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  1. Dick's Stuck in Neutral After Earnings (DKS)

    Dick's is trading lower after reducing quarterly and full year guidance but a loyal institutional shareholder base should ...
  2. Biotech Bounce Set to Pick Up Steam (IBB, CALA)

    The Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare doesn't include drug price controls, underpinning the biotech and pharmaceutical ...
  3. Housing ETF May Signal Overbought Conditions (ITB)

    The market for new homes stands on shaky technical and fundamental footing after January's new home sales report.
  4. Is JC Penney Headed Into a Death Spiral? (JCP)

    JC Penney is testing three-year support in single digits for the third time, with a breakdown setting the stage for a decline ...
  5. Traders Turn Defensive and Look to Basic Materials for Support (DD, DOW)

    Bullish chart patterns on basic materials stocks suggest traders are turning defensive. We'll take a look at several charts ...
  6. These Four Stocks Perform Well in March (QCOM, MAS)

    Historically, these stocks have a great track record in March, typically moving higher by more than 5% for the month.
  7. Sell Short U.S. Tourism After Trump Ban (AAL, MAR)

    U.S. tourism stocks are set to lose significant revenue in reaction to President Trump's' efforts to control border entry ...
  8. Stocks Move Higher, but Technicals are Bearish (SPY, DIA)

    U.S. markets moved higher this week. (SPY,DIA,IWM,QQQ)
  9. Rising Dollar Takes a Toll on Emerging Markets (EEM, SPY)

    The rising U.S. dollar is taking a toll on emerging market equities. We take a look at some potential trades.
  10. Caterpillar Legal Woes Could Hurt Outlook (CAT)

    Caterpillar is testing 3-month support after Federal authorities exercised search warrants that may be examining overseas ...
  11. Gold Bulls Need to Defend These Support Levels (GLD)

    The gold fund has reversed at the underside of 200-week EMA resistance and needs to hold 116 to 118 or risk a much larger-scale ...
  12. How Far Will Apple's Stock Run? (AAPL)

    A look at Apple's recent run-up and near-term technical resistance levels to watch.
  13. Is Now the Time to Buy Gold and Silver ETFs? (GDX, SIL)

    Gold and silver stocks have pulled back recently after a move to upside. Is it time to buy? Here's the outlook.
  14. Delta Air Lines Set to Fly Higher (DAL, UAL)

    Delta Air Lines has consolidated at 2-year resistance for 3-months and looks ready to break out and enter a strong trend ...
  15. Three Stocks Breaking Major Resistance (GPN, WWW)

    These stocks are breaking through major resistance levels, as the S&P 500 continues to march higher. (GPN,WWW,INXN)
  16. Three Chip Stocks Ready to Play Catch-Up (SWKS, JBL)

    These chip stocks could outperform current sector leaders, which are over-extended after long rallies and in need of multi-week ...
  17. This Indicator Points to a Top-Heavy Stock Market (SPY)

    More than 400 components of the S&P 500 are now trading above their 200-day moving average in a sign of a frothy market.
  18. The Future Looks Bright for Exxon Mobil (XOM)

    Exxon Mobil has struggled in recent months, but solid political connections and President Trump's big oil policy should lift ...
  19. Best Buy Bulls Defending Uptrend After Earnings Miss (BBY)

    Best Buy has broken a 2-month channel after a surprisingly weak quarterly report and could test 2016 breakout support in ...
  20. Active Traders Turn Bullish on Real Estate (IYR, RWO)

    Bullish chart patterns on key assets relating to real estate suggest now is the time to buy.
  21. Stocks with Trendline Support Buy Signals (CNI, MU)

    These stocks are in uptrends and trading near trendline support, offering a potential buying opportunity.(CNI, MU, SIX)
  22. Funds Dumping Salesforce Ahead of Earnings (CRM) is trading near 2015 resistance after a 2-month rally but heavy distribution predicts a sell the news reaction ...
  23. Keep Selling Yelp and Trip Advisor (YELP, TRIP)

    Heavy competition and self-inflicted wounds should keep Yelp and Trip Advisor short sellers in business through 2017 and ...
  24. Active Traders Are Not Giving Up on Commodities (GSG, REMX)

    Bullish chart patterns and nearby support are triggering a renewed interest in commodities. These charts of these three ETFs ...
  25. What to Do With the Dow's Underperformers (XOM, KO)

    These three stocks have underperformed the S&P 500 drastically over the last year. Here's their outlook going forward.
  26. Earnings on Tap for Three Big Retailers

    Three major retailers will offer reality checks on industry headwinds that include the painful transition to e-commerce and ...
  27. Stocks Mixed as Valuation Concerns Linger

