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  1. Bulls Take Aim at Financials

    Breakouts on charts of key financial stocks suggest that this could be the sector to watch in the final months of 2017.
  2. Facebook Stock Could Hit $200 After Earnings

    Enthusiastic buyers have ignored recent controversies, lifting Facebook shares back to the July all-time high.
  3. Chase Stock Could Hit Triple Digits After Earnings

    Market players are expecting tax cuts and a December rate hike to underpin future results for JPMorgan Chase.
  4. Wal-Mart Stock Breaks Out as It Looks to Rival Amazon

    Wal-Mart shares hit 52-week highs Tuesday, but traders will be looking for consolidation over the coming sessions.
  5. Alibaba Stock Could Reward Aggressive Short Sales

    Alibaba's price rate of change has slumped since August, when the uptrend reached a long-term measured move target.
  6. Uptrending Stocks Near Technical Buy Points

    Aflac and Humana are in uptrends but have pulled back to support, providing a potential buying opportunity.
  7. 3 Charts Suggest It's Time to Invest in Tiger Cub Economies

    Based on these charts, it appears as though the five nations are poised for a significant move higher.
  8. How to Trade Tesla From Correction Territory

    Tesla set its all-time intraday high in September, and then fell into correction territory as October began. Here’s how to ...
  9. Should You Sell Your General Electric Stock?

    General Electric shares fell to a two-year low this week, dropping to the bottom of the DJIA performance list.
  10. Wal-Mart Stock Could Outperform Amazon in 2018

    Wal-Mart stock could rally to new highs in 2018 while Amazon works off overbought readings and deals with political headwinds.
  11. Long-Term Traders Are Bullish on Commodities

    Bullish chart patterns on key commodity-related ETFs suggest that the remainder of 2017 could be the best time to buy.
  12. The Bulls Are Back on Apple Stock

    Technical signs point to a rally for Apple stock going into its next earnings report.
  13. Here Are 4 Home Repair Stocks Worth Trading Now

    In the wake of four home-damaging hurricanes, the home repair segment of the housing market will be active for several months ...
  14. 3 Hot Stocks Under $10

    Single-digit stocks are attracting speculative interest and benefiting from a rotation out of the third quarter's strongest ...
  15. Citigroup Stock Could Hit Triple Digits in 2018

    Citigroup has led its peers since the 2016 breakout and could rally above $100 if tax cuts become law and the Fed raises ...
  16. Stocks Continue to Hit Highs Amid Positive Economic Data

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  17. How to Trade Emerging Markets After This ETF Set a Multiyear High

    The iShares MSCI Emerging Market ETF (EEM) represents 850 overseas investments heavily-weighted to China, South Korea and ...
  18. Costco Stock Gets Pummeled Despite Upbeat Quarter

    Costco has fallen nearly 10 points and 6% so far in Friday's session after a bearish reaction to quarterly earnings.
  19. Will Netflix Price Hikes Raise Its Stock Price?

    Shares soared earlier this week after Netflix raised prices, but traders will be watching these key support levels.
  20. PayPal Stock Extends Winning Streak but Faces Resistance

    PayPal shares hit new 52-week highs, but the stock faces key trendline resistance levels moving forward.
  21. FedEx, UPS Stocks Drop After Amazon Delivery Initiative

    FedEx and United Parcel Service sold off on Thursday morning after Amazon said it would test a new self-delivery system.
  22. Bank Stocks Are Back in Rally Mode

    The financial sector has jumped over 10% in the last month, and it's not just big bank stocks.
  23. High-Flying Shopify Stock Nosedives After Short Call

    The momentum favorite fell more than 20 points in two sessions after short seller Andrew Left issued a bearish report.
  24. Shopify Stock Falls to Critical Support Level

    Shopify shares fell sharply lower after Citron issued a bearish report, but traders will be watching these key support levels.
  25. Is GoPro Stock Forming a Bearish Double Top?

    GoPro shares fell 6% after Google released its Clips camera, and traders are concerned about an emerging double top.
  26. Airline Stocks Taking Off After Long Layover

    Major airline carriers have broken out above intermediate resistance, signaling the end of three-month corrections.
  27. Singapore and Poland ETFs Near Technical Buy Points

    ETFs devoted to markets in Singapore and Poland are near technical buy points within an uptrend.
  28. Could Small-Cap Rally Be Coming to a Close?

    Small-cap stocks have led the market over the past month, but technical indicators suggest that they're very overbought.
  29. Gold Miners Poised to Move Higher

    If last week’s low holds higher prices are likely.
  30. Weight Watchers Stock Breaks Out of 4-Week Base

    Weight Watchers stock has risen nearly 400% so far in 2017 and could add to those impressive gains in the fourth quarter.
  31. Chart Patterns Suggest Solar Stocks Are About to Shine

    Bullish chart patterns suggest that the final months of 2017 could be the ideal time to buy into solar.
  32. Technical Buy Points on High-Flying Stocks

    A look at where to consider buying these strong stocks that recently started pulling back.
  33. Paychex Stock Moves Higher, Ends Day Uncertain

    Paychex shares soared after first quarter earnings, but traders appeared indecisive by the end of Tuesday's session.
  34. Here's Where Roku Stock Could Go Next

    After a hot IPO, Roku stock is testing some key levels.
  35. Pepsico Stock in Full Retreat Ahead of Earnings

    Pepsico shares hit a six-month low on Monday after a Jefferies downgrade stoked fears about hurricane disruptions.
  36. Intel Stock Hits New Highs, Overbought Territory

    Intel shares have moved significantly higher, but the stock is quickly approaching overbought territory.
  37. GM Stock Breaks Out, Tesla Shares Under Pressure

    General Motors broke out after outlining its EV strategy, while Tesla has fallen after missing production targets.
  38. Tesla Stock Nears Critical Support After Production Miss

    Tesla stock sold off overnight after it failed to meet aggressive Model 3 goals and could now test support between $325 and ...
  39. Financial Engineering

    Financial engineering is the use of mathematical techniques to solve financial problems.
  40. Precious Metals Pullback Suggests It Is Time to Buy

    A pullback toward major support on the charts of these metals-related ETFs suggests that now could be the time to buy.
  41. Ford Motor Stock: Has It Bottomed Out?

    Ford shares rallied to a multi-year trendline of lower highs and could break out, ending the long-term downtrend.
  42. 3 Under-the-Radar Small-Cap Gems

    The Russell 2000 broke out above three-year resistance last week, a positive sign for its strongest small-cap components.
  43. Groupon Stock: How Long Can Rally Last?

    Groupon shares soared higher following favorable analyst comments but could see some near-term consolidation.
  44. Sonic Shares Recover From Data Breach

    Sonic shares have posted a strong recovery following a data breach, but uncertainty remains.
  45. Penny Stocks to Watch for October 2017

    The breakout of the Russell-2000 small-cap index should underpin price action in penny stocks throughout the fourth quarter. ...
  46. Stocks Move Higher, Led by Small Caps on Russell 2000

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  47. Zynerba Stock: Where Is It Headed From Here?

    Zynerba shares moved higher after favorable clinical trial results. Traders will be watching these levels.
  48. Micron Stock Hits Fresh Highs After Earnings

    Micron shares broke out following Q4 earnings, but traders will be watching for consolidation above these levels.
  49. Notis %V

    The Notis %V is a technical indicator that measures the inconstancy – or variability – of a security’s price when moving ...
  50. Russell Breakout Lifts Small Caps Into Leadership

    The Russell 2000 broke out from a nine-month rising channel this week, forecasting higher prices into year end.
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