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  1. Commodity Bounce Hasn't Ended Vale's Downtrend (VALE)

    Vale will remain stuck in a major downtrend until it breaks out above the 4-year trendline of lower highs.
  2. Active Traders Are Turning Bullish on These Commodities (WOOD, SGG)

    These chart patterns suggest that commodities such as sugar are worth a closer look.
  3. Stocks with Big Short-term Momentum (NMBL, INSY)

    These stocks are up more than 13% in the last week, and could run further.
  4. Mom & Pop Investors Will Make or Break S&P500 Rally (SPY)

    The S&P 500 needs the participation of the sidelined and apathetic public investor for a breakout to have legs.
  5. U.S. Markets Cautious Ahead of Fed Rate Decision (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  6. J.P. Morgan Completing Multi-Year Breakout Pattern (JPM, KBE)

    J.P Morgan Chase may be grinding through the final stages of a 16-year cup and handle breakout pattern.
  7. Microsoft Bulls In Charge Despite Correction (MSFT, AAPL)

    Microsoft relative strength cycles are slowly turning higher, setting the stage for a test of 5 month range resistance.
  8. Bond ETFs Test Key Levels (HYG, SHY)

    Various bond ETFs are all hitting key levels at the same time, presenting trading opportunities in some bond ETFs, and warnings ...
  9. 3 Healthcare Stocks at All-Time Highs (ISRG, HSIC)

    A handful of health care stocks have escaped bearish headwinds generated by political rhetoric and could yield low-risk buying ...
  10. Netflix on the Mend After Relief Rally (NFLX, FB)

    This Netflix recovery attempt faces multiple layers of resistance put into place by the long correction.
  11. Active Traders Should Be Picky When Buying Into Retail Stocks (AMZN, XRT)

    Based on the chart of this ETF active traders should be careful when buying into retail.
  12. Planning What to Buy on the Silver Pullback (SLV, AG)

    How and what to trade as the price of silver pulls backs.
  13. New Broadcom Could Lead Tech to Higher Ground (AVGO)

    The newly-merged Broadcom Ltd could enter a new trend advance after a failed March breakout.
  14. Gold Pulling Back After Powerful First Quarter Rally (GLD, GDX)

    A gold fund pullback to 115 could shake out weak hands and set up a low-risk buying opportunity.
  15. Active Traders Continue to Bet Against Copper (FCX, JJC)

    The charts of these copper-related assets suggest that prices are headed lower. How are you trading the move?
  16. Costco Levels to Watch After Earnings (COST, WMT)

    Costco traders should have long and short sale strategies ready to go after a series of retail sector whipsaws.
  17. Trending Stocks Still Giving Buy Signals (XRS, TSM)

    These upward trending stocks are near entry points right now.
  18. Energy Fund Bounce Grinding to a Halt (XOP, USO)

    SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF could spend months or even years consolidating new gains and ...
  19. Nasdaq-100 Set for Strong Recovery (QQQ)

    The Nasdaq-100 could resume its long-held leadership role and lift major indices to new 2016 highs.
  20. Discount Stores in Focus After Wal-Mart Shocker (DG, DLTR)

    Dollar Tree and Dollar General Stores could benefit from improved retail sentiment after Wal-Mart's upbeat results.
  21. U.S. Indexes Lose Ground as Economy Rebounds

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  22. Wal-Mart Levels to Watch After Earnings (WMT, TGT)

    Thursday's high volume rally signals the start of a second test at major resistance above 70.
  23. Avoid These Weak Sector ETFs (XLU, XLP)

    These three sector ETFs ranked worst in performance over the last week and last month.
  24. Finding Perfect Pullback Prices (SCLN, BRKR)

    These two pullback plays rely on an accurate interpretation of the charting landscape, identifying hidden levels of support.
  25. 3 Hot Momentum Plays in a Cold Market (NVDA, AG)

