You can choose from several options when you need to cancel or close your NetSpend card. NetSpend cards are prepaid debit cards. You can deposit money directly or you can use a reload location to fund your account. The card allows a debit, credit and ATM withdrawal feature. NetSpend also offers several other benefits, such as online account access and a payback rewards program.

Option 1: Withdraw From an ATM

The simplest way to cancel or close your NetSpend card is by withdrawing all your funds from an ATM. However, there is a domestic ATM cash withdrawal fee of $2.50. This does not include the ATM transaction fee, which can range from $1 to $5 on average. If you are using an international ATM, the withdrawal fee is $4.95 in addition to the ATM's own transaction fee.

One issue with closing your account this way is that ATMs generally only dispense in $20 denominations. This may cause issues when you are trying to completely close out your balance if you do not have this exact amount.

Option 2: Request a Check

The other way to close or cancel your NetSpend account is by requesting a check. NetSpend estimates that this process takes three or four weeks. There is also a fee of $5.95 to receive the check. If you would like to request a check for the balance of your account, call 866-930-9924 or log in to the online account center.

There are fees involved with closing your account by withdrawing from an ATM or requesting a check. For more information, contact NetSpend directly.

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