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  1. Nvidia Stock Is Vulnerable to a Downside Breakdown

    After an incredible run to start the year, shares of Nvidia are cooling off.
  2. GoPro Stock Tests Resistance in Bid to Break Downtrend (GPRO, FIT)

    GoPro stock experienced a brief rally earlier this week, but a breakout from its downtrend remains uncertain.
  3. Apple Suppliers Waving Red Flags at Quarter's End (AAPL, SWKS)

    Apple suppliers are set to end the second quarter with little or no gains, raising doubts about iPhone demand in the second ...
  4. Car Rental Stocks Jump on Tech Partnerships (CAR, HTZ)

    Avis and Hertz shares moved higher earlier this week amid deals with tech companies developing autonomous vehicles.
  5. Why the Bulls Will Keep Running on the S&P 500

    These are the key highs and lows that signal an upward trend on the S&P 500.
  6. U.S. Steel Shares Are Primed to Break Out

    After a wild ride, U.S. Steel stock has room to run higher.
  7. Railroads Could Lead Transport Stocks to Higher Ground (CSX, NSC)

    Railroads have lifted into transportation sector leadership and could build impressive gains in the second half of 2017.
  8. Cara Therapeutics Breaks Out to Fresh Highs (CARA)

    Shares rallied more than 20% on favorable interim clinical trial results and a Breakthrough Therapy designation from the ...
  9. Pfizer Stock Looks Pretty Bullish for the Long Term

    After spending much of the last two months in a slow decline, shares of Pfizer have broken out of their downtrend.
  10. Blackberry Breaks Below 50-Day MA but Could Rebound (BBRY)

    Shares of Blackberry plummeted following its quarterly results, and technical indicators point to a lot of indecision.
  11. Tech's Big Guns Could See Upside During Mark-Up (FB, MSFT)

    These Nasdaq-100 tech winners could gain ground into early July as fund managers tidy up their quarterly performance reports.
  12. 3 Base Metal Charts to Watch (DBB, JJU)

    Nearby support on the charts of these three base metal ETFs suggests that now could be the time to buy.
  13. Tech Rebound Sends US Markets Higher (SPY, DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  14. Oracle Stock Breaks Out After Stellar Earnings (ORCL, AMZN)

    The stock broke out to multi-year highs, but traders should watch for some consolidation before another move higher.
  15. Can Barnes & Noble Stock Reverse Its Downtrend? (BKS, AMZN)

    Barnes & Noble stock rallied after fourth quarter earnings, but will it be enough to reverse the long-term downtrend?
  16. Get Ready to Play the Energy Bounce (XLE, OIH)

    The introduction of weak hands should short-circuit the month-long energy sector decline and generate a multi-week recovery ...
  17. ETFs With Major Recent Breakouts (AMLP, XBI)

    These ETFs have all experienced a major technical breakout recently.
  18. 3 Hot Plays in the Resurgent Biotech Sector (KITE, ESPR)

    Biotech stocks and funds have broken out to 52-week highs and should attract steady buying interest in coming weeks.
  19. US Oil Fund Could See Relief Rally After Breakdown (USO)

    The oil fund declined sharply this week on bearish developments in the crude market, but it could see a relief rally.
  20. Cara Therapeutics Stock Could Break Out on IV CR845 Data (CARA)

    The stock recently experienced a sharp move higher but stands at key trendline resistance levels.
  21. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of June 2017

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
  22. Wal-Mart Stock Decline Should Offer Buying Opportunity (WMT, AMZN)

    Wal-Mart stock fell nearly 5% on Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition but should return to rally highs in coming weeks.
  23. Stocks With More Upside Based on Price Action (MS, SGMS)

    These stocks have rallied recently and could see further upside based on the price patterns that are playing out.
  24. Bitcoin Looks a Lot Like an Early Amazon

    The most lucrative but risky investment play, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, are starting to look like Amazon's early ...
  25. Netflix Stock Has Farther to Fall

    Netflix shares are among the weakest of all the FANG stocks.
  26. Adobe Upside Looks Limited Despite Solid Quarter (ADBE)