    The major U.S. stock indexes and international stock indexes were mixed over the past week.
  28. Nvidia on Verge of Major Breakdown (NVDA)

    Nvidia may have broken down from a double top pattern and could enter a major correction that targets the low-70s. (NVDA)
  29. No Breakout in Tesla Tea Leaves (TSLA)

    Tesla has sold off more than 6% after a mixed earnings report that posted a greater than expected quarterly loss.
  30. Three Stocks Ripe For Bottom Fishing (NPTN, LGND)

    Recent laggards should benefit when market players take profits on their top performing positions and seek out lower-risk ...
  31. International Market ETFs Continue Uptrend (EEM, EFA)

    ETFs that track Emerging Markets, China, Europe, Australia and the Far East continue to head higher.
  32. Garmin Shares Pointed North After Earnings (GRMN)

    Garmin is testing 6-month resistance after a strong fourth quarter earnings report and should break out in coming days.
  33. First Solar Struggling Against Trump Headwinds (FSLR)

    First Solar is losing ground despite a strong fourth-quarter earnings report, held down by Trump policies.
  34. Add Some Sophistication to Your Portfolio With These 3 ETFs

    Bullish chart patterns suggest that these ETFs could give your portfolio the much-needed boost it needs.
  35. Three Stocks Trading Near Support (INTC, GIS)

    These stocks are trading near support, signaling a potential long trade for technical traders.
  36. Macy's Initiatives Could Send Stock Higher (M)

    Macy's has attracted unusual buying interest despite lower share prices, in anticipation that activist shareholders will ...
  37. Pass On Wal-Mart After Earnings (WMT, AMZN)

    Wal-Mart is trading at a 2-month high after a well-received fourth-quarter earnings report but faces a buzz-saw of resistance ...
  38. Buy These Uptrending Stocks on the Pullback (LRCX, CPRT)

    These stocks have been booming recently, and a recent pullback may present an opportunity to get in.
  39. Trade the Move in Commodities With These ETFs (COMT, COW)

    Bullish chart patterns combined with nearby support makes now an interesting time to buy into commodities.(COMT,COW)
  40. Stocks Receive a Boost from Strong Earnings (SPY, DIA)

    The major stock market indexes moved significantly higher over the past week. (SPY,DIA,IWM,QQQ)
  41. United Technologies Will Fare Well Under Trump (UTX)

    United Technologies got shaken and stirred after President Trump criticized its Carrier division but should hit new highs ...
  42. Get Ready to Buy the Dip on These Strong Stocks (JCOM, GSM)

    Dip strategies allow market players to enter strong uptrends at discount prices, but the technique requires solid technical ...
  43. TiVo at Cusp of Big Breakout (TIVO)

    TiVo is testing 3-year resistance between $20 and $22.50 after a well-received earnings report and could hit 5-year highs ...
  44. Alexion Pharmaceuticals on the Recovery Trail (ALXN)

    A healthy buy-the-news reaction to a mixed quarterly report could signal the end of the long Alexion Pharmaceuticals downtrend. ...
  45. Watch These Bullish Oil ETFs (XOP, XLE)

    Price patterns and seasonality are indicating several bullish months for the price of oil. Here are ways to capitalize. (XOP,XLE)
  46. Two Retail Superstars Face February Reality Checks (ROST, TJX)

    Discount retailers Ross Stores and TJ Maxx report earnings in February, with unrealistically high expectations raising odds ...
  47. Three Biotechs With Bullish Basing Patterns (SGEN, BLUE)

    Biotech stocks have roared back to life since industry executives met with the new president, allowing the group to play ...
  48. Triangle Patterns Suggest These 3 ETFs Are Headed Higher (XLV, EWJ)

    Bullish chart patterns such as the popular ascending triangle suggest that the bulls are in control. Watch these stocks: ...
  49. These REITS Continue to Perform Strongly (CIM, MFA)

    These REITs are offering great yields, attractive P/E ratios and strong price momentum to the upside.
  50. Is WINS Finance's Breakout Sustainable? (WINS)

    Is WINS Finance Holdings's breakout sustainable or the sign of a near-term decline?
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  1. Operating Ratio

    A ratio that shows the efficiency of a company's management by comparing operating expense to net sales. Calculated as:
  2. Expense Ratio

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  3. Pro Forma

    A Latin term meaning "for the sake of form". In the investing world, it describes a method of calculating financial results ...
  4. Trumpcare

    The American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare and Ryancare, is the Republican proposal to replace Obamacare.
  5. Free Carrier - FCA

    A trade term requiring the seller to deliver goods to a named airport, terminal, or other place where the carrier operates. ...
  6. Portable Alpha

    A strategy in which portfolio managers separate alpha from beta by investing in securities that differ from the market index ...
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