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  1. 3 Stocks With Bullish Volume Divergences (RDUS, PKG)

    When the On Balance Volume indicator posts a new high while a stock struggles at lower price levels, it predicts a bullish ...
  2. Big Tech Awakens While Microsoft Slumbers (MSFT, FB)

    Microsoft has reached long-term resistance at the 1999 high while volume indicators flash major bearish divergences, raising ...
  3. Forget Dividends and Buy Corporate Bonds Instead

    As investors across the globe search for stability and income, it is becoming more common to see investors shift capital ...
  4. Commodity Stocks in Play Now (AKS, WLL)

    These stocks have experienced a sizable pullback after a big rally, presenting a potential major buying opportunity.
  5. Micron at Resistance After Healthy Recovery Wave (MU)

    Micron has lifted into an uptrend after pounding out a first quarter double bottom but has now reached major resistance, ...
  6. Gold Miners Head Into Intermediate Corrections (GDX, GDXJ)

    Gold mining funds have broken rising channels in play during the 1st half of 2016 and could shake out many gold bugs before ...
  7. Trend Channel Stocks Near the Buy Point (WCN, MWA)

    These stocks are currently trading near the bottom of trend channels but moving higher, presenting a buying opportunity. ...
  8. These Charts Suggest Now Is The Time To Buy Silver (SLV, SLW)

    When it comes to commodity trading, the price action of silver is often quickly overlooked in favor of gold.
  9. Stocks Jump as Odds of a Rate Hike Fall (SPY, DIA)

    Major stock market indexes moved higher over the past week after August’s non-farm payrolls fell to just 151,000 compared ...
  10. Lululemon Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place (LULU)

    Lululemon has sold off to strong support near $70 after failing to break out above four-year resistance in the low $80s.
  11. Is Mylan The Next Valeant Trade? (MYL, VRX)

    Mylan is caught in a political firestorm after EpiPen price increases while short sellers drool over a possible Valeant Pharmaceuticals ...
  12. Salesforce Bears In Control After Earnings (CRM) may complete a double top reversal that predicts even lower prices into the 4th quarter.
  13. High Volume Days Expose Hidden Summer Plays (PANW, HRB)

    High volume days on individual stocks in this quiet and illiquid summer market reveal reliable trading patterns.
  14. These Are Not Good ETFs to Own in September (USO, SLV)

    These commodity ETFs tend to perform poorly in September, and this year may be no different.
  15. These Stocks Are Strong September Performers (SO, NIKE)

    These stocks tend to perform well in September, rallying more than 73% of the time over the last 26 years.
  16. Invest In International Markets With These 3 ETFs (EFA, EWA)

    Investors in the U.S. looking to broaden their portfolios beyond North America should look at mid-to-large cap equities in ...
  17. Big Banks Could Lead Market Higher in 4th Quarter (JPM, BAC)

    U.S. commercial banks may be gearing up to post new 2016 highs and test 2015 bull-market highs.
  18. Exxon-Mobil Rally May Have Come To An End (XOM)

    Steep resistance in the mid $90s could end the Exxon Mobil recovery wave and yield a test at 2016 lows in the $70s.
  19. Trades Setting Up in These Stocks (MAT, SNH)

    These REITs and stocks have bullish patterns forming. Watch for an upside breakout from the recent sideways movement.
  20. How To Trade The Uptrend In Gold (GLD, GDX)

    It looks as though 2016 will mark the year that triggered the reversal of a multi-year downtrend.
  21. Stocks Tread Water After Yellen Remarks (SPY, DIA)

    Major stock market indexes ended the week near where they started follow the Federal Reserve’s much-awaited commentary.
  22. Gamestop Price Levels To Watch After Earnings (GME)

    Gamestop is losing ground after a weak 2nd quarter earnings report, but the 2016 trading range is unlikely to break any time ...
  23. Emerging Markets Set to Resume Steep Downtrends (EEM, VWO)

    Emerging-market funds have now reached resistance at 2015 range breakdowns and could resume major downtrends.
  24. Specialty Retailers Defying Sector Gravity (ROST, DKS)

    These specialty retailers are trading at or near new highs because they're capitalizing on a competitive advantage.
  25. Europe ETFs on Verge of Breakout or Selloff (HEDJ, EZU)

    European ETFs are at an inflection point. A small push higher signals a breakout and an uptrend, while a small drop could ...
  26. Probing The S&P 500 Leaderboard For New Trades (NVDA, CHK)

    Lowly Chesapeake Energy has risen to the top of the S&P 500 leadership list and could gain substantial ground into 2 ...
  27. Intuit Price Levels To Watch After Earnings (INTU)

