What would you recommend for an aggressive investment strategy?

I'm 50 years old and I have $10,000 to invest. As I understand it, I can't retire until I'm 67 so that's another 17 to 20 years for investing purposes. I'm looking at putting the $10,000 into an aggressive high gross investment strategy. What kind of advice do you have for me so I can execute this investment? I'm also trying to learn and understand investing. Would you recommend I can invest and control it myself, as opposed to having to go to other entities to make it happen?

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This is a very complicated question, so I will answer it in generalities. At 50 years old, you are approaching a critical point where you have to start worrying about your retirement. Whether or not you want something aggressive needs to be put in context to what you have, how much you can save, and what you need to retire comfortably. To be candid, $10,000 is just not enough. That being said, you may have a retirement plan at work or a pension at retirement, so I don't want to presume anything.

Many people look at returns to justify decisions, but it is more important to understand risk. For individuals that have never invested before, selecting investments is very difficult. You hear people on television or at a cocktail party and figure this investing thing is pretty easy. However, most people want to invest when things feel good which is usually when the markets are up. They also panic and sell when things are bad. This can really have a negative impact on the individual and their investments. The best thing to do is find a professional to help guide you through this process. Investing shouldn't be about maximizing returns. It should be about maximizing risk adjusted returns within the context of an individual's risk tolerance.

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