To Submit and Publish an Article:

  • First join Investopedia’s Advisor Insights, where you can showcase your personal finance expertise and connect with our 27+ million monthly readers.
  • Email your article as a Word document to the Advisor Insights team:

Editorial Principles

  • Standards: Investopedia will make every attempt to assist advisors who submit high-quality, original content. We reserve the right to decline submitted content.
  • Topics: We accept articles that are related to all areas of financial planning including: retirement, investing (general strategies), saving and budgeting, Social Security, insurance, taxes, employee benefits, etc.
    • We will not accept any kind of individual securities analysis or any timely market commentary.
    • If your article does not fit in with the guidelines above, contact the Advisor Insights team to see where else we may be able to publish your writing as an Investopedia contributor or for other article ideas.
  • Length: Articles must be at least 500 words for basic topics, with a maximum of about 1,000 words for more complex topics.
    • Articles that are less than 500 words before any disclosures may be sent back to advisors for revisions.
  • Linking: Articles referring to relevant reports, websites, resources or content must include hyperlinks to said resources, including the original source of any charts or graphs.
  • Cutting and Pasting: We run all submitted content through an ‘originality’ filter to check for plagiarism; if you’re borrowing liberally from content that someone else wrote or that you published elsewhere, we’ll likely have to send it back to you for revision or reject it. You can also review Investopedia’s terms of use.
  • Repurposing: We can publish pieces you have already posted on your own website, in your newsletter, and shared on social media provided that you wrote them yourself, but cannot publish content that is already on any third-party site.
  • Self-promotion: Please avoid referring to yourself or your practice unless it’s relevant to the subject you’re writing about. Content that is promotional in nature will be edited or declined.

Editorial Style

  • Headlines: Please suggest a headline for your article. It will help us craft the best one for you.
  • Introduction / First Paragraph: Your first paragraph should serve as a concise summary of what you’re trying to convey; try to avoid starting your story with long anecdotes.
  • Supporting Sourcing: Please include supporting sourcing either by quoting experts or reputable data (research reports, white papers, expert testimony/commentary) and please include links.
  • Supporting Charts / Images: The inclusion of supporting charts and suitable images is allowed, but advisors must have permission to use any charts or graphs they did not create themselves. Stock photos will be provided by our editorial team as needed.
  • Disclaimers: If you and/or your compliance department requires a disclosure on your article, this must be included at the bottom of the article you submit.

Questions about publishing articles? Email our editors:

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