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  1. Disney Getting Sold By Smart Money Crowd (DIS)

    Disney has been sold aggressively by institutions for more than a year and could enter a major downtrend.
  2. Department Stores Set to Resume Downtrends (JWN, DDS)

    Beaten down mall anchors have reversed at intermediate resistance levels and are setting up low-risk short sale entries.
  3. Falling Stocks Still Giving Short Trade Signals (IVZ, FL)

    These stocks are in downtrends, and still flashing short trade signals.
  4. Invest in Consumer Discretionary With This ETF (XLY, AMZN)

    In the article below, we’ll take a look at several charts and see where strategic traders are currently placing their bets. ...
  5. Tesla Motors Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (TSLA, SCTY)

    Tesla Motors has retained intense shareholder loyalty while the stock has transitioned from market darling to perennial laggard.
  6. Three S&P 500 Laggards Set to Outperform (VRSN, V)

    These S&P 500 laggards may attract substantial rotational capital as market players take profits in the index's biggest ...
  7. Pfizer Price Levels To Watch After Earnings (PFE)

    Pfizer has rallied to a 12-year high and could add to gains after Tuesday's earnings report but is extremely overbought and ...
  8. Chesapeake Energy Ready To Play Catch-Up (CHK)

    Chesapeake Energy is finally shaking off bad vibes from CEO McClendon's indictment and sudden death.
  9. Coke Or Pepsi, Which Offers The Better Buy? (KO, PEP)

    Coca-Cola has failed a breakout above 18-year resistance while the Pepsico rally has set off overbought signals.
  10. These are Tradable Breakouts Happening Now (LNG, CHRW)

    These stocks are breaking out of significant ranges, indicating a sizable move to come.
  11. Traders Are Turning Bullish On Industrial Metals (JJU, JJM)

    Copper, aluminum and zinc can often be used by strategic traders as a barometer of the state of the global economy.
  12. Major Indexes Tread Water After Fed Stays Course (SPY,DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  13. Celgene Set to Squeeze Short Sellers (CELG, IBB)

    Celgene has broken out of a year-long descending triangle top and could enter a major short squeeze.
  14. These Stocks Are Strong August Performers (MO, WTR)

    These four stocks tend to perform well in August, rallying more than 70% of the time over the last 26 years.
  15. Chip Stocks Flying High (XLNX, FLEX)

    Semiconductors have broken out to the bull market and all-time highs, raising the odds that the Nasdaq-100 will join the ...
  16. Trading Opportunities Right Now in Currency ETFs (FXY, FXC)

    These currencies are near important technical levels, which provide trading opportunities with favorable risk/reward ratios.
  17. Caterpillar at Cusp of New Uptrend (CAT)

    Caterpillar has arrived at the logical interface between bull and bear power, setting up a key test in the six-month recovery ...
  18. Speculators Betting Macao Stocks Have Hit Bottom (LVS, WYNN)

    Major Macao casino operators have risen sharply this week, in reaction to renewed optimism that monthly revenues will grow ...
  19. Active Traders Are Turning Bullish on Financials (XLF, KBE)

    The financials industry is often considered one of the most stable segments for investment. Is now the time to buy these ...
  20. Retail Sector Waking Up After Long Slumber (COST, WMT)

    The retail sector is showing signs of life, as market players place their first bets on the critical fourth quarter sales ...
  21. McDonald's Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (MCD)

    The fallout from an unexpected revenue decline is weighing on McDonald's after earnings, but solid institutional sponsorship ...
  22. Apple Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (AAPL)

    Technical indicators have deteriorated badly, raising odds that Apple will enter a new downtrend after earnings.
  23. Earnings Will Test Chevron and Exxon-Mobil Rallies (XOM, CVX)

    Chevron and Exxon-Mobil performance should track broad equity indices in coming months rather than commodity gyrations.
  24. Look to Buy These Broken Wedge Patterns (CNI, MYL)

    These stocks are breaking out of downward wedge formations, or close to it, which indicates the stock price could be heading ...
  25. Active Traders Turn Their Attention to Forestry (WOOD, IP)

    Bullish chart patterns on many key forestry-related assets suggest now could be the time to invest in this underfollowed ...
  26. Housing and Jobs Keep U.S. Indexes Near Highs (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  27. Political Headwinds Dampen Gilead Sciences Outlook (GILD)

