Bonds FAQs

  1. How can a socially responsible investor gain exposure to the metals and mining sector?

  2. What economic indicators are important for investing in the financial services sector?

  3. How do fund managers use correlation to create portfolio diversity?

  4. What's the difference between accrued expenses and accounts payable?

  5. What barriers to entry exist in the financial services sector?

  6. How do the investment risks differ between options and futures?

  7. How can value investors benefit from investing in the metals and mining sector?

  8. How risky are futures?

  9. What options strategies are best suited for investing in the metals and mining sector?

  10. What is the history of futures?

  11. How much of a diversified portfolio should be exposed to the metals and mining sector?

  12. What is the advantage of calculating accrued expenses over prepaid expenses?

  13. What is the difference between accrued expense and accrued interest?

  14. How can I invest in credit card companies?

  15. How can you calculate correlation using Excel?

  16. Is the high cost of installing solar panels justified by the money saved by going ...

  17. What is the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle?

  18. What are some factors that affect a company's days payable outstanding (DPO)?

  19. How do you calculate net current assets in Excel?

  20. How do traders use debit spreads to protect against loss?

  21. How is comparative advantage used as a justification for free trade policies?

  22. Why is overhead cost allocation sometimes manipulated on an income statement?

  23. How are mezzanine loans structured?

  24. How is taxation treated for both the parent and subsidiary company during a spinoff?

  25. How can I profit from a fall in the metals and mining sector?

  26. How do interest rates coordinate savings and investment in the economy?

  27. What is a common number for days payable outstanding? (DPO)?

  28. When are current assets converted to liquid assets?

  29. What is the difference between gross profit, operating profit and net income?

  30. How is an economy formed and why does it grow?

  31. How do interest rates and debt ratios affect the price of a blue-chip stock?

  32. What are some examples of current liabilities?

  33. What role do SPVs / SPEs play in public-private partnerships?

  34. If my home runs power off the grid, what is the specific environmental impact?

  35. What percentage of the global economy is comprised of the oil & gas drilling sector?

  36. How important a metric is PPP (purchasing power parity?)

  37. After Enron, are SPVs / SPEs considered good business practice?

  38. Why is PPP (purchasing power parity) controversial?

  39. What emerging markets are best suited for investing in the oil & gas drilling sector?

  40. Are there leveraged ETFs that track the financial services sector?

  41. What percentage of a diversified portfolio should be invested in the financial services ...

  42. How do you find the level of EBIT where EPS doesn't change?

  43. How is EBIT breakeven affected by leverage and financing plans?

  44. What businesses would benefit from more people going off the energy grid?

  45. How do I determine where to set my stop loss?

  46. What is the formula for calculating weighted average cost of capital (WACC) in Excel?

  47. Which developed markets have the greatest exposure to financial services?

  48. How does government regulation impact the internet sector?

  49. How can I make my home run on energy that is 100% off the grid?

  50. What lessons did the tech bubble crash give to investors in the Internet sector?

  51. When should I send my master Bill of Lading?

  52. What's the difference between an index fund and an actively managed fund?

  53. What are the main reasons for investing in the internet sector?

  54. What statements can be used on a Bill of Lading?

  55. What is the internet sector?

  56. Can I have more than three original Bills of Lading?

  57. What countries represent the largest portion of the global financial services sector?

  58. What's the difference between the general ledger and a general journal?

  59. How do you calculate credits and debits in the general ledger?

  60. What are the nations with the lowest PPP (purchasing power parity) with respect to ...

  61. What measures should a company take if its times interest earned ratio is too high?

  62. Are acquisitions only for large companies?

  63. Who is eligible to hold a deferred tax asset?

  64. What is the difference between GDP and GDP accounting for PPP (purchasing power parity)?

  65. How do I evaluate whether a company is a good acquisition candidate?

  66. What are some examples of ways businesses can use a deferred tax asset?

  67. When and why are technical indicators useful?

  68. Who exactly needs to be paying attention to the time interest earned ratio of a company?

  69. What does a high times interest earned ratio signify with regard to a company's future?

  70. How do I implement a forex strategy when spotting a Stick Sandwich Pattern?

  71. How do traders and analyst create profitable Swing Trading strategies in forex?

  72. How can I calculate the times interest earned in Excel?

  73. How have futures performed historically?

  74. How can I trade in foreign futures?

  75. What measures should a company take if its total debt to total assets ratio is too ...

  76. How are accounts payable listed on a company's balance sheet?

  77. Why do businesses calculate accrued expenses?

  78