Steven Lewis

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“As heard on the radio as a regular guest at, Steven Lewis specializes in investment management and takes a fiduciary position to all of his work with clients.”

L & A Capital Advisors, LLC

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Owner and RIA


Steven Lewis is the Owner and RIA at L & A Capital Advisors, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina. Steven and his team at L&A Capital Advisors, LLC, employ very simple and easy to understand investment strategies such as Dollar Cost Averaging, Value Vesting and Growth Vesting to assist individuals who are seeking balance and common sense to their investment goals. They utilize consultants from across the country who assist them in providing data and updates involving the many mutual funds and exchange traded fund families. They believe in an investment strategy that sometimes is "contrarian" to normal investment approaches. 

Steven and his team are here to help their clients navigate the frequent financial changes in the industry in order to protect and grow their financial legacy. Once a client is under their care, they have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the clients best interest. Legally and ethically, Steven and his team are bound to this type of service. So, instead of being burdened and/or confused by all the changing options the financial market has to offer, Steven brings his clients security and peace in knowing that their assets are being handled by individuals that make it their business to keep up with the fluctuations and opportunities the market has to offer.


MSFS, Investment and Financial Planning, Institute of Business and Finance

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Investment Advisory Services offered through Brookstone Capital Management, LLC (BCM) a Registered Investment Advisor. L&A Capital Advisors, LLC and BCM are independent of each other.

All comments contained therein are for the sole purpose of educating the reader and are not intended to be for providing advice [investment,legal, tax or otherwise]. Please consult with a licensed professional with respects to your needs and desires.

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Are we strong candidates to consolidate our retirement funds?
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Consolidation makes sense, it just does. Consolidation will not affect equity performance, but is a matter of convenience more than anything else. A few clicks and you can see all you've got.

  • If your 401(k)s are not active, then you can certainly exercise a 401(k) rollover to your current IRA accounts. The paperwork will be issued from the Plan Administrator carrying the 401(k). The Plan Administrator of the 401(k) will ask you how you would like the check of the proceeds be made out. The most popular is what the IRS calls a Direct Rollover. Here, the check(s) are made out to the 'new' or 'current' custodian with FBO 'Your Name'. Some Plan Administrators will send the check directly to the 'new' or 'current' custodian, but most send the proceeds to you at which point you have 60 days from the date on the check to get the proceeds into your IRA. It's a relatively simple process.
  • Regarding the other accounts, consolidation is quite easy as the paperwork from the custodian you choose to use will provide the paperwork. If a new account is being created (and I am assuming you are going to manage these assets yourself), an Application (or go online), Account Transfer Form that will transfer IN KIND the current stocks and mutual funds to the new/current account. It is a VERY SIMPLE PROCESS. Once the paperwork/online forms are in good order. the IN KIND transfer normally is completed in eight days or less.
  • Low funds fees are great and if you are pleased then 'stay the course'. WHY 33 MUTUAL FUNDS? Just Asking!
  • As far as to 'WHERE' the consolidation be moved to, have your pick. TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Schwab are good choices.
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