Economics Articles

  1. How Does Arbitrage Betting Work?

    Arbitrage betting is a method or system for exploiting differences in odds for profit.
  2. Will QE Lead to Hyperinflation?

    A look at whether or not quantitative easing could potentially lead the U.S. into a period of hyperinflation.
  3. 5G Technology: Which Country Will Be the First to Adapt?

    The United States and other countries that want to stay competitive in the global economy are already making preparations ...
  4. Could Helicopter Money Become a Reality in Europe?

    The eurozone experienced deflation in some months of 2016, which caused some economists to consider helicopter money as a ...
  5. Credit Crunch Trends: 7 Countries Feeling the Pain

    Seven years after the global recession, several countries are on the brink of insolvency with heavy debt burden.
  6. 10 Countries that Produce the Most Silver

    Silver is used in a variety of applications, from jewelry and mirrors to electronics and circuits.
  7. The Real Cost of the Rio Olympics

    Brazil spent $4.6 billion on hosting the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but the real cost could be much greater.
  8. Italian Banks: Too Big to Fail, Yet Too Big to Be Saved?

    Italian banks are facing an impossible situation as they try to remain solvent amid accelerating credit delinquencies.
  9. 5 Countries That Produce the Most Waste

    As economies have grown and populations have increased, the rate at which countries produce waste has risen. Some of the ...
  10. Why Bank Bail-Ins Will Be the New Bailouts

    After the public's outcry over rescuing banks with taxpayer money, the government is switching tactics. Find out why bail-ins ...
  11. 6 Countries That Produce the Most Cars

    With over 90 million cars manufactured in 2015, the automobile industry is a massive global market led by six countries.
  12. How Commodities Spread Betting Works

    Commodity spread betting is a way to speculate on price movements of various commodities. Here's how it works.
  13. Will Brazil's Economy Improve After the Olympics?

    There are still no signs that hosting the 2016 Olympic Games is helping Brazil's worst recession in history.
  14. How Online Banking Is Overtaking Traditional Banking

    Is traditional banking doomed to be surpassed by online banking?
  15. 5 Countries That Own the Most U.S. Debt

    China gets a lot of attention for being the top foreign holder of U.S. debt, but some other top holders may surprise you.
  16. What Are the Pros and Cons of Raising the Minimum Wage?

    With the debate on wages continuing in Congress and in the public arena, here are some of the major pros and cons of raising ...
  17. The Toilet Revolution: Turning Waste Into Profit

    The lack of proper sanitation in developing countries has led to a public health crisis, one in which the toilet revolution ...
  18. 6 Countries That Produce the Most Corn

    The world's six major producers of its most popular grain, corn, include the United States and China. Learn if these producers ...
  19. Long-Term Installment Loans: Are They Worth It?

    Long-term installment loans help borrowers finance major purchases or consolidate credit card debt. Learn how they work, ...
  20. 5 Countries With the Most Billionaires

    China or the United States has the most billionaires in the world, depending on who you ask, followed by India, the United ...
  21. Raising Rates Now Will Lead to Economic Slowdown

    Innumerable economic warning signs are flashing red. So why does Yellen think our expansion is continuing?
  22. Don't Let Dire Forecasts Keep You on the Sidelines

    Many people think that they need an accurate forecast about the future to be a successful investor.
  23. What Is a Silver Certificate Dollar Bill Worth Today? (SLW, SVM)

    Although a silver-certificate dollar bill no longer can be exchanged for silver, the date, grade and unique features make ...
  24. Why Gold Is Not a Hedge Against the Dollar

    Gold's returns can vary greatly based around what currency the investor is using for purchases.
  25. How Negative Interest Rates Can Affect Bond Prices

    Interest rates have gone negative in Europe, and bond yields are following suit. Here's why investors still buy them.
  26. 3 Countries With Negative Bond Yields and Interest Rates

    Negative interest rates and bond yields are a relatively new phenomenon, as lenders are charged for capital on deposit while ...
  27. Top 5 Corporate Donors in Retail (WMT, GOOG)

    Discover the five largest donors in the retail sector as measured by cash contributions, including the company that donated ...
  28. 4 Outcomes of Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage

    How much is Seattle's $15 an hour minimum wage law impacting the city's workers, its labor market and businesses after nine ...
  29. The Economic Effects of Food Shortages (KO)

    Learn about the effects of food shortages on the economy and social order, and why lack of food isn't necessarily about lack ...
  30. What Are the Different Types of Foreign Aid?

