Mutual funds were first introduced in the United States by MFS Investment Management in 1924. Although not public until 1928, the MFS Massachusetts Investors Fund provided a way for select investors to pool their money together. The idea behind creating this investment was to allow a group of small investors access to a range of stocks and fund managers that would otherwise have been out of their price range.

Oldest Mutual Funds By Inception Date (Still Active)

RankNameDate of Creation
1MFS Massachusetts Investors Fund (MITTX)1924
2Putnam Investors Fund (PINVX)1925
3Pioneer Fund (PIODX)1928
4Century Shares Fund (CENSX)1928
5Vanguard Wellington Fund (VWELX)1929
7CGM Mutual Fund (LOMMX)1929
6Seligman Common Stock Fund (SCSFX)1930
8Fidelity Fund (FFIDX)1930
9Dodge & Cox Balance Fund (DODBX)1931

Finding mutual funds according to the inception date is only one way to sort through the thousands of mutual funds available. Additional sorting options include: rating, one-year returns, five-year returns, risk and investment style, among others. Some good resources for mutual fund research on set criteria include Morningstar and Yahoo! Finance. Look for a screening tool in the mutual fund section and select the characteristics you are looking for. You may need a subscription to gain access to more advanced screening tools.

To learn more, read A Brief History Of The Mutual Fund.

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