Are you looking for a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) but don't know where to start? Well, you're in luck.

Meridian-IQ and CNBC have teamed to compose a list of Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firms. (For related reading, see: Shopping for a Financial Advisor)

They factored in several metrics to come up with a financial advisor ranking, including assets under management, the number of professionally-designated CFP or CFA staffers on staff, number of years in the business, and the past five years of annualized growth. The formula was then applied to Meridian-IQ’s RIA database to come up with the top 100 firms. In the event of a tie, the firm with greater assets under management was placed higher. The full list, which also includes location, contact information and average account size, can be found here. (For related reading, see: Paying Your Investment Advisor: Fees or Commissions)

The final step in creating the list entailed applying a compliance review, which checked all the names for complaints of misconduct with state regulators, insurance commissioners, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Any firms that had any actions or complaints leveled against them were taken off the list. (For related reading, see: Fiduciary Designations For Financial Advisors)

The ranking, which includes each firm’s web address and total assets under management, is as follows:

1. Creative Planning

2. Halbert Hargrove

3. Wescott Financial Advisory Group

4. Burt Wealth Advisors

5. Point View Wealth Management

6. Adams Hall Wealth Advisors

7. SMF Financial Advisors

8. Silveroak Wealth Management

9. Carl Domino

10. Regency Investment Advisors

11. Signature

12. Inverness Counsel

13. Foster Group

14. Bloom Asset Management

15. Lodestar Private Asset Management

16. Carlson Capital Management

17. CPS Investment Advisors

18. Jackson Thornton Asset Management

19. Jones Barclay Boston & Co.

20. Financial Designs Corp.

21. Segall Bryant & Hamill

22. BKD Wealth Advisors

23. LB&C

24. Warren Averett Asset Management

25. LBMC Investment Advisors

26. Durbin Bennett Peterson Private Wealth Management

27. Capital Performance Advisors LLP

28. Windham Brannon Financial Group

29. Heritage Investment Group

30. Sanderson Wealth Management

31. Lutz Financial

32. PBMares Wealth Management

33. KR Financial Services

34. Kraft Asset Management

35. Buckingham Asset Management

36. Balasa Dinverno Foltz

37. South Texas Money Management

38. SignatureFD

39. Waddell & Associates

40. Beaird Harris Wealth Management

41. Sandhill Investment Management

42. DT Investment Partners

43. Schenck Investment Solutions

44. Wagner Bowman Management Corp

45. Fiduciary Financial Services of the Southwest

46. HBC Financial Services

47. Lowery Thomas

48. Matter Family Office

49. Empirical Wealth Management

50. Grandfield & Dodd

51. AKT Wealth Advisors

52. PrairieView Partners

53. Kuntz Lesher Capital

54. Tellone Management Group

55. Mason Road Wealth Advisors

56. Pennington Financial Group

57. McCarthy Asset Management

58. Geller Family Office Services

59. Jacobsen Capital Management

60. Disciplined Investments

61. Brighton Jones

62. Foster & Motley

63. Dean Investments

64. SB Capital Management

65. The Proper Analysis Corp.

66. Thor Investment Management

67. Asset Strategies

68. White Oaks Wealth Advisors

69. East Coast Asset Management

70. GreerWalker Wealth Management

71. William Mack & Associates

72. Whitener Capital Management

73. Crowley Wealth Management

74. Pathstone Family Office

75. Raffa Wealth Management, LLC

76. Kyle Financial Services

77. Mercer Global Advisors

78. Smith & Howard Wealth Management

79. Lehman Financial Resources
website: none

80. Cranbrook Wealth Management

81. Rockbridge Investment Management

82. Grant/GrossMendelsohn

83. Alexander Randolph Advisory

84. Commonwealth Advisory Group

85. Weaver C. Barksdale & Associates

86. TFO Phoenix

87. New Wealth Advisors

88. The Golub Group

89. GHP Investment Advisors

90. Valicenti Advisory Services

91. KEB Asset Management

92. Daniels + Tansey

93. Carter Asset Management

94. Investment Advisory Professionals

95. Tricapital Advisors

96. Pathway Financial Advisors

97. Red Door Wealth Management

98. Landmark Wealth Management

99. Onyx Financial Advisors

100. The Mosaic Financial Group

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