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  1. Oracle Headed For Big Tech Leadership (ORCL, IBM)

    Oracles's 1st quarter reversal at the 50-month EMA should set the stage for a new trend advance.
  2. Two Financials To Sell Short At Resistance (JPM, MA)

    The financial sector got clobbered after the Brexit referendum and should offer profitable short sales when the latest relief ...
  3. Active Traders Turn To Emerging Markets (EEM, FXI)

    Bullish chart patterns on these emerging market ETFs suggest that now could be a good time to buy.
  4. These Stocks Are Strong July Performers (AMGN, BPL)

    These stocks tend to rally in July, moving higher approximately 80% of the time.
  5. Consumer Staples Could Offer Relief From Brexit (KO, PG)

    Consumer staple stocks could soon play catch-up with utilities, bonds, precious metals and other defensive groups benefiting ...
  6. Apple And Netflix Back In Bear Market Territory (AAPL, NFLX)

    Apple and Netflix have sold off after Brexit and are testing support levels that, if broken, will signal the start of active ...
  7. These Gold Stocks Look Poised To Pop (GLD, ABX)

    The UK decision to leave Europe has sparked a move to safe assets such as gold and other commodities. The breakouts on these ...
  8. British Petroleum Caught In Brexit's Maelstrom (BP, XOM)

    British Petroleum now faces its biggest economic challenge since the Deep Horizon Gulf Coast oil spill in 2010
  9. Buy or Sell the Biggest Brexit Losers (BCS, SAN)

    A "yes" Brexit vote hammered some stocks down more than 13% on June 24. Now it is time to decide if that presents a buying ...
  10. Gold Bulls In Control After Brexit (GLD, PHYS)

    Gold funds lifted to the top of 4 month rising channels on Friday and should break out into healthy trend advances.
  11. Stocks Plunge Following UK's Decision to Leave EU (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  12. 3 Blue Chip Mavericks Glowing Green After Brexit (WMT, LMT)

    These three resilient blue chips traded higher on Friday morning, despite a worldwide Brexit selloff.
  13. 3 Flights to Safety After Brexit (GLD, UUP)

    These three flight to safety plays offer solid choices for market players seeking protection or looking to profit from the ...
  14. McDonalds Headed Into Long-term Sell Cycle (MCD)

    McDonald's led the broad market in the first quarter but has now entered a long-term sell cycle that could yield a trip to ...
  15. Big Biotech Set to Bounce Off Deep Lows (GILD, CELG)

    Relative strength indicators in the biotech sector have hit their deepest oversold readings since 2008, predicting a strong ...
  16. These ETFs are Setting Up for Bullish Moves (XLV, AMLP)

    Recent strength puts these ETFs in uptrends, with further upside likely to come.
  17. FedEx Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (FDX, UPS)

    FedEx is testing three-month range support after Tuesday night earnings raised more questions than answers.
  18. 3 Ways to Trade the Rise in European Volatility (VTV, VGK)

    Active traders will likely look to flock to safety as volatility in Europe is on the rise.
  19. 3 UK Stocks to Play After Brexit (ARMH, CNHI)

    These UK companies have carved well-defined price patterns that may support long entries or short sales after the Brexit ...
  20. These Stocks are Setting up for More Upside (PHM, CTSH)

    With the former downtrends having likely converted to uptrends, these stocks are poised for more upside.
  21. Werner Raises Red Flag for Truckers (WERN, JBHT)

    Werner Enterprise's profit warning has sent shock waves through the trucking sector.
  22. Coffee Rally Spells Trouble for Starbucks (SBUX, JO)

    Starbucks could head lower in the third quarter, in reaction to a coffee breakout and new uptrend.
  23. Active Traders Turn Bullish on Silver (SLW, SLV)

    The charts of silver assets suggest that prices are headed higher. How are you trading the move?
  24. Agricultural Chemical Stocks With Pending Breakouts (POT, MOS)

    Agricultural chemical stocks took a beating along with commodities over the last year. But an upside breakout could turn ...
  25. 3 S&P500 Stocks Flashing Strong Volume Signals (VZ, WFC)

