Should I be investing more aggressively at this time?

I have a frozen 401(k) with $108K from a former employer that was consumed by a bigger entity. I now have a 403(b). I am 50 years old with the goal to retire at 68. I am currently in a moderately aggressive plan. Would it be wise to increase to a more aggressive plan given my age and the current state of the economy? I see the returns of late being better and wonder if even for a short time, it might be of benefit?

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1 week ago
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In my 17 years in the business, I have come across many investors who were "aggressive investors" until their first big drawdown, then they were "conservative investors." The caution is to know how much risk you are willing to take, then compare that to how much you actually have. If your account is all equity funds, then you may have as much as 50% risk. I say this because the major indexes have declined by that much or more twice in the past 17 years. While this doesn't mean it will happen a third time, we also should not be surprised if it does. This is where asset allocation becomes key to risk management. Without detailed knowledge of a person's situation, investment choices, time horizon and so on, it is difficult to render an informed opinion. Consider finding an investment professional willing to work on an hourly basis to help you work through these important aspects. Then, you will be able to make an informed and rational decision that is in your best interests. 

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