The wholesale sector includes auto parts, basic materials, building materials, computers, drugs, electronics, food, industrial equipment wholesale industries, medical equipment wholesale industries and wholesale other industries. As of May 12, 2015, using trailing 12-month data, the respective annual dividend yields of these industries are 1.59% for auto parts wholesale, 6.86% for basic materials wholesale, 0% for building materials wholesale, 1.09% for computers wholesale, 0.91% for drugs wholesale, 1.11% for electronics wholesale, 3.09% for food wholesale, 1.91% for industrial equipment wholesale, 1.70% for medical equipment wholesale and 0% for wholesale other.

The annual dividend yield is a financial ratio used in fundamental analysis that indicates how much a company pays out in dividends per year relative to its price per share. Dividend yield is calculated by dividing a company's annual dividends per share by its price per share. The dividend yield measures the amount of cash flow investors are getting in return for each dollar invested in a stock position from dividends.

Looking at industry information from Yahoo, the simple average of the annual dividend yield for industries in the wholesale sector is 1.83%, or (1.59% + 6.86% + 0% + 1.09% + 0.91% + 1.11% + 3.09% + 1.91% + 1.70% + 0%) / 10. This return on equity of the drugs sector comprises the annual dividend yield percentages from all small-, mid- and large-cap wholesale companies.

The wholesale sector's average annual dividend yield includes companies with large market capitalizations such as Sysco Corp. and Cardinal Health Inc., as well as small-cap stocks such as PC Connection Inc. Sysco has an annual dividend yield of 3.30%, Cardinal Health has 1.80% and PC Connection is at 0%.

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