    Foreign aid can take many forms and may involve governments and private-sector contributors. Some efforts are more effective ...
  31. Top 5 Pesticide Companies in the World (SYT, DOW)

    Discover the top pesticide companies in the world and explore the merger and acquisition activity that may concentrate food ...
  32. How Corrupt Is Venezuela? An Inside Look

    Learn more about the corruption level in Venezuela and how it could affect your investments if you decide to invest in the ...
  33. Should Jaime Dimon Tell Clients to Raise Wages? (JPM)

    Learn why MIT Professor Thomas A. Kochan believes that JPMorgan's move to raise the minimum wage for its lower compensated ...
  34. America's Poorest States in 2016

    The poorest states in America include Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas.
  35. Understanding the New Housing Bubble

    This real estate bubble is much different from the last one. Understanding it is imperative if you plan on making any investments.
  36. 7 Cheap Places to Travel in the United States That Are Worth the Visit

    These seven cheap places to travel in the United States provide plenty of wholesome fun for the whole family without breaking ...
  37. How to Make Money With 3-D Printing Technology (SIE, SSYS)

    Discover how the 3-D printing technology industry continues double-digit annual sales growth and learn how to make money ...
  38. IMF Calls For 6-Step Solution to the Euro Crisis

    Discover six points the International Monetary Fund believes the European Union must address in order to continue economic ...
  39. Alan Greenspan: Gold Is Safest Store of Value Right Now

    Alan Greenspan is sounding the alarm on out-of-control entitlements and inflation. Find out why he advocates for a return ...
  40. 6 Fintech Firms Emerging in New York City (ONDK)

    Some of New York City's top fintech companies are already disrupting the financial services industry.
  41. 3 Reasons Banks Can Freeze Your Account

    Learn about the reasons why a bank account can be frozen. Discover if it is legal for creditors to freeze your account and ...
  42. Will Brexit Hurt M&A in UK? (SFTBY, AMC)

    Britain's referendum to leave the European Union and a cheap pound sterling is having an impact on Britain's M&A industry.
  43. Top 5 Ways Terrorism Impacts the Economy

    The economic impact of more than 1,000 known terror attacks worldwide since 2015 may be larger than most realize.
  44. Can Infrastructure Spending Really Stimulate the Economy?

    Public infrastructure spending rarely stimulates long-term positive growth for the economy, even in times of recession...
  45. How Economic Sanctions Work

    The repercussions of Russia's 2014 invasion of Crimea are nowhere near over. The Ukraine says Russian aircraft are no longer ...
  46. Why the Fed Keeps Lowering Macro Growth Outlook

    Examine the FOMC's communications to determine when and why it has reduced its growth expectations. Find out how changing ...
  47. The Financial Effects of a Natural Disaster

    We're all subject to Mother Nature's whims – and the damage can have far-reaching effects.
  48. Top 5 Largest University Endowments

    The five largest university endowments in the world are Harvard, Yale, University of Texas...
  49. IMF: Top 3 Banks That Pose Global Financial Risk (DB, HSBC)

    The IMF believes these three banks pose the greatest systemic risk to the global financial economy.
  50. This Bull Market Is Supported by the Index Funds Investment

    The massive growth of index funds has been supporting the bull market and could lead to a steeper correction when it happens.
  51. Why the Opium Trade in Afghanistan Is Booming

    Discover how ineffective the U.S. efforts to counteract the opium trade in Afghanistan have been and why black markets feed ...
  52. Why the South China Sea Dispute Matters for the United States

    The South China Sea dispute between China and other countries that border the area matters to the United States...
  53. Top 8 Companies Raising the Minimum Wage (MCD, SBUX)

    Learn how a slew of top companies raised their minimum wage, including Starbucks and Wells Fargo, and how this affected their ...
  54. What’s Behind the Rally in Risk Assets ?

