For the many financial advisors who have shown interest in Investopedia's new Advisor Insights platform, here are answers to some common questions:

Why Did Investopedia Create Advisor Insights?

We created Advisor Insights to build a great experience for the 20 million users who come to Investopedia for finance, retirement and investing advice, and the hundreds of thousands of financial advisors who have used Investopedia through the years. There are unique benefits for both of these groups.

The lack of financial literacy in the U.S. is a major problem, in particular for the more than 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day. Investopedia’s mission is to simplify the complexities of finance and foster better financial decision-making. Some users have specific questions that are best answered by true experts — financial advisors. Many users currently do not work with financial advisors — but we believe they should!

As new investor demographics emerge, financial advisors are challenged with reaching a vast audience in need of solid financial advice. Investors are increasingly using digital channels to find advisors, but the internet can be a crowded and noisy place. As such, financial advisors are increasingly being disintermediated by automated services, such as robo-advisors.

But ‘one-size-fits-many’ solutions can’t fully account for the multitude of unique client needs and situations. That’s why there will always be a need for human guidance.

It’s our belief that Investopedia’s Advisor Insights is well-positioned to foster person-to-person relationships that benefit both financial advisors and our community of users. Specifically, we created Advisor Insights so: 1) users can have direct access to the expertise of financial advisors; and 2) as a financial advisor you can build your digital brand, market your practice and gain insight into the most common questions likely on the minds of your prospects and clients. We believe that matching this supply and demand will be a win-win for both financial advisors and our users.

Why and How to Participate in Advisor Insights

1. What Can Financial Advisors Get Out of Advisor Insights?

Financial advisors are great at helping clients achieve their financial goals. Some financial advisors are also great at marketing, but many lack the time, infrastructure, resources and scale to be successful. By participating in Advisor Insights, you have the opportunity to:

  • Build your brand by publishing thought leadership articles, videos and answers on one of the most trusted financial education sites to get in front of millions of people at the exact time they are thinking about making important financial and investing decisions.
  • Expand your online presence in Google searches and across Investopedia’s newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and through partners such as Yahoo! Finance and MSN.
  • Gain deep knowledge about what is most on the minds of your prospects and clients by staying up-to-date on the questions asked by millions of Americans around changes in Social Security, taxes, investing and more.
  • Improve how you market your practice by reading hundreds of articles on Investopedia.

2. How is Investopedia’s Advisor Insights Well-positioned to Help Financial Advisors?

The simple answer is Investopedia’s reach and influence, which puts Advisor Insights in a unique position to bridge the gap between financial advisors and the millions of middle-income, mass affluent and high-net-worth Americans that Investopedia serves every day. Through Advisor Insights, advisors can benefit from potentially reaching our:

  • Over 20 million monthly unique visitors
  • Over 4 million newsletter subscribers
  • Over 500,000 Facebook followers
  • Facebook Retirement page followers
  • Distribution of trusted financial content to CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Nasdaq, MSN and other portals.

We have a strong — and growing — influence and we want to share that influence with thousands of financial advisors to help you build your brands.

However, the true success of Advisor Insights resides in Investopedia’s unwavering focus on our mission. Finance is complex and investing is intimidating. As a financial advisor you are the expert at serving your clients’ needs. For over 16 years, Investopedia has also been simplifying these complexities for our users. Our missions complement one another perfectly.

It’s this combination of reach, influence and mission that will make Advisor Insights' partnership with financial advisors a ‘win’ for all.

3. What Recent Features Has Investopedia Launched on Advisor Insights?

1) You can publish thought leadership articles:

You can now publish full length articles to further promote your brand on the most trusted resource in financial education and through our partners. Reach out to us at to learn more.

2) You can answer FAQs for greater exposure:

Using proprietary data, we’ve identified the most frequently asked questions by investors, which receive the most traffic and give you the greatest potential traffic and exposure. You will find these questions in a new FAQ tab in your dashboard.

3) Your website will be promoted in each answer you publish:

Your website URL and city/state will now appear next to your profile picture in each of your answers, which will help your website get more traffic.

4. Longer Term, What Other Features Will You Be Building to Help Financial Advisors?

We hope to develop and launch many exciting new features over the next year, including the following:

  • Ability for investors to follow specific financial advisors.
  • Ability for investors to receive an email alert every time a financial advisor they are following writes an article or publishes content on Investopedia.
  • Ability for financial advisors to curate and share content on Investopedia, regardless of where that content was published.
  • Ability for financial advisors to share best practices with one another.

We also welcome your feedback and suggestions! If you have ideas for us, please share them by e-mailing

5. I’m a Financial Advisor, How Do I Get Started?

To learn more about the platform and submit your application please visit:

Acceptance into the Advisor Insights platform is at Investopedia’s discretion, based on such factors as licenses/registrations, designations, assets under management, SEC/FINRA disclosures and other considerations.

Key Facts about Advisor Insights

1. Is There a Fee for Participating in Advisor Insights?

No. Investopedia does not charge financial advisors and will never in the future. Participating in Advisor Insights is completely free and there is no commitment.

2. Is the Priority of Advisor Insights to Get Financial Advisors Direct Leads?

The priority of Advisor Insights is not to get financial advisors direct leads. It’s to help you build and market your brand online, leveraging a site and ecosystem with millions of users concerned about retirement, personal finance and investing. The best direct leads come through personal referrals and directly from your website or social media following. However, Investopedia has the ability to drive many users directly to your website or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

The process that prospective clients take is complex and exhaustive. Prospective clients look at both media "owned" by financial advisors as well as trusted third-party sites like Investopedia. You should build out your own direct brand, but should also participate in third-party sites because they are often perceived as more objective and attract considerably larger audiences. We are confident that participating in Advisor Insights will drive branding, traffic and other SEO-related benefits which may later convert these leads on your website, blog or social media page.

Using Advisor Insights as a Publishing Platform

1. What’s the Advantage of Publishing on Investopedia vs. My Own Website?

Investopedia reaches 20 million investors a month, so publishing articles and answers through Investopedia will maximize your brand’s exposure and give you access to a user base that otherwise would likely not have found your practice.

We encourage you to also post articles and answers to your personal website and blog, but in most cases a much smaller number of people will see this content. For the same reason that influencers publish content to LinkedIn or Facebook, financial advisors should use Investopedia as a publishing platform to reach a large audience at the exact moment in which these investors are interested in engaging with financial topics.

2. Can Financial Advisors Publish Thought Leadership Articles on Investopedia?

We encourage you to publish thought leadership articles on Investopedia to help build your brand. Please email if you would like to be considered for publication on Investopedia. You will need to abide by the same strong editorial standards of all our writers, and articles should not be promotional in nature. Publishing on Advisor Insights can also potentially expose your writing to an even broader audience through our syndication partners like CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Nasdaq and MSN.

3. Can Financial Advisors Publish Thought Leadership Articles They Have Published on Their Websites or Blogs?

You can publish thought leadership articles, even if these articles have also been published on your personal website, blog or social media page. Please email your thought leadership pieces to Investopedia’s users will be able to access these pieces from your profile page and throughout Investopedia. We will not “index” the articles on Investopedia so your site will continue to reap the organic search benefits of publishing original content on your website.

4. Should a Financial Advisor Have a Q&A Section on Their Website?

You should create the opportunity for prospective clients to ask questions and interact with you directly on your website. While you will likely get fewer questions on your website Q&A than you will get from Advisor Insights, allowing individuals to ask questions directly on your site will also be valuable to your practice. Both are worthwhile to pursue.

To learn more about the platform and submit your application please visit:

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