Bonds FAQs

  1. What multinational corporations operate in the former Soviet Union?

  2. What is the Turtle Channel formula and how is it calculated?

  3. What insights are economists trying to capture with GNP?

  4. Are all multinational corporations also large cap companies?

  5. What does GNP say about the balance of trade?

  6. What methods are used to launder money?

  7. How does a nation's national debt affect the budget process?

  8. What are the most common ETFs that track the metals and mining sector?

  9. What is Charlie Munger's current role at Berkshire Hathaway, and what is his history ...

  10. Why do credit card companies calculate revenue splits in terms of basis points?

  11. What does standard deviation measure in a portfolio?

  12. What are the best ways to identify Retracements on a stock?

  13. How do I use Positive Volume Index (PVI) for creating a forex trading strategy?

  14. What are Warren Buffett's favorite business / finance books, and why?

  15. What schools did Warren Buffett attend on his way to getting his science and economics ...

  16. What area of the consumer price index (CPI) should I use if there is no CPI for the ...

  17. What legal recourse do I have if the counterparty in a debenture agreement does not ...

  18. When should I use seasonally adjusted data from the consumer price index (CPI)?

  19. Is it a good idea for a beginning investor to arbitrage the dividend calendar?

  20. Whose buying habits does the consumer price index (CPI) reflect?

  21. How can I use alpha in conjunction with the Treynor Ratio?

  22. What are the differences between Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's business philosophies?

  23. How is NAV used for oil, gas, and energy investments?

  24. If the intrinsic value of a stock is significantly lower than the market price, should ...

  25. What was the largest company Warren Buffett ever bought through Berkshire Hathaway?

  26. What was the first stock Warren Buffett ever bought?

  27. How is standard deviation used to determine risk?

  28. What are the most common examples of Range-Bound Trading strategies?

  29. What is the average growth rate of the oil & gas drilling sector?

  30. What is the difference between a merger and an acquisition?

  31. How do deferred tax assets help in meeting retirement goals?

  32. What are the different ways to calculate depreciation?

  33. What are the best ways to pay less income tax?

  34. How did Warren Buffett's investing style conflict with Benjamin Graham's theories ...

  35. How does government regulation impact the metals and mining sector?

  36. What country spends the most on military and defense?

  37. What is the difference between a stop loss order and a limit order?

  38. What math skills do I need to study microeconomics?

  39. What are the main reasons an investor would look at the metals and mining sector?

  40. Which developed country has the most debt?

  41. Is liquidity calculated by flow?

  42. How do I calculate yield in Excel?

  43. How do I place a stop loss order?

  44. How do I calculate yield of an inflation adjusted bond?

  45. How do businesses calculate their marginal utility?

  46. How is standard deviation used to determine volatility?

  47. How risky are stop loss orders?

  48. What are the most common metrics for evaluating utilities?

  49. What factors affect the price of copper?

  50. What investors come close to challenging Warren Buffett as the greatest investor ...

  51. Does the consumer or seller benefit more from a cash-on-delivery transaction?

  52. How have technical skills shifted over the past century in the workforce?

  53. At what levels are core competencies required for businesses operating in the primary ...

  54. What are some of the most popular mutual funds for investing in the metals and mining ...

  55. What is Warren Buffett's relation to "Supercat" insurance?

  56. Are there leveraged ETFs that track the metals and mining sector?

  57. What economic indicators are most used when forecasting an exchange rate?

  58. How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting an Triple Top pattern?

  59. How are Triple Top patterns interpreted by analysts and traders?

  60. What impact does brand equity have on profit margins?

  61. What impact to public-private partnerships have on economic growth?

  62. What country spends the most on research and development?

  63. Why are most multinational corporations either from the US, Europe or Japan

  64. What are the differences between a Triple Top pattern and a Triple Bottom Pattern?

  65. What was the worst investment Warren Buffett made in his career?

  66. What country has the wealthiest overall population?

  67. Is financial spread betting considered an investment?

  68. Why doesn't Berkshire Hathaway pay a dividend?

  69. When does cyclical unemployment become structural unemployment?

  70. What's the difference between a capital market and the stock market?

  71. What is the best way to invest in small cap companies?

  72. Why doesn't Warren Buffett split Berkshire Hathaway stock?

  73. How does inflation affect fixed-income investments?

  74. What is the underwriter's job in a real estate transaction?

  75. What's the difference between a commodity and a product?

  76. What is the difference between Berkshire Hathaway's Class A and Class B shares?

  77. Does Warren Buffett invest in gold? Why or why not?

  78. Why do high profiting sales mitigate credit risk?

  79. What is the most effective way to write a successful budget?

  80. Given the decline of print media, why did Warren Buffett invest in so many local ...

  81. How much tax does Warren Buffett think billionaires should pay?

  82. What is the use of having revolving credit if your credit score suffers for using ...

  83. What is the difference in tax liability between gross income and other kinds of income?

  84. What causes human capital to depreciate?

  85. Can investments be consumed immediately?

  86. How do you calculate the proper weights of different costs of capital?

  87. Why is time an important factor when evaluating supply?

  88. Can you calculate the marginal tax rate in Excel?

  89. Can commodities also be investments?

  90. Why are the fair value accounting rules controversial?

  91. What is the safest investment?

  92. Who does Warren Buffett plan to bequeath his estate to?

  93. What is a "pink sheet" in the context of an OTC (over-the-counter) transaction?

  94. What are the best technical indicators that complement the STARC Bands?

  95. What models should I use to make arbitrage trades?

  96. What is a common strategy traders implement when using the Price Rate Of Change (ROC)?

  97. What does it mean if a share's market value is significantly higher than its book ...

  98. What is the difference between Stochastic Oscillator & Stochastic Momentum Index?

  99. What is a common strategy traders implement when using the Percentage Price Oscillator ...

  100. Why is the Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) important for traders and analysts?

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