Bonds FAQs

  1. How do I calculate the degree of operating leverage?

  2. How can I use a buy limit order to buy a stock?

  3. What are some examples of a value added tax?

  4. What are the tax implications of owning a master limited partnership (MLP)?

  5. What level of correlation among investments will guarantee market returns but have ...

  6. What is the difference between a buy limit and a stop order?

  7. How significant is asymmetric information risk?

  8. What are the differences between the Series 6 exam and the Series 7 exam?

  9. How can marginal revenue increase?

  10. What is the difference between economies of scope and economies of scale?

  11. What nations other than the U.S. have risk-free interest rates?

  12. What do mortgage lenders use the securitization food chain?

  13. What's the difference between a credit spread and a debt spread?

  14. How can I calculate the notional value of a futures contract?

  15. Do stock splits and stock dividends affect stockholder equity?

  16. What is a "non linear" exposure in Value at Risk (VaR)?

  17. Are there any regulations on transfer pricing?

  18. What licenses and certifications do you need for a career in portfolio management?

  19. If oil producers run out of room to store oil, will the price of gasoline plummet?

  20. Do joint ventures need an exit strategy?

  21. How does the performance of the stock market affect individual businesses?

  22. What does positive theta mean for credit spreads?

  23. What are the risks of investing in smaller regional airlines versus national or international ...

  24. How do interest rate changes affect price elasticity in consumer discretionary goods?

  25. How does a letter of intent work in the context of mergers and acquisitions?

  26. What qualities are necessary to be an effective member of the c-suite in a publicly-traded ...

  27. What is the difference between a capitalist system and a free market system?

  28. What happens to the shares of a company that has been the object of a hostile takeover?

  29. What are some examples of positive correlation in economics?

  30. Why does financial accounting have to comply with GAAP?

  31. What are the risks associated with investing in a treasury bond?

  32. What proportion of the global economy is comprised of banks?

  33. What is the difference between a hostile takeover and a friendly takeover?

  34. How do notaries reduce asymmetric information risk?

  35. How does a company decide which key performance indicators (KPIs) to use?

  36. What emerging markets are best suited for investing in the aerospace sector?

  37. How do waivers, reimbursements and recoupments affect a fund's expense ratio?

  38. Are investments in the drug sector appropriate for ethical investors?

  39. What criteria does a property need to meet to be considered an 'investment grade' ...

  40. If an investor is short a dividend-paying stock on record date are they entitled ...

  41. What are examples of businesses that exhibit social responsibility?

  42. How does unlevered beta help in risk management?

  43. Which pro forma financial statements should always be included in a business plan?

  44. Why is social responsibility important in marketing?

  45. How does a monopoly contribute to market failure?

  46. What are some roles of an investment bank?

  47. What are the FASB guidelines surrounding revenue recognition?

  48. How do I get a higher limit on my credit cards?

  49. What do the bid and ask prices represent on a stock quote?

  50. When is a call option considered to be "in the money"?

  51. How do I close a long position in forex?

  52. How did the Volcker Rule affect investment banks, and how does this lower the chances ...

  53. What does a Z-Score tell a stock analyst about the health of a company?

  54. What is the purpose of the International Monetary Fund?

  55. What are the benefits for a company using equity financing vs. debt financing?

  56. What is the impact of retained earnings on stockholders equity?

  57. What's the difference between budgeting and financial forecasting?

  58. Why some insurance policies are more expensive than others?

  59. Why should I keep track of my insurance policy?

  60. How should I invest the money I keep on my IRA?

  61. Why choosing the right investment adviser is crucial for your portfolio's health

  62. What documents I need to transfer an IRA/SEP/SIMPLE to a Traditional IRA?

  63. When does Q4 start and finish?

  64. What major is required to take the Series 7 examination?

  65. Do I have to successfully complete the Series 7 exam before I can register for the ...

  66. Who developed the human development index (HDI) and why?

  67. How does expansionary economic policy impact the stock market?

  68. What are the most common leveraged ETFs that track the drugs sector?

  69. What are some examples of "pork barrel politics" in the United States?

  70. What companies will typically exercise buybacks, and why do they do it?

  71. What goods and services do command economies produce?

  72. What's the best investing strategy to have during a recession?

  73. What impact does Moore's Law have on the electronic sector?

  74. What product categories make up the chemicals sector?

  75. How can you find the demand function from the utility function?

  76. Why should investors pay attention to a corporation's selling, general and administrative ...

  77. What are the main products and developments of the chemicals industry?

  78. What is required to become an accredited investor in a private placement?

  79. Which is better: A high or low equity multiplier?

  80. Should I be worried about my insurance company?

  81. How important are descending tops for a trading strategy?

  82. Where are secured credit cards accepted?

  83. Is there a limit on how much I can move from my IRA to my Roth IRA?

  84. Do prepaid Credit Cards have monthly fees?

  85. I completed the Series 6, do I have to complete the entire Series 7?

  86. How does the combined ratio measure the financial health of insurance companies?

  87. How can stock dividends provide protection against inflation?

  88. How does inflation affect a company's short-term investments?

  89. What percentage of a diversified portfolio should be exposed to the aerospace sector?

  90. How can an investor profit from a decline in the aerospace sector?

  91. How can I tell whether a particular small cap stock has a positive investment outlook?

  92. What are the key barriers to entry for companies in the electronics sector?

  93. How is a market failure prevented with regard to public goods?

  94. How is buying on margin regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

  95. What are the most popular forms of technical analysis?

  96. What caused Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987?

  97. What is the difference between net income and cash flow from operating activities?

  98. What factors influence competition in microeconomics?

  99. How is a market failure corrected?

  100. When is a put option considered to be "in the money"?

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