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  1. Stocks Move Lower Despite Improving Economy

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  2. The S&P 500 Is Flashing a Major Warning Signal

    Over the last few weeks, volatility has reemerged in the broader markets.
  3. Zoe's Kitchen Stock Reverses Course After Earnings Miss

    Zoe's Kitchen shares fell sharply in pre-market trading on Friday. Traders will be watching these levels closely.
  4. American Airlines Stock Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders

    American Airlines shares moved sharply lower on Thursday, but traders will be closely watching key support levels.
  5. These Country ETFs Are Near Technical Buy Points

    These country ETFs are in strong uptrends and have recently pulled back to a potential buying area.
  6. Alibaba Stock Breaks Out to All-Time Highs

    Alibaba stock is poised to break out after strong Q1 results, but traders will be watching key resistance levels.
  7. Cisco Stock Could Test Lower Support After Weak Earnings

    Cisco stock moved lower after hours, and traders will be watching the lower end of its price channel.
  8. Bear Trap

    A false signal that the rising trend of a stock or index has reversed when it has not. A bear trap prompts traders to place ...
  9. Approaching Breakout Points in These Stocks

    These three top-performing stocks are nearing yet another breakout to the upside.
  10. 3 Charts Suggest Consumer Discretionary Is Headed Lower

    Breaks below key support levels across the sector could be an early sign of a major move lower.
  11. Transocean Stock Faces Near-Term Tipping Point

    Transocean shares declined on news of its deal to acquire a competitor. Traders will be watching key support levels.
  12. Wynn Stock Breaks Out, Looks to Retest Highs

    Wynn shares jumped after an analyst upgrade. Traders will be watching key resistance levels for signs of a breakout.
  13. Home Depot Stock Could Reward Short Sellers

    Home Depot stock is selling off after earnings, posting a lower high that could signal a long-term top.
  14. Home Depot Stock Is Facing a Big Test Right Now

    Even though Home Depot beat the street, traders are booking profits on the news.
  15. Here's What's Next for the Bitcoin Bubble

    Expect more rivals to make the scene and take market share from Bitcoin.
  16. Harley Davidson Stock Is Ready to Pop in the Next Few Weeks

    Getting the Harley Davidson logo on NBA Jerseys could help appeal to younger motorcycle buyers.
  17. Why Shares of China's Momo Are on a Tear

    Strong fundamentals and institutional buying are sending shares of China's Momo higher.
  18. Is Teva Pharmaceutical Stock Finally Bottoming Out?

    Teva has seen its shares slide since second quarter results, which could set the stage for a relief rally.
  19. Stock's Rally Loses Steam, Tests 50-Day MA shares moved to key support levels despite strong quarterly results, as the market expected more.
  20. 3 Nasdaq-100 Laggards Ripe for Short Selling

    These Nasdaq-100 components could offer profitable short sales, especially if geopolitical stress continues to rise.
  21. These 3 Chart Patterns Suggest Energy Is Headed Lower

    Breaks below key support and current pricing near major resistance suggest a move lower for the sector.
  22. Stocks Move Sharply Lower Amid Low Inflation, Rising Risk

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  23. Is NVIDIA Stock Topping Out?

    NVIDIA stock has dropped back into a three-month trading range after earnings, denying breakout buyers.
  24. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of August 2017

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
  25. Amazon Stock Breaks Major Support Level

    Amazon stock failed to hold support at the 50-day EMA and could be headed into an intermediate correction.
  26. Gold Could Break Out From Reaction Highs Amid Volatility

    Gold prices have moved higher in recent days following increased political risks and a lower dollar.
  27. NVIDIA Stock Risks Falling Below Key Support

    NVIDIA shares fell sharply in after-hours trading Thursday on disappointing data center and automotive revenue.
  28. Energy Equities Still Trapped in a Downtrend

    Here's a look at downside price targets for oil-related stocks and what it will take to turn these downtrends around.
  29. Is It Too Late to Buy Alibaba Stock?

    Alibaba stock is holding near rally highs, while intermediate and long-term cycles predict even higher prices.
  30. Netflix Stock Is at a Crucial Pivot Point

    Technical signs point to continued weakness for Netflix stock, but a move above a key level could push it higher.
  31. J.C. Penney Risk/Reward Evenly Divided Into Earnings

    The stock lifted above three-year support broken in May but has failed to confirm new buy signals.
  32. Wix Stock: Engulfing Pattern Could Signal Rebound

    Wix shares saw a volatile session Wednesday. Traders are watching these key support levels for a rebound.
  33. Priceline's Rare Stumble Sends Shares Below 50-Day MA

    Priceline shares fell after disappointing guidance, but traders will be watching these key support levels.
  34. Solar Stocks Are Heating Up

    These solar stocks are breaking out of basing patterns after long declines or have recently surged.
  35. Kohl's and Dillard's Shares Could Add to Recent Gains

    Kohl's and Dillard's earnings on Aug. 10 could trigger buy-the-news reactions.
  36. 3 S&P 500 Laggards Flashing Short Sale Signals

    The S&P 500 just hit another bull market high, but many components are setting off fresh sell signals.
  37. Breakouts in Base Metals Suggest It Is Time to Buy

    Breakouts on key industrial metal charts suggest that it could be the best time to buy so far in 2017.
  38. Biotech Breakouts Suggest It Is Time to Buy

    Bullish chart patterns on key biotech names are presenting traders with the best risk/reward setup of 2017.
  39. Disney Stock Nears Bearish Technical Tipping Point

    Disney's stock dropped after-hours Tuesday on disappointing results, approaching a key support level.
  40. Twilio Stock Breaks Out to Test Key Resistance

    Twilio shares soared nearly 10% on better-than-expected results, but traders are watching this key resistance level.
  41. Copper Enters First Bull Market in 4 Years

    Copper has rallied above long-term resistance and entered a bull market that could offer steady profits in related equities.
  42. ADP Stock Breakout Just Getting Started

    Pershing Capital's 8.3% stake and actions to control ADP's board should attract speculative buying interest.
  43. GrubHub Stock Soars to All-Time Highs

    GrubHub stock broke out from an ascending triangle but may see some consolidation before a move higher.
  44. BlackBerry Stock Hits Key Support After Sell Rating

    BlackBerry shares moved lower on Goldman's negative view, but traders should watch these support levels for a rebound.
  45. Disney Bulls Hold an Edge Into Earnings

    Disney is well positioned for a buy-the-news reaction to this week's earnings report, despite a tough second quarter.
  46. Bearish Transports Could Signal Broader Correction

    Transportation sector earnings have been sold aggressively, which could spell trouble for broader benchmarks.
  47. Why Big Investors Are Bullish on Nike Stock

    Solid fundamentals and price action are making Nike stock attractive to institutional investors.
  48. A Big Red Flag Is Popping Up on Amazon Stock

    This technical pattern may signal a bearish turn in Amazon’s stock price.
  49. Why the U.S. Dollar May Have Finally Hit a Bottom

    After a solid jobs report, the U.S. dollar looks like it's ready to start climbing again.
  50. Weight Watchers Stock Rebounds to Upper End of Price Channel

    After soaring to fresh highs on solid quarterly results, Weight Watchers stock lies at a key resistance level.
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