    Three hot plays in this cold market may provide reliable profit vehicles for disciplined traders.
  26. Target at Cusp of a Major Downtrend (TGT, WMT)

    Target needs to hold long-term support in the mid to upper-60s or risk another 25% to 50% selloff.
  27. Active Traders Turn to the Stability of Bonds (BNDX, VCIT)

    Volatility in the equity markets is driving active traders to these bond funds. Based on the charts, now could be the time ...
  28. Watch These Cup and Handle Buying Opportunities (FOXA, SLB)

    These cup and handles are forming now. A breakout above the handle signals a fresh advance.
  29. Play Multiple Markets With Commodity Tracking Fund (DBC)

    PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund offers broad-based commodity exposure, with an emphasis on the energy markets. ...
  30. Did Warren Buffett Just Save Apple? (AAPL, BRK.A)

    Apple's long-term relative strength cycles are now perfectly placed for a new uptrend, but confirmation could take months.
  31. Active Traders Are Turning to Soft Commodities for Answers (JJS, JO)

    Based on the charts of these exchange traded notes now is the time to buy soft commodities such as coffee and sugar.
  32. Facebook Shackled by Weak Tech Market (FB)

    Big tech and market leader Facebook now shows equal odds of trading above 130 or below 110.
  33. 3 Oil Refiners to Sell Short (IOC, AR)

    Energy traders have been exiting oil refiners and marketers in favor of production, exploration and service plays.
  34. Stocks Still Facing Further Downside (ING, MTG)

    These three stocks may have moved off their lows, but the selling may not be over.
  35. U.S. Markets Mixed After Poor Earnings and Lackluster Employment (SPY, DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  36. Short-term ETF Buying Opportunities (EEM, EFA)

    These ETFs have pulled back to short-term support levels, indicating a potential buying opportunity.
  37. International Investors Will Want to Pay Attention to These 3 Charts (EWL, EZA)

    The charts of three different country-specific ETFs are suggesting a major shift in the trend.
  38. Stock Price Outlook for Alphabet (GOOGL)

    Google stock is in a very interesting location on the price chart. Here are scenarios for short-term and potentially longer-term ...
  39. Junior Gold Miners Ready to Shake Out Weak Hands (GDXJ, GDX)

    The junior gold miners fund has hit overbought levels that have triggered at least 6 major reversals since 2012.
  40. 2 Transport Laggards Ready to Sell Short (JBLU, MATX)

    The transportation sector is weakening after the 1st quarter rally, with the weakest components showing profitable short ...
  41. 3 Commodity Stocks Poised to Pop (VALE, AU)

    Pullbacks toward key support levels suggest now could be a good time to buy commodity stocks.
  42. Two Short Sales in the Banking Sector (BAC, C)

    These two banks show major rejection at long-term resistance and could test their first quarter lows.
  43. Stocks Poised for Short-term Breakouts (BAM, BX)

    These stocks are ready to breakout of short-term price patterns, which could have a longer-term impact on the price.
  44. Crude Oil Headed For Major Reversal (USO)

    Crude oil and the U.S. Oil Fund have risen to price levels that should trigger major reversals.
  45. U.S. Markets Move Lower After Conflicting Data (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  46. 3 Chip Stocks in Strong Uptrends (SIMO, AOSL)

    These three semiconductor plays should remain resilient, posting new highs as long as major indices hold first quarter lows.
  47. Defence Sector Displaying Market Leadership (LMT, RTN)

    The 2015 Paris bombings ended a long period of complacency, underpinning these blue chip defence stocks.
  48. Tesla Motors Shifting Into Reverse (TSLA)

    Weak Tesla price action in the last two years has generated a large supply of unhappy shareholders.
  49. Emerging Market Fund Headed Into Steep Resistance (EEM)

    iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF is likely to test the underside of a four-year triangle pattern, broken in the middle of ...
  50. Oil to Correct Into Buying Opportunity (USO)

    Outlook for crude oil and the USO ETF, including likely pullback levels and how far the next rally could run.
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