Will a financial advisor provide an unbiased assessment of a financial plan I already have in place?

I already have an Investment Advisor connected with an insurance company who handles our investments. I would like to have an independent financial advisor who can provide an unbiased assessment of our financial plan and investments. Is it possible that an advisor would provide this service and what fee might be expected?

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December 2016
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Looks like you have plenty of well-qualified advisors to pick from. A lot of good advice has already been written. At any rate, I'll offer you my take...  

Trust is the foundation of every great relationship. Be sure you listen to your gut if something seems "off" about the recommendation you received. I encourage my prospective clients to get a second opinion whenever they are at a key transition point in their life. Ultimately, it's about what's best for you, the client. Even if you just need validation with the current plan, it's smart to do your due diligence before handing your life savings to someone else to manage. At the end of the day, it is the advisor's job to provide you a clear path on how to achieve a successful plan, and then instill the confidence in you to make changes where necessary.

Having previously worked at a brokerage firm and bank, I have a good grasp on varying investment philosophies, including market-driven and insurance-based. It's easy to say one is better than the other if you "sell" or "service" only one particular way of thinking. However, both investing strategies can be beneficial to the client when positioned properly. It really boils down to what features you value the most. I am a fee-only planner, but I think there are plenty of great advisors who work on a commission basis and do right by their clients. Unless the fee-structure totally disagrees with your value system, don't rule someone out solely based on their compensation model.  Try to find someone who you believe will put your best interests first. Getting there is really about finding a good fit for both parties more than anything else.

Feel free to message me if I can be of any help. Good luck!

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