    These S&P 500 components have generated On Balance Volume (OBV) divergences that could impact recent trends.
  26. Tesoro Could Heat Up This Summer (TSO)

    In a paradoxical twist, Tesoro will set off major buy signals if it breaks the 1st quarter low at 68.
  27. Stocks Move Lower as Investors Remain Cautious (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary and future outlook for the major U.S. indexes.
  28. Viacom Headed Higher After Board Coup (VIAB, VIA)

    Viacom is trading at a four-month high after Chairman Emeritus Sumner Redstone fired board rivals and replaced them with ...
  29. eBay Vs. Paypal: Which Is a Better Buy? (EBAY, PYPL)

    Accumulation/distribution readings have moved in opposite directions since the July 2015 spin-off of Paypal by parent eBay.
  30. Solar: a Sea of Short Sales (FSLR, SCTY)

    Solar stocks are breaking first quarter lows and heading into major downtrends.
  31. Facebook Headed Lower After Failed Breakout (FB, TWTR)

    Facebook could head much lower after failing the April breakout with a Monday's gap through 116.
  32. Watch These Global Market ETFs for Big Breakouts (EWZ, PIN)

    These four global market ETFs are all heading toward breakouts right now. Here's what to watch for, and where these ETFs ...
  33. Twitter Set to Reward Long-Suffering Shareholders (TWTR, MSFT)

    Twitter's positive price action this week is likely to signal a long-term bottom.
  34. Best Buy Running in Neutral (BBY)

    Best Buy has dropped into a neutral pattern that's unlikely to reward bulls or bears for the rest of 2016.
  35. Based on These ETFS, Traders Are Turning Bearish on Europe (EWQ, EWG)

    Bearish chart patterns on several key ETFs that track European equities suggest that the next move could be lower.
  36. Oversold Stocks in Uptrends (PGR, VNTV)

    These stocks are in uptrends, but recent pullbacks have put them into oversold territory on the RSI. Watch for a pop higher.
  37. Copper Testing First Quarter Lows (JJC)

    Copper is likely to bounce, then break down when it tests first quarter support at 1.94 on the futures contract and 22 on ...
  38. Microsoft Weighed Down By LinkedIn Bid (MSFT, LNKD)

    Microsoft is testing support between 48 and 50 for the fourth time since January, raising odds for a breakdown that ends ...
  39. Commodity Traders Gearing Up for a Long-term Move Higher (JO, DBC)

    Based on the charts discussed in this article, commodities could be readying for a long-term move higher.
  40. Treasury Bond Fund Testing All-time High (TLT)

    TLT has carved an Elliott 5-wave rally pattern that should yield a summer test at the 2015 all-time high.
  41. MACD Bearish Crossover in Downtrending Stocks (NWSA, URBN)

    The MACD is a popular moving average based indicator, and it is signaling the downtrend will continue in these stocks.
  42. Natural Gas Fund Headed Higher Into Summer (UNG)

    U.S. Natural Gas Fund cleared resistance at the 50-day EMA last week and should continue higher into the summer months.
  43. 3 Breakout Plays in the Utility Sector (AEP, PCG)

    D.J. Utility Average completed a 16-month breakout after the June 3rd Non-farm Payrolls report flipped investor sentiment ...
  44. Merck Testing 13-Year Resistance (MRK)

    Merck has entered the third-year of a critical test at 13-year resistance in the low 60s.
  45. Stocks Move Higher as Yellen Reassures the Market (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  46. Apple Rally Failing to Attract Strong Hands (AAPL)

    It will take significant buying power to lift Apple above strong resistance at 105 and 110.
  47. Whole Foods Market May Enter New Uptrend (WFM)

    Whole Foods Market has dropped to a Fibonacci price level that may support a new long-term uptrend.
  48. Currency ETFs in No Man's Land, Except Pound (FXB, FXY)

    There are times to trade and times to do nothing. With many currency ETFs between key levels, now isn't the time to act. ...
  49. 3 Short Sales in the S&P 500 (AXP, KMX)

    The S&P 500 is testing the bull market high but many components have lagged badly, stuck in downtrends below their 2 ...
  50. Breakout Stocks on the Radar (GILD, MMM)

    If these stocks break above short-term resistance they have room to run.
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