How can I buy oil as an investment?

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July 2016
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I like baskets of companies because of acts of Gods. ie you can do all the research you want but you can't predict a political event, natural disaster or in some cases fraud. The two investments I like are USO, an ETF, that represents a basket of investments in oil or oil futures and a better "less risky" investment AMLP, which is an ETF that invests into an index of oil and gas pipelines. This ETF is one that I own for clients that pays approximately a 9% dividend, is a basket of 23 companies. These companies have been hurt due to low oil prices, but they act as a toll booth on a highway that always makes money as oil & gas passes its pipeline. In addition, this asset class has 20% upside when oil prices normalize between 60 and 80 per barrel.

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