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“Paul Sydlansky, Founder of Lake Road Advisors, values long term partnerships with his clients and is committed to guiding them through the financial planning process.”

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Paul Sydlansky is the founder of Lake Road Advisors, a firm dedicated to helping people take the confusion and anxiety out of financial planning. Lake Road Advisors take a different approach to advising. Paul and his team get to know their clients and learn about their needs first. Paul knows that Financial Planning is a process that brings together all the different aspects of a clients' financial life to meet their goals. It's more than just investing in a few stocks or mutual funds or buying an insurance policy. Paul believes Financial Planning makes sure investments, insurance, taxes, and estate plan are aligned to meet all client goals.

Paul's very first finance class sparked his interest in the market. During college, he interned at a small brokerage firm in his hometown and fell in love with the speed, competition, and excitement of the industry. He earned a BA in Economics from Marist College before launching his career on Wall Street. Paul spent 13 years working with Morgan Stanley, first in the Private Wealth Management Division and then the Institutional Equities Division, working with some of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds. He also earned his MBA from New York University while growing his career.

Then in 2009, Paul became the father of twins. Suddenly, the long commute, even longer hours, and lack of flexibility didn’t seem worth the pay. By the time his third child arrived in 2011, the aggressive Wall Street lifestyle had lost all appeal. Paul wanted to be successful in his career, but he was not willing to sacrifice his family life. So in 2012, Paul and his wife put family first and moved to upstate New York for a better quality of life.

Paul founded Lake Road Advisors because he believes there is a less complicated, transparent method to provide financial planning services. He became a Certified Financial Planner to help families and small business owners create clear paths to achieve their goals. His time on Wall Street gave him a unique perspective into the financial system and the industry as a whole. He knew that there was a more effective and efficient way to help people navigate the confusing financial landscape.


MBA, New York University - Stern School of Business
BA, Economics, Marist College

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  • Lake Road Advisors works with Families
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