I'm new to this. Can I sell or buy stock by myself?

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3 weeks ago
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You can always buy or sell stock without a brokers assistance. This is why there are discount brokers so you can place trades at a minimal cost and skip the broker advice and commissions. The real question you need to answer is "do I want and feel comfortable to go it alone?" Trading is pretty easy, but is trading by your self the right course for you? Buying and selling a stock is not rocket science, but you need to know the rules and expectations of you and your trade.

Before signing up with a discount broker, I suggest you understand your objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, have a buy and sell strategy and understand what you want from the on line broker (Research, charts, company info, execution needs, exact costs and payment terms) as well as assistance/ help if you have questions or problems, and many other items besides costs. There are a number of big companies that are well know that make it pretty easy to open, fund an account and start trading. Usual costs are $5 to $20 per trade, with most somewhere around $8. Comparison shop a few of the firms and narrow down the selection to one that you feel comfortable and matches your needs. Some let you take their platform for a free trial.

Also, if you want to buy a mutual fund looking at one of the bigger companies (Vanguard, Fidelity etc,.) allow you to trade many of their funds or Exchange traded funds for no cost.

3 weeks ago
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