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“Bonnie Yam, Principal of Pension Maxima Investment Advisory, built her company around assisting employers in setting up a Winning Retirement Plan to retain and attract key employees and help each and every employee reach their retirement goals.”

Pension Maxima Investment Advisory, Inc.

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Bonnie Yam is a Chartered Financial Analyst and an Enrolled Agent. She graduated from Smith College with a BA in Mathematics and Economics. She received an MBA in Finance from University of Chicago. Before starting her Qualified Plan business seven years ago, she was a Financial Manager for Time Magazine, New York and a Hedge Fund Research Analyst for Cheetah Investments, Hong Kong.

Bonnie has extensive experience in investment management, investment fiduciary and investment education. She is a member of ASPPA, NATP, CFA Institute and NYSSA.

Bonnie and her team specialize in qualified plan consulting for new and existing plans. Her goal is to help plans maximize retirement savings and attain positive retirement outcome. In the past 15 years, she has worked with companies big and small, and collectively, her and her team have been able to help companies control cost, increase plan effectiveness, and help employees save.

Bonnie assists small business owners in maximizing their business value through five steps of value maturation. Business owners need to assess their personal readiness, business attractiveness, and business readiness. Bonnie and her team incorporate personal financial planning, business planning, business de-risking, exit strategies in conjunction with tax strategies to help business owners maximize their cash out value.


BA, Mathematics & Finance, Smith College
MBA, Finance, University of Chicago

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$50 million

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Pension Maxima Investment Advisory, Inc. is an investment adviser that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and has made notice filings in those states where required to do so. Pension Maxima Investment Advisory, Inc. does not offer its services to residents of any jurisdiction in which EBS is not currently registered and/or is not a notice filer, unless exempt. The information provided is intended for use by citizens and residents of the United States only. It is not directed to any person residing in, any citizen of, or any form of organization operating under the authority of any country or jurisdiction in which Pension Maxima Investment Advisory, Inc. is not registered as an investment adviser, unless exempt.

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A lot of people choose to keep the mortgage even though they can afford paying it off early.  One main reason is the tax write-off.  Let's say you pay $3750 in mortgage payments, half of that is interest, so $1875.  That interest is deductible off your income from Schedule A.  Assuming your tax level is 28%, your tax savings from interest rate deduction is $525.  That is real money to you regardless of what happens to the market.  

I think your bigger question is how to get more "safe" return from your savings.  If you are very risk adverse, I would recommend a high credit, low duration (less than 1 year) municipal bond fund.  Depending on your state, that can fetch you 2% to 3% after tax (but subject to AMT).  It is triple tax free (Federal, State and Local).  It is also very liquid.  Unlike a CD, you can cash out anytime.

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