    Adobe is trading higher on strong quarterly results, but overbought technical readings should limit upside into the third ...
  27. Technical Snapshot of the Food and Beverage Sector (PBJ, KR)

    With downward pressure on food and beverage stocks due to Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition, we examine what this means on ...
  28. ImmunoGen Stock Nears Breakout to New Highs (IMGN)

    ImmunoGen stock continues to test its prior highs. A breakout could spell a move to the upper end of its price channel.
  29. Chipotle Stock Falls to Critical Support Levels (CMG)

    Chipotle stock declined after management failed to increase 2017 guidance, but shares stand at a critical support level.
  30. Why Short Sellers Have Targeted Whiting Petroleum

    The stock has been a perfect candidate to head lower.
  31. 3 Hot Small-Cap Tech Stocks (AAOI, UPLD)

    Small-cap tech stocks show excellent upside potential, possibly benefitting from big tech profit taking.
  32. Expedia Stock Has Room to Soar

    Expedia's 2017 rise has likely been helped by a strong tech sector, lower energy prices and most importantly, potential institutional ...
  33. Biotech Funds Could Break Out (XBI, IBB)

    Capital exiting 2017 market leaders is pouring into biotech funds. Is the sector's two-year correction coming to an end?
  34. Can Costco Recover From Amazon-Driven Decline? (COST, AMZN)

    Costco shares have plunged since Amazon's surprise acquisition of Whole Foods. Is the stock oversold?
  35. Boeing Stock Soars to New Highs but Looks Overbought (BA)

    Boeing shares have soared in recent months, but the stock appears overbought on a technical level.
  36. Verizon Now Biggest Dog in the Dow (VZ, T)

    Verizon has dropped to 30th in Dow component relative strength after nearly four years of bearish price action.
  37. Has Alphabet Topped Out? (GOOGL, GOOG)

    The tech giant's shares reversed after reaching a milestone at $1,000 and could be headed into an intermediate correction.
  38. 3 Charts Suggest That Now Is the Time to Buy Precious Metals (GLD, SPPP)

    Bullish chart patterns on these precious metal ETFs suggest that the bulls are gearing up to send prices higher.
  39. Nike Stock Tests Trendline Support After New Focus (NKE)

    Nike shares experienced a two-day decline following new plans to narrow its focus and rapidly launch new products.
  40. Interest Rates Rise and Tech Underperforms This Week (SPY, DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  41. Amazon Up, Grocers Down After Surprise Acquisition (AMZN, WFM)

    The acquisition of Whole Foods sent Amazon's shares higher, but shares of competing firms gave up ground.
  42. Tough Times Ahead for Kroger (KR, WFM)

    Kroger may not grow at all this fiscal year, battered by aggressive Wal-Mart pricing and market share loss to Amazon.
  43. Mattel Gaps Lower for the Third Time This Year (MAT)

    Mattel shares declined after a disappointing investor day event, which follows two poor earnings reports.
  44. Advaxis Breaks Down From Key Support Levels (ADXS)

    Advaxis shares are down more than 25% over the past five sessions on no substantial news. Is the decline set to continue?
  45. Tobacco Stocks Probing New Highs (PM, MO)

    Tobacco stocks have provided healthy returns for years and should continue to outperform into the new decade.
  46. Technology and Consumer Stocks Fall to Support (XLK, XLY)

    Technology and consumer discretionary ETFs have fallen to channel support. Buying opportunity or time to sell?
  47. Citigroup Rises Into Market Leadership (C, JPM)

    Citigroup has broken out to an eight-year high, while its peers struggle at prices seen in the first sessions of 2017.
  48. Bond Funds Heat Up in Cooling Market (TLT, HYG)

    Bond funds rallied before and after the Fed's decision to raise interest rates, signaling disagreement about the U.S. growth ...
  49. Starbucks Stock Tests Key Support Levels (SBUX)

    Starbucks has seen a sharp contraction following a three-month rally, but where is the stock headed?
  50. Is the Completed Double Top on Apple the First Bearish Domino to Fall?

    As bearish dominoes become poised to fall, what are the next key price levels, or dominoes, to watch out for?
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