    Equity indexes are touching record highs and other risk assets are performing well in 2016. Can it last?
  55. Why China Is Buying Gold at a Rapid Pace (BCS)

    The People's Bank of China has been buying up extra gold reserves at a breakneck pace. Could this signal a challenge to the ...
  56. Has the Age of Secular Stagnation Arrived?

    Secular stagnation is an interesting model, but it's not the last word on our economic situation.
  57. An Introduction to Stock Market Indices

    Investopedia explains the five most talked about indices and what makes them all different.
  58. The Five Biggest Stock Market Myths

    Stocks that go down must come up, right? Wrong. We bust this myth and four other common market misconceptions.
  59. An America with Donald Trump as President

    Take a closer look at some of policy proposals from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and what a future with ...
  60. The GDP and its Importance

    GDP is an accurate indication of an economy's size. Few data points can match the GDP and its growth rate's conciseness. ...
  61. The Prisoner’s Dilemma in Business and the Economy

    The Prisoner’s Dilemma provides a framework for understanding how to strike a balance between cooperation and competition, ...
  62. How Currency Works

    Currency offers key advantages over economies based on direct trade. It provides sellers with a broader market for their ...
  63. Why Rising Average Household Debt Will Hurt the Economy

    Global gross debt has increased by $60 trillion since the real estate and financial market meltdown in 2008.
  64. 4 Global Economic Issues of an Aging Population

    Discover why dramatic increases in life expectancy is creating significant socioeconomic challenges for many advanced industrialized ...
  65. These Retailers Are Least Impacted by Wage Increases (WMT, TGT)

    Learn how certain retailers, such as those that have already built wage increases into their business models, face less pressure ...
  66. Top 10 Highest Paid Government Leaders

    When you compare the world leaders bringing home the most bacon, you'd be surprised to learn that there's more to salary ...
  67. Brexit Bargains: What's on Sale in the UK

    Investors see opportunity in the U.K. tech and real estate despite Brexit.
  68. Why the 10-Year US Treasury Rates Matter

    10-year treasury bond yields are important indicators of the economy as a whole.
  69. Why These European Countries Don't Use The Euro

    The euro is a common currency of the European Union. Yet, many EU countries don’t use the euro. Investopedia explores why.
  70. How Unconventional Monetary Policy Works

    Unconventional monetary policy, such as quantitative easing, can be used to jump-start economic growth and spur demand.
  71. Why is Deflation Bad for the Economy?

    Deflation can adversely affect the economy in significant ways.
  72. IMF on the 4 Headwinds of U.S. Economic Growth

    Explore the four major economic headwinds that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) identifies as principal obstacles to ...
  73. Okun's Law: Economic Growth And Unemployment

    Unemployment and economic growth? Okun has a law for that.
  74. The Importance of the Purchasing Managers' Index

    The Purchasing Managers' Index is a telling sign of the U.S. economy. But what is it?
  75. U.K. Real Estate Funds Forced to Freeze Assets

    Since the Brexit, U.K.-based commercial real estate funds have been hammered, losing value as investors scramble to pull ...
  76. How Much Influence Does The Fed Have?

    Find out how current financial policies may affect your portfolio's future returns.
  77. Understanding The Treasury Yield Curve Rates

    Treasury yield curves are a leading indicator for the future state of the economy and interest rates.
  78. How To Pass The U.S. Citizenship Test

    A guide to the U.S. citizenship test for immigrants.
  79. El-Erian on the New World Order: Interview

    Dr. Mohamed El-Erian sat down with Investopedia columnist David Garrity to discuss how investors can prepare for a drastically ...
  80. Can Immigration Reform Help the Economy?

