Investing FAQs

  1. When phase of the economic cycle tends to be strongest for companies in the retail ...

  2. What level of research and development compares to sales is typical in the electronics ...

  3. What techniques are most useful for hedging exposure to the telecommunications sector?

  4. What is the 12b-1 fee meant to cover?

  5. What are the benefits for a company investing in a greenfield investment?

  6. What percentage of a diversified portfolio should be exposed to the utilities sector?

  7. What are the most important equity market indexes?

  8. What key conditions might explain a company's declining net sales in spite of increasing ...

  9. What are examples of typical leasehold improvements?

  10. What is the long-term outlook of the utilities sector?

  11. What are the most popular mutual funds that give exposure to the utilities sector?

  12. What do cities do with the funds generated from municipal bonds?

  13. What does it signify if the term structure of an interest rate's curve is positive?

  14. What sectors have higher exposure to inherent risk?

  15. What is the average price-to-book ratio for companies in the telecommunications sector?

  16. What is the average price-to-book ratio in the utilities sector?

  17. What are some popular mutual funds that give exposure to the telecommunications sector?

  18. How is the standard error used in trading?

  19. What is the average annual dividend yield of companies in the utilities sector?

  20. What is the average price-to-earnings ratio in the food and beverage sector?

  21. What is the default risk of a derivative?

  22. What percentage of a diversified portfolio should be invested in the telecommunications ...

  23. Why should an investor in the retail sector consider the Consumer Confidence Index?

  24. Which type of retailers tend to perform best during weak periods in the economy?

  25. How does the risk of investing in the retail sector compare to the broader market?

  26. How much can I borrow with a margin account?

  27. How do you calculate company equity?

  28. What category of retailers will perform most strongly when the economy is doing well?

  29. Why did China designated certain territories as special administrative regions?

  30. How do gains from my 401(k) figure into my taxable income?

  31. Do negative externalities affect financial markets?

  32. Why is accrued revenue not collected during the current accounting period?

  33. What is the difference between accrued revenue and unrealized revenue?

  34. Why is the 12b-1 fee controversial?

  35. How is accrued revenue accounted for in bookkeeping?

  36. What is the formula for calculating return on assets (ROA) in Excel?

  37. What precisely is a stochastic oscillator meant to predict?

  38. What factors make the telecommunications sector good for value investing?

  39. What is the formula for calculating the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio in Excel?

  40. Where can I find information about corporate bond issues?

  41. What is the average return on equity for a company in the automotive sector?

  42. How can an investor profit from a fall in the utilities sector?

  43. What are the main risks associated with trading derivatives?

  44. What emerging markets are best positioned to benefit from growth in the utilities ...

  45. What are some examples of high yield bonds?

  46. Why would I need to calculate the present value of an annuity?

  47. What are some examples of a Foreign Institutional Investor (FII)?

  48. What is the difference between a smart beta fund and an index fund?

  49. How do you calculate return on investment (ROI)?

  50. Which retail stocks pay the highest dividends?

  51. What are the main factors that drive share prices in the utilities sector?

  52. How can I profit from a decline in the telecommunications sector?

  53. Is the telecommunications sector better suited for active or passive investment?

  54. For what types of accounts are demand deposits available?

  55. How does the amount of the principal fluctuate depending on inflation?

  56. What debt/equity ratio is typical for companies in the utilities sector?

  57. In the context of a bond, what does the principal refer to?

  58. What price-to-earnings ratio is average in the utilities sector?

  59. To what extent are utility stocks affected by changes in interest rates?

  60. What is the difference between term structure and a yield curve?

  61. What can I learn about a company by studying its earnings report?

  62. Why are high yield bonds typically lower rated bonds?

  63. What metrics can be used to analyze a telecommunications company if they have very ...

  64. Why is term structure theory of importance to economists?

  65. What is the difference between a demand deposit and a term deposit?

  66. What are the top high yield bond ETFs?

  67. What is the difference between disposable and discretionary income?

  68. What is the average annual growth rate of the utilities sector?

  69. How does the risk of investing in the utilities sector compare to the broader market?

  70. What is the formula for calculating beta?

  71. How does a swing trader use the stochastic oscillator?

  72. What is the difference between earnings and profit?

  73. How safe are high yield bonds?

  74. Why has the market for high yield bonds grown so much?

  75. What dividend yield is typical for the airline sector?

  76. How do you calculate shareholder equity?

  77. What does a climbing interest rate risk signify about the economy?

  78. How can electricity be traded as a commodity by an individual investor?

  79. How can I use a regression to see the correlation between prices and interest rates?

  80. How will a value added tax impact the government budget?

  81. How are rights distributed in a rights offering?

  82. Where can I find year-to-date (YTD) returns for benchmarks?

  83. What Book Value Of Equity Per Share (BVPS) ratio indicates a buy signal?

  84. What happens to the company stock if a subsidiary gets spun off?

  85. Why would a company use a form of long-term debt to capitalize operations versus ...

  86. How much of the global economy is comprised of the real estate sector?

  87. What is the effective interest method of amortization?

  88. What average annual growth rate is typical for the banking sector?

  89. What kinds of costs are included in Free on Board (FOB) shipping?

  90. Is there a way to include intangible assets in book-to-market ratio calculations?

  91. Under what circumstances would someone enter into a repurchase agreement?

  92. How do I evaluate a debt security?

  93. What types of investments are allowed in a provident fund?

  94. Can an investor buy leveraged ETFs that track the automotive sector?

  95. What are the main risks to the economy of a country that has implemented a policy ...

  96. What are the major laws (acts) regulating financial institutions that were created ...

  97. Why would a country's gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national income (GNI) ...

  98. What does a block chain record in a bitcoin exchange transaction?

  99. What are some tactics businesses can use to increase unlevered free cash flow?

  100. How can I use asset allocation to properly diversify my portfolio?

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