Cesar de la Cerda

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“As an independent Investment Advisor Representative with over 15 years of experience, Cesar De La Cerda take a client-centric approach to help them achieve realistic goals more effectively.”

My Benefit Pro

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Owner and Investment Advisor Representative


Cesar De La Cerda is a Investment Advisor Representative employed by My Benefit Pro in Houston, Texas. My Benefit Pro is an insurance and financial services firm located in Houston, Texas. The professional staff is owner and Investment Adviser Representative, Cesar, who has over 15 years industry experience. He served in the United States Navy as a corpsman and is a graduate of the University of Houston where he focused his studies on economics and finance. He has a passion for helping others and educating individuals, families and businesses for success!

Cesar works with individuals and business owners in the Texas area to identify risk and provide solutions to meet those specific needs. Individuals and businesses alike can be at different stages in their life phase and require different necessities at different times. He helps identify risk through a discovery process that helps prioritize essentials and helps to keep clients on track for financial independence. He hasn’t forgotten about lifestyle, after all that is why individuals and business owners do what they do.

Cesar believes the importance of financial independence provides us time to enjoy with our families, friends, community and business partners. His discovery process is designed with a goals based approach to help clients stay on track to maintain a balanced approach.


BS, Economics, University of Houston
BBA, Accounting and Finance, University of Houston-Downtown

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Securities and investment advisory services offered through NEXT Financial Group, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

My Benefit Pro is not an affiliate of NEXT Financial Group, Inc. To view NEXT Financial Group’s privacy policy and other important information, click here.

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    Marriage / Divorce, Life Insurance
Will my husband's ex-wife be entitled to any of his life insurance proceeds?
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Thank you for your question regarding life insurance for a dependent from another marriage. The answer isn’t so simple, but the solution could be easier and more efficient if addressed early.

First, there are some complicated concerns which pertain into legal aspects of divorce decree and the expectations. You should involve an attorney in your state of Colorado that understands the proper structure. An attorney can help with estate planning documents that give specific instructions as to how assets are to be handled. Not having a plan defaults to the state and its specific laws. Generally, life insurance proceeds are paid directly to the beneficiaries and can avoid probate. However, some state laws could limit this like in the case of a community state, which Colorado isn’t. So my first question would be if the child is in Colorado or in another state, specifically a community state.

The ex-wife could have a claim, but if the new policy isn’t structured properly due to state laws, benefits could default to the child and if a minor, proceeds could be held until the minor turns 18. My first suggestion would be to call the insurance carrier claims and legal department. This would cost you $0.00 to find out how the claim would be processed. My second suggestion would be to have an attorney draw up estate documents outlining how assets are to be handled. This is particularly important if you have children together and if you brought children from another marriage to the party.

I hope this helps and if you have additional questions please repost.

March 2017
    Retirement Savings, Investing
What is the best way to maximize and protect my retirement savings?
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March 2017
    Estate Planning
If my husband and I have a living trust, why would he also need a separate will?
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March 2017
    Life Insurance
Can a company provide benefits to an employee upon their death without having a life insurance policy?
March 2017