    Learn some of the possible effects, both good and bad, of immigration reform on the economy. These include more jobs and ...
  81. The Decline of the Middle Class: An Inside Look

    Find out what is behind the decline of the middle class in America and how the hourglass economy may effect consumption.
  82. How Minimum Wage Increases Could Hurt These Sectors

    Learn why the consumer discretionary sector, and in particular the leisure and hospitality industry, faces the biggest challenges ...
  83. Analysts Predict Panic and Volatility After Brexit

    Analysts are coming out with bearish takes in the near term for the world economy after Brexit.
  84. State Bankruptcy: Will Connecticut Be Next?

    Discover why Connecticut is one of the few states most at risk of default, while considering the fiscal decisions that led ...
  85. Which Brokers Are Anticipating a Bear Market? (GS, JPM)

    Learn why four market strategists at leading U.S. financial institutions are taking cautious views about stock market performance ...
  86. Are Retiring Baby Boomers Red Flags to the U.S. Equity Market?

    Find out how the mass migration of 77 million baby boomers into retirement may affect the stock market and whether a crisis ...
  87. Industrials Sector: Industries Snapshot (XLI, BA)

    Discover the 12 industries that comprise the industrials sector of the Standard and Poor's 500 Index, and learn which key ...
  88. 3 Sectors Where the Minimum Wage Is Squeezing Margins (TGT, WMT)

    Learn why the retail, fast food and entertainment industries face the biggest challenges to their margins if minimum wages ...
  89. What's an Average Costco Consumer Like? (COST)

    Find out about the typical consumers who shop at Costco, how much they earn, and why they spend more there than at other ...
  90. How Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market

    Understand how rate changes can affect home prices and learn how you can keep up.
  91. What Increasing Tech Layoffs Mean For Silicon Valley (YHOO, ADSK)

    Find out the reasons for layoffs by Bay area tech companies in 2016. Learn which factors indicate that the regional job market ...
  92. Are Declining Buybacks a Bad Sign for the Equity Market? (C, MS)

    Learn why U.S. companies overall have curtailed their stock buyback programs in 2016. Discover the effects these reduced ...
  93. Amazon vs. Big Retail—Investor Optimism is Changing (WAL,AMZN)

    Investopedia columnists Richard Peterson and Tate Hayes on the enduring importance of a "smile" in retail.
  94. The Top 3 Twitter Shareholders (TWTR)

    Discover the top three owners of Twitter shares and learn how they accumulated their positions through the evolution of the ...
  95. Why Suicide Is Up

    There are various reasons why suicides are increasing, but some believe that long-term economic trends that hinder the less-educated ...
  96. George Friedman: China Is A Declining Power

    While conventional wisdom would tell you that China is a great play on long-term economic growth, George Friedman thinks ...
  97. Mark Yusko: Yellen Won’t Raise Rates This Year

    While the bond market has started pricing in a potential rate hike at the June Federal Reserve policy meeting, one prominent ...
  98. Calzada: Trade Makes Us And Mexico One Big Economy

    Mexican agriculture minister Jose Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa says NAFTA-driven trade has effectively made the US, Canada, and ...
  99. Growth in Australia? 3 Thoughts from PIMCO

    Learn how Australia avoided recession after the global financial crisis. Discover PIMCO's thoughts on Australia's growth ...
  100. How Healthy Are Costco's Financials Versus Its Peers? (COST)

    Find out why Costco's financials may be healthier than those of its peers, especially regarding inventory turnover, debt ...
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  2. Market Capitalization

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  3. Frexit

    Frexit – short for "French exit" – is a French spinoff of the term Brexit, which emerged when the United Kingdom voted to ...
  4. Stop-Limit Order

    An order placed with a broker that combines the features of stop order with those of a limit order. A stop-limit order will ...
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