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“Grayson Hofferber is the President of Millennial Wealth Management, an independent, fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to serving the next generation of investors.”

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Grayson Hofferber is the President of Millennial Wealth Management, LLC, a different kind of financial advisory firm dedicated to serving the needs of Millennials. Grayson and his team's comprehensive financial planning service is unique in the investment industry, as it is a true partnership between the firm and their clients. No two client relationships look the same when working with them, because let's face it, nobody is in the same financial position with the same goals and life circumstances. Grayson and his team promise to their client is to always put their interests first, which they committed to when they took the fiduciary oath.

Millennial Wealth Management, LLC was created from many years of personal experience as a financial advisor, and understanding that the vast majority of financial firms were really only looking out for one person... themselves. Think about it, should you trust the financial firms that nearly brought down the global economy a few years ago (the largest crash since the great depression) with your hard earned money? No?! Me neither!

Financial representatives make a sizable commission when they sell you a product, sometimes as high as 8%... Can they really put your best interests first? I don't think so, either. With that being said, Grayson created a firm designed to eliminate any and all conflicts of interest with the sole focus on helping his clients achieve financial success through prudent financial planning and low-cost, tax-efficient investment options. Grayson and his team are proud to hold themselves to a higher standard at MWM.

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Good question. The primary reason advisors place such a high priority on debt repayment is because of the negative effects it has on building wealth. The greatest factors that help to build wealth are your income and your savings/ investment rate, but if you are paying a high rate of interest on debt, you are limiting your ability to grow wealth over time. Think about it this way; if you have $10,000 on a credit card at 20% APR, then your interest for one year is $2,000. Let's say you had a great year in your investment account of $10,000 and earned 10%, you just made $1,000. If you had another $10,000 in savings, would you rather earn the 10% return in your investments or the 20% return by paying off your credit card? The reality of the matter is if you are not paying the interest on your debts, then you are essentially earning it. Just another way of looking at things! I hope this helps. If you still have questions, consult with a fee-only financial planner.

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