Eric Dostal

J.D., CFP®
Personal Finance, Retirement, Taxes
“Eric Dostal is an Advisor at Sontag Advisory an independent registered investment advisory firm that serves clients in over 30 states and acts as a wealth manager, investment adviser, consultant, and fiduciary.”

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A believer in continuing professional development, Eric Dostal obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP®) designation, and graduated with a JD from St. John’s University School of Law. Eric recognizes the challenges investors face when planning their retirement and therefore he helps clients retire when and how they would like. Eric focuses primarily on providing affluent and high net worth individuals with expert, comprehensive and impartial financial planning advice to help those individuals achieve their unique life goals.

After joining Sontag Advisory in 2013, Eric has worked extensively with clients over the past 4+ years to create and implement their unique financial plans. Eric has demonstrated a high degree of skill developing and overseeing the investment, insurance, retirement, tax and estate planning strategies of his clients.

Eric currently lives in Merrick, New York with his wife Jamie and daughter Madeline. When not in the office, you can often find him spending time with family and friends. He also recharges by sitting down with a good book and honing his culinary skills.


JD, St. John's University School of Law
B.A. - History, SUNY Geneseo

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Will gains from a Roth IRA be taxed?
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Buying and selling securities inside of your Roth IRA account will not generate an income tax bill. Additionally, if you are over age 59 ½ and you it has been at least 5 years since you made your first contribution to any Roth IRA, any distribution you take from the Roth IRA will not be subject to income taxes.

I would caution you about your ambition to engage in “day trading.” If you view the funds in this account as “play money” which you do not need to fund your retirement and are comfortable with losing completely, then good luck. The SEC has a good outline of some the substantial risks associated with rapidly buying and selling stocks, which is available via this link. Some of the highlights of the article are: “Be prepared to suffer severe financial losses”; “Day traders do not ‘invest’”; and “Don’t believe claims of easy profits.”

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