Paul Kluskowski

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“With over 16 years of experience, Paul Kluskowski specializes in using a variety of strategies and products to match investors' appetite for moderated risk.”

TR Financial Mgmt Group

Job Title:

Principal/Investment Manager


Paul Kluskowski is an Investment Manager with TR Financial Management Group. He focuses on providing wealth management and protection solutions for members of the nuclear power industry along with other high-net worth individuals and families. Together with his business partners and network of expert professionals, Paul helps affluent clients with the most important aspects of their financial lives: wealth preservation, tax mitigation, wealth transfer to heirs, asset protection and charitable giving.

Paul joined the financial services industry in 1999. Since that time, he has developed and honed his strategies for serving his clients’ best interests. Using a consultative and collaborative process, Paul develops a set of customized recommendations for each client’s unique needs. When working with Paul, investment management is only the beginning.

Nuclear power professionals and other successful people and families work with Paul to do the following: a) engage the capital markets in a risk-moderated manner, including use of statistically-derived strategies, b) make more sound financial decisions in today’s ever-changing, always uncertain political, economic and social environments, c) obtain an independent opinion from a seasoned, financial professional.

Paul spent four years with Morgan Stanley at the downtown Washington, DC office where he was a 3-time National Sales Award winner. He joined TR Financial in 2003 and became a partner in 2008. In his career, Paul has had the opportunity to successfully guide his clients through two significant bear markets. With an ever-alert eye on his clients' accounts, market risk management and mitigation has become one of Paul’s specialties. Paul is the former host of KDWA’s Money Matters. Lastly, Paul has had a number of articles published in Working Money, Options Trader, and Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazines. Most recently, Paul published his first book: The Game Changer's Guide to a Better Financial Life. You can find it on

Paul has a passion for fostering abundance, sustainability and self-reliance in all aspects of life, not just financial. He is an avid vegetable gardener and supporter of the Driftless Organics CSA program. As a 25-year nuclear power veteran, including 8 years as a licensed operator, Paul is a proud member of the Professional Reactor Operators Society. He lives in a small Minnesota town with Lisa, his wife of more than 20 years, and their hound dog, Sammy.


BA, Physics and Math, Andrews University

Assets Under Management:

$19 million

CRD Number:



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