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“As the founder and CEO of Capital Strength Investments, LLC, David Clark's company strives to bring it's clients access to hedge fund investing strategies while maintaining the financial adviser level of one on one service”

Capital Strength Investments LLC

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Growing up on a farm in rural Indiana, money was never overabundant in David Clark's life. At a young age, his parents, especially his father, made sure that he understood the value of a dollar. David left the farm and joined the Army and went on to serve his country during multiple combat tours. While in the Army, he had the privilege to be a member of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and later went on to be a company commander at United States Army Africa. While in the army, with the lessons taught by his father still in mind, David graduated with a BS in Finance from Indiana University, and MBA from Harvard University. He also met his wife during his time in the Army, and they are now living in Southern Illinois raising their three sons. Civilian life has allowed David to dedicate time to the building of his company, Capital Strength Investments, LLC.

David has no problem admitting that he's a finance geek. He loves everything related to money: talking about it, making it, and most importantly, helping others to make it.

It’s easy for other finance industry professionals to only focus on their successes, but David knows that’s not reality. Mistakes and losses are a normal, and natural, part of finance. A key component to how he run his business is to show where he's faltered and prove that he's capable of recovery. David's biggest loss was $2,000 on a marijuana penny stock; however, his biggest win was making $21,000 in ten minutes during Brexit.

David's company strives to introduce the average investor to the differences between investing and trading. In the world of investing you can become a millionaire over the course of 25+ years; in the world of trading you can potential be a millionaire this year. David is not a financial adviser, he is a professional trader. He trades securities on his client's behalf in order to earn the largest return on their money each and every day. He doesn't believe the best course of action for his clients' retirement is to simply work with a financial adviser who will inevitably sell them a bunch of mutual funds and remind them that slow and steady wins the race. All the while he or she kicks back and gets paid for nothing, for doing something for a client that they could have done themselves.


MBA, Harvard Business School
BS, Finance, Indiana University

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$7 million

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