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  1. 2 Key Indicators Point to a Nasdaq Downturn

    September 25, 2017
    In the last few days, there's been a noticeable momentum change in the technology sector.
  2. Alphabet Stock Is Setting up for a Major Breakdown

    September 20, 2017
    After months of a slow decline, the stock of Google parent company Alphabet is at risk of breaking down.
  3. Oil Slicks: More Leveraged Oil ETNs Debut

    September 18, 2017
    Risk-tolerant traders may like these new leveraged oil ETNs.
  4. The Big Bond Rally of 2017 May Be Over

    September 15, 2017
    Fundamentals and technicals show that bonds could start reversing course after a solid year of returns.
  5. Where Will the Nasdaq Go Next? It Depends on Apple

    September 12, 2017
    A lot is riding on Apple's big product launch, both for its stock and the Nasdaq.
  6. Apple Stock Is at a Key Pivot Point

    September 12, 2017
    These are the levels to keep an eye on for Apple stock after its big product launch.
  1. What is a Wash Sale?

    The Wash-Sale rule was established to forbid a loss deduction of a security sold.
  2. An Introduction To Reverse Convertible Notes (RCNs)

    When stocks are stagnant and fixed-income yields are crumbling, RCNs can benefit investors.
  3. Oppenheimer's Ari Wald on the Tech Sector

    Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer & Co. Ari Wald shares his favorite chart.
  4. An In-Depth Look at The Swap Market

    The swap market plays an important role in the global financial marketplace; find out what you need to know about it.
  5. Daily Trading Limit

    The daily trading limit is imposed by the exchanges in order to protect against extreme volatility or manipulation within ...
  6. Time In Force

    Time in force is a special instruction used when placing a trade to indicate how long an order will remain active before ...
Hot Definitions
  1. Risk-Return Tradeoff

    The principle that potential return rises with an increase in risk. Low levels of uncertainty (low-risk) are associated with ...
  2. Racketeering

    A fraudulent service built to serve a problem that wouldn't otherwise exist without the influence of the enterprise offering ...
  3. Aggregate Demand

    The total amount of goods and services demanded in the economy at a given overall price level and in a given time period.
  4. Fixed Cost

    A cost that does not change with an increase or decrease in the amount of goods or services produced. Fixed costs are expenses ...
  5. Blue Chip

    A blue chip is a nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company.
  6. Payback Period

    The length of time required to recover the cost of an investment. The payback period of a given investment or project is ...
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