    Gilead Sciences earnings on July 25 may be overshadowed by Democratic calls to rein in runaway drug pricing.
  28. Honeywell Bears in Control After Long Uptrend (HON)

    Honeywell fell more than 4% on Friday morning after a poorly received earnings report and could enter an intermediate correction.
  29. eBay Headed For New Highs (EBAY, AMZN)

    eBay has finally confirmed an 11-year breakout above resistance in the mid-20s and could enter a powerful trend advance.
  30. Prepare to Buy Oil ETFs on the Pullback (USO, XOP)

    After a strong run higher, oil is likely in a long-term uptrend. That makes this pullback a buying opportunity. Here is what ...
  31. U.S. Automakers on the Mend After Upbeat GM Earnings (GM, F)

    GM is gaining ground after a surprisingly strong second quarter earnings report and could now enter a new uptrend.
  32. Russell-2000 Set to Outperform Blue Chips (IWM, FIVN)

    Russell-2000 should benefit this summer from a rotation out of overbought blue chips, into small caps and growth stocks.
  33. GE Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (GE)

    General Electric has emerged as a 2016 market leader, with a sharp focus on nonfinancial assets attracting strong institutional ...
  34. Stocks Close to Technical Entry Points (ABEV, GGB)

    These stocks are trading near trendline support, providing a potential buying opportunity.
  35. 3 ETFs for Trading the Breakout in Technology (VGT, XLK)

    Based on the bullish chart patterns of these 3 ETFs, now could be a great time to buy tech stocks.
  36. Netflix at Cusp of Major Downtrend (NFLX)

    Netflix is testing support in the low 80s for the fifth time, after three months of volatility contraction. This is a potent ...
  37. Coal Rally Has Room to Run (KOL, CNX)

    The coal sector turned sharply higher with the broad commodity complex in the first quarter and could gain additional ground ...
  38. Now Is the Time to Buy Sugar and Coffee (JO, SGG)

    Most traders are currently focused on hard commodities such as gold and oil. However, bullish price action in coffee and ...
  39. These Nasdaq-100 Laggards Could Play Catch-Up (JD, SRCL)

    The Nasdaq-100 may assume the rally’s leadership mantle in coming weeks, allowing these index laggards to attract fresh capital.
  40. Halliburton Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (HAL, SLB)

    Halliburton has risen sharply off the 1st quarter low but many institutions have passed on new exposure, demanding more proof ...
  41. Time to Sell These Stocks With Double Tops (G, NCR)

    These stocks have completed a topping pattern, indicating their run higher may be over.
  42. Markets Reach New Highs as Brexit is Left Behind (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary and outlook for the major U.S. stock market indexes.
  43. 3 Single Digit Darlings Flying High (LEDS, HMNY)

    Single digit momentum plays can yield fabulous profits, but aggressive risk management is needed to avoid financial games ...
  44. IBM Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (IBM)

    Price action since February may signal the end of the long downtrend but IBM still needs to prove its value with a strong ...
  45. Delta Taking Off After Earnings (DAL)

    Delta has lifted off long-term range support, but gains may be limited due to overhead supply from recently broken support ...
  46. Bank of America Levels to Watch After Earnings (BAC, JPM)

    Bank of America could make incremental technical progress after a strong earnings report while a weak confessional is unlikely ...
  47. How to Trade These Top Performing Sector ETFs (XLU, XLE)

    With the S&P 500 at all-time highs, lots of sectors are performing well. But these are the best-performing sectors.
  48. Defensive Plays Setting Up Dip Trades (GLD, TLT)

    Gold, bonds, and utilities are pulling back after strong rallies and should attract healthy buying interest at lower price ...
  49. Intel Poised for Major Breakout (INTC)

    Intel has rallied into a great position to break multi-decade resistance in the mid-30s and head into a test of last decade's ...
  50. 3 Underfollowed ETFs to Watch (VEU, BSV)

    Long-term traders are using technical analysis to identify buying opportunities in underfollowed ETFs. We'll take a closer ...
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  1. Treasury Bill - T-Bill

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  2. Index

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  3. Return on Market Value of Equity - ROME

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