have diverged in 2016, with U.S. focused funds showing greater resiliency than broad-based funds with international ...
  34. Time Running Out For Microsoft Bulls (MSFT)

    Six tests at October 2015 breakout support have failed to attract buying interest, raising odds for a breakdown that ends ...
  35. Brexit Bounce Still Favors Bearish Outcome (XLF, XLB)

    Proportional retracements and lagging sector performance point to oversold bounces rather than full recoveries.
  36. ETFs with Major Breakout Potential (ASHR, IEMG)

    These ETFs are moving in price patterns, that when broken, could set up big trending moves.
  37. Oracle Headed For Big Tech Leadership (ORCL, IBM)

    Oracles's 1st quarter reversal at the 50-month EMA should set the stage for a new trend advance.
  38. Two Financials To Sell Short At Resistance (JPM, MA)

    The financial sector got clobbered after the Brexit referendum and should offer profitable short sales when the latest relief ...
  39. Active Traders Turn To Emerging Markets (EEM, FXI)

    Bullish chart patterns on these emerging market ETFs suggest that now could be a good time to buy.
  40. These Stocks Are Strong July Performers (AMGN, BPL)

    These stocks tend to rally in July, moving higher approximately 80% of the time.
  41. Consumer Staples Could Offer Relief From Brexit (KO, PG)

    Consumer staple stocks could soon play catch-up with utilities, bonds, precious metals and other defensive groups benefiting ...
  42. Apple And Netflix Back In Bear Market Territory (AAPL, NFLX)

    Apple and Netflix have sold off after Brexit and are testing support levels that, if broken, will signal the start of active ...
  43. These Gold Stocks Look Poised To Pop (GLD, ABX)

    The UK decision to leave Europe has sparked a move to safe assets such as gold and other commodities. The breakouts on these ...
  44. British Petroleum Caught In Brexit's Maelstrom (BP, XOM)

    British Petroleum now faces its biggest economic challenge since the Deep Horizon Gulf Coast oil spill in 2010
  45. Buy or Sell the Biggest Brexit Losers (BCS, SAN)

    A "yes" Brexit vote hammered some stocks down more than 13% on June 24. Now it is time to decide if that presents a buying ...
  46. Gold Bulls In Control After Brexit (GLD, PHYS)

    Gold funds lifted to the top of 4 month rising channels on Friday and should break out into healthy trend advances.
  47. Stocks Plunge Following UK's Decision to Leave EU (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  48. 3 Blue Chip Mavericks Glowing Green After Brexit (WMT, LMT)

    These three resilient blue chips traded higher on Friday morning, despite a worldwide Brexit selloff.
  49. 3 Flights to Safety After Brexit (GLD, UUP)

    These three flight to safety plays offer solid choices for market players seeking protection or looking to profit from the ...
  50. McDonalds Headed Into Long-term Sell Cycle (MCD)

    McDonald's led the broad market in the first quarter but has now entered a long-term sell cycle that could yield a trip to ...
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