    Intuit is testing July breakout support near $109, after a poorly received earnings report, and could reach double digits ...
  28. Awaiting These Major Breakouts (DIS, NFLX)

    These three stocks are moving in patterns that can't last. Watch for the breakout.
  29. Best Buy Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (BBY)

    A positive response to second-quarter earnings has lifted Best Buy into a long-awaited test at major resistance between $38 ...
  30. Smaller Biotechs Surging to New Highs (NKTR, EXAS)

    Small- and mid-cap biotechs are attracting healthy buying interest and setting off bullish divergences that support higher ...
  31. Buy The Tobacco Dip (MO, RAI)

    After smokin'-hot performance since 2009, tobacco stocks pulled back to key support levels after early July's risk-off exodus ...
  32. Traders Turn To The Stability of Utilities (XLU, DUK)

    The relatively low correlation between utilities and the broader equity markets make this an ideal segment for investors ...
  33. Halliburton Headed Higher Despite Failed Merger (HAL, BHI)

    Halliburton should continue to gain ground into 2017 despite a weakened cash position after its failed Baker Hughes merger.
  34. These Stocks Poised for Upside After a Pullback (DG, RIG)

    Amidst an uptrend, these stocks are flashing buy signals following a recent pullback.
  35. Buy Weakness On These S&P 500 Leaders (RRC, DG)

    Just three of the 100 strongest S&P 500 components have dropped toward oversold technical levels, offering potential ...
  36. Deere Undermined By Commodity Cross- Currents (DE)

    Deere has failed to recover with the broad market or the beaten-down commodity group, raising odds for an eventual breakdown ...
  37. Traders Turn Bullish On Soft Commodities (SGG, JO)

    Soft commodities, which are grown rather than mined, have been quietly making significant moves higher.
  38. Stocks Trade Sideways as FOMC Hints at Rate Hike (SPY, DIA)

    Major stock market indexes were mixed over the past week after the Fed hinted solid job gains could justify an interest rate ...
  39. 3 Pullback Plays For A Quiet Summer Market (JCP, ADXS)

    These pullback plays rely on detailed technical data, rather than feelings or a desire for exposure, for entry signals, regardless ...
  40. Wal-Mart Set to Test Higher Ground (WMT, AMZN)

    Wal-Mart delivered a solid quarterly report that should translate into even higher prices in coming weeks.
  41. Wait to Buy Silver on the Big Pullback (SLV, SIL)

    Silver has been strong, but the best buying opportunity comes on a pullback, not near highs.
  42. Sell These Stocks Near Resistance (PANW, ING)

    These stocks are at or approaching major profit-taking levels, which could cause them to slip lower again.
  43. 3 Fibonacci Trades For Late Summer (INTC, AAL)

    Fibonacci retracement analysis organizes chaotic price action, highlighting hidden buying and selling opportunities.
  44. Target Corp. Price Levels To Watch After Earnings (TGT)

    TGT has sold off into a third test at multiyear support between $65 and $70, raising odds for a breakdown and downtrend into ...
  45. Dog Day Volume Spikes Reveal Profitable Setups (BKS, ESL)

    High volume price bars during thin summer conditions can uncover many profitable trading opportunities.
  46. Home Depot Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (HD)

    Home Depot faces a strong volume headwind despite trading near an all-time high and could turn lower after post-earnings ...
  47. Data Suggest Now is the Time To Buy Mining Stocks (NEM, BHP)

    Chart patterns are sending out strong risk/reward signals for commodities in general and mining companies in particular. ...
  48. Focus On Industrials and Homebuilders With These ETFs (XLI, XHB)

    A strong rally in the industrial goods sector has triggered the interest of many active traders.
  49. Alphabet Likely to Pull Back Before Breaking Out (GOOGL, GOOG)

    Alphabet rallied into range resistance in July but still hasn't broken out, increasing odds for a sizable pullback.
  50. Southwestern Energy Growth Plans Could Backfire (SWN)

    Southwestern Energy has committed to doubling its annual spending even though the natural gas contract may be headed lower.
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  1. Portable Alpha

    A strategy in which portfolio managers separate alpha from beta by investing in securities that differ from the market index ...
  2. Run Rate

    1. How the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period ...
  3. Hard Fork

    A hard fork (or sometimes hardfork) is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions ...
  4. Interest Rate Risk

    The risk that an investment's value will change due to a change in the absolute level of interest rates, in the spread between ...
  5. Ethereum

    Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that enables SmartContracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps) to be built ...
  6. Zero Day Attack

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