Bonds FAQs

  1. What components are factored in determining net sales?

  2. What determines if an international trade is Ex Works (EXW) or Free on Board (FOB)?

  3. Which is a better metric, modified duration or Macaulay duration?

  4. What steps are necessary for a business to secure equity financing?

  5. How are transportation costs and risks assigned in an Ex Works (EXW) trade?

  6. What debt to equity ratio is common for a bank?

  7. What is the average profit margin for a company in the banking sector?

  8. How is a savings account taxed?

  9. How can an investor evaluate the leverage of an insurance company?

  10. What is the difference between a bank's liquidity and its liquid assets?

  11. What is the growth rate of the electronics sector?

  12. What is the usual profit margin for a company in the insurance sector?

  13. What are the differences between absorption costing and variable costing?

  14. How can I find out which income tax bracket I am in?

  15. What percent of capital should banks hold relative to its risk weighted assets?

  16. What is the average price-to-book ratio for companies in the drugs sector?

  17. What is the distinction between Free on Board (FOB) shipping point and destination?

  18. What does the rule of 70 indicate about a country's future economic growth?

  19. How does the Fisher effect illustrate returns on bonds?

  20. What are employee share purchase plans?

  21. What financial ratios are most useful for an investor to evaluate the liquidity of ...

  22. Can a Limited Liability Company (LLC) issue stock?

  23. What is the relationship between degree of operating leverage and profits?

  24. What are some risks a company takes when entering a currency swap?

  25. Which stocks in the wholesale sector pay the highest dividends?

  26. How can a company hedge with currency swaps?

  27. What are the benefits of engaging in a currency swap?

  28. In what ways does government regulation impact the insurance sector?

  29. What are the benefits of high net worth insurance?

  30. How can I check to see if an ETF’s price reflects its asset value?

  31. How are risk weighted assets used to calculate the solvency ratio in regulatory capital ...

  32. How is the rule of 70 related to the growth rate of a variable?

  33. Who are GoDaddy's (GDDY) main competitors?

  34. What are the major barriers to entry for new companies in the drugs sector?

  35. What's a good forex strategy to use when spotting a Wedge-shaped Pattern?

  36. Why should investors research the C-suite executives of a company?

  37. What is a "linear" exposure in Value at Risk (VaR) calculation?

  38. What happens when a company defaults on its commercial paper obligations?

  39. What's the most accurate way to find out a nation's nominal GDP?

  40. How does transfer pricing help business?

  41. Is the drugs sector better suited for active or passive investment?

  42. How can I create a yield curve in Excel?

  43. Can a business ever be too small to issue commercial paper?

  44. What are the different formations of yield curves?

  45. How does the strength of the IPO market affect the drugs sector?

  46. Does the tradeoff model or the pecking order play a greater role in capital budgeting?

  47. What does a large multiplier effect signify?

  48. How do I calculate my effective tax rate using Excel?

  49. What is the long-term outlook of the chemicals sector?

  50. How important are contingent liabilities in an audit?

  51. How does quantifying fixed overhead volume variance show whether a company is profitable ...

  52. What are the main factors that drive share prices in the electronics sector?

  53. Why are the terms 'merger' and 'acquisition' always used together if they describe ...

  54. What does inventory turnover tell an investor about a company?

  55. What is a deferred tax liability?

  56. How does a company decide when it is going to split its stock?

  57. What are the restrictions for naming a given individual as my contingent beneficiary?

  58. Are there significant seasonal patterns in the electronics sector?

  59. How does the risk of investing in the aerospace sector compare to the broader market?

  60. What proportion of the chemical sector is related to life sciences?

  61. What level of mergers and acquisitions is common in the chemical sector?

  62. What is the criteria for a simple random sample?

  63. What should be included in a restaurant business model?

  64. Who are Zynga's (ZNGA) main competitors?

  65. Why is the TTM (trailing twelve months) important in finance?

  66. What makes the chemicals sector attractive to value investors?

  67. How are HBO, Amazon and Google working to overtake Netflix?

  68. Who are Nordstrom's (JWN) main competitors?

  69. What kinds of financial instruments are designated as “Securities” by Cabinet Order?

  70. How is money supply used in monetary policy?

  71. Why would a company issue a rights offering?

  72. What is price variance in cost accounting?

  73. How are C-suite officers measured on performance?

  74. Who are Gilead Sciences' (GILD) main competitors?

  75. What is the difference between share purchase rights and options?

  76. What do you need to know to create a business model?

  77. How does economic order quantity assist a company with maximizing profits?

  78. Do any markets not exhibit asymmetric information?

  79. How does a company make a spending decision using marginal analysis?

  80. How do I perform a financial analysis using Excel?

  81. Is there an easy way to do financial forecasting in Excel?

  82. Can small investors buy collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs)?

  83. How can a nation adopt an export policy based on the economies of scope?

  84. How does a bond's coupon rate affect its price?

  85. Which accounting cycle is best for my business?

  86. How do I obtain a banker's acceptance?

  87. What are the tax benefits of establishing a sinking fund?

  88. What can cause an asset to trade below its market value?

  89. What are some examples of ways that sensitivity analysis can be used?

  90. How do I calculate a forward rate in Excel?

  91. How does a pension income drawdown work?

  92. What is the most important section in an investment company's prospectus?

  93. What is the difference between an option-adjusted spread and a Z-spread in reference ...

  94. In what ways can a sinking fund affect bond returns?

  95. How can a company buy back shares to fend off a hostile takeover?

  96. Are there any practical differences between a wholly owned subsidiary and a regular ...

  97. What are the pros and cons of using the fixed charge coverage ratio?

  98. How can I use the Dividend Discount Model (DDM) effectively for a stock with fluctuating ...

  99. Who are Disney's (DIS) main competitors?

  100. How are distribution channels generally organized?

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