Does marrying someone with bad credit affect my credit score?

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July 2016
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It shouldn't. But it could if you get added onto any of your spouse's loan accounts that also happen to have a bad credit rating. But even though your credit may be golden, it can be tough to apply for credit jointly since your spouse's credit will also be considered. An example is a mortgage. If you need both paychecks to qualify for the mortgage, the lender will look at both credit profiles. And unfortunately, they will use your spouses credit score as the primary in underwriting your loan. That's because they use the credit score of the spouse who has the lower score.

You might also consider that your spouses bad credit may force you to be the sole holder on any loans. That can include a car loan or credit card, as well  as a mortgage. Unless your spouse's credit improves, then overtime you will be the one carrying most of the debt.

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