Investing FAQs

  1. Is there short selling in China?

  2. Which statement is FALSE about a prospectus issued under the Securities Act of 1933?

  3. When and why did the euro make its debut as a currency?

  4. What is the performance cult?

  5. What's the difference between EBITDA, EBITDAR and EBITDARM?

  6. All of the following statements about convertible bonds are FALSE EXCEPT:

  7. What is the Coppock curve?

  8. An investor is in the 36% tax bracket and holds municipal bonds with an 8% yield-to-maturity. ...

  9. Why did the Department of Justice launch an inquiry into the sale of ImClone shares ...

  10. Compute the offering price for a mutual fund with NAV of $1,200,000,000, an 8% front-end ...

  11. What is financial double-dipping?

  12. What is the difference between a gilt edged bond and a regular bond?

  13. Why is Frank Quattrone credited with contributing to the growth of the dotcom bubble?

  14. Where can I find all of the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

  15. What is the difference between exchange-traded funds and mutual funds?

  16. What currency is affected by the interest rate decisions of the Bank of England (BoE)? ...

  17. Which of the following BEST describes the requirements for advertisements of new ...

  18. How did Peter Young gain infamy as a "rogue trader"?

  19. How do companies like Moody's rate bonds?

  20. What is the salad oil scandal?

  21. What is a Chinese hedge?

  22. What is "hot money"?

  23. How do I use a barbell strategy?

  24. How do I use a premium put convertible?

  25. How did derivatives trader Nick Leeson contribute to the fall of Barings Bank?

  26. What is a wild-card play?

  27. How did currency trader John Rusnak hide $691 million in losses before being caught ...

  28. Your client has a net short-term gain of $3,000 and a net long-term loss of $8,0 ...

  29. What's the difference between a mutual fund and a hedge fund?

  30. When you buy a stock in a company, does it necessarily mean that one of the shareholders ...

  31. What is accrued interest, and why do I have to pay it when I buy a bond?

  32. What's the difference between absolute and relative return?

  33. Why do interest rates tend to have an inverse relationship with bond prices?

  34. Where does the money I have invested in a company go when the stock price decreases?

  35. What does it mean to use technical divergence in trading?

  36. What are "I Bonds" and how can I buy them?

  37. What does the law say about non-U.S. citizens buying stocks of U.S. companies? Are ...

  38. What is an economic moat?

  39. What's the difference between short-term investments in marketable securities and ...

  40. I want to try short selling, but how can I sell something that I don't own?

  41. Can an open-ended fund's price appreciate significantly?

  42. When my mutual fund declares an income distribution, the fund price falls by a similar ...

  43. Is scalping a viable forex trading strategy?

  44. What is foreclosure investing?

  45. When is a dividend payment recognized in the shareholders equity portion of the balance ...

  46. Where can I buy government bonds?

  47. Where can I find historical stock/index quotes?

  48. What exactly is a portfolio? Is it something I can carry around?

  49. If I am American, can I buy a foreign mutual fund?

  50. Please explain what a short seller is on the hook for when he or she shorts a stock ...

  51. A corporate bond I own has just been called by the issuer. How can a company legally ...

  52. What happens to the voting rights on shares when the shares are used in a short sale ...

  53. If one of your stocks splits, doesn't that make it a better investment? If one of ...

  54. How do I calculate how much I've gained or lost on a stock holding?

  55. How is the value of the S&P 500 calculated?

  56. Who are the key players in the bond market?

  57. Where does the stock come from when convertible bonds are converted to stock?

  58. What is the difference between hedging and speculation?

  59. Why would my stock's value decline despite good news being released?

  60. What are 'death spiral' convertible bonds?

  61. Is it possible to lose all of your investment in an index fund?

  62. If a company moves its dividend record date forward, does the ex-dividend date change ...

  63. Does a company's American depositary share equal one share of common stock?

  64. How can unethical executives use options backdating to evade taxes?

  65. At what point in the ordering process does a broker charge commission?

  66. What is Black Monday?

  67. Can a company declare a dividend that exceeds its earnings per share?

  68. What is the difference between a global fund and an international fund?

  69. What is a mutual fund's NAV?

  70. If I own stock that drops in price is this a sign that I should buy more?

  71. What is the difference between fast and slow stochastics in technical analysis?

  72. Can a stop-loss order be used to protect a short sale transaction?

  73. Stocks with high P/E ratios can be overpriced. Is a stock with a lower P/E always ...

  74. What is the difference between a company's book value per share and its intrinsic ...

  75. My brokerage firm won't allow naked option positions. What does this mean?

  76. Is it true that you can sell your home and not pay capital gains tax?

  77. What is the haircut rate imposed by clearing corporations?

  78. What parties are involved in the creation of an American depositary receipt?

  79. Are high-yield bonds better investments than low-yield bonds?

  80. What does it mean when a bond has a put option?

  81. How do you calculate the cost basis for a mutual fund over an extended time period?

  82. Are eurodollars related to the currency called the euro?

  83. What is securitization?

  84. What are managed futures?

  85. How did George Soros "break the Bank of England"?

  86. What does negative shareholder equity on a balance sheet mean?

  87. What's the difference between "top-down" and "bottom-up" investing?

  88. What is the difference between fundamental and technical analysis?

  89. What is the difference between a blend fund and a balanced fund?

  90. What are soft dollars?

  91. What is the 'Rule of 72'?

  92. Is a company allowed to reduce its dividends?

  93. What's the difference between a straddle and a strangle?

  94. Why would a person choose a mutual fund over an individual stock?

  95. How do stock splits affect short sellers?

  96. Why are some shares priced in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, while other just ...

  97. What is the difference between convertible and reverse convertible bonds?

  98. What technical tools can I use to measure momentum?

  99. What do the "BxA" numbers on my brokerage's trading screen mean?

  100. How long does a stock that has done a reverse split keep the letter "D" at the end ...

  101. How many types of markets can an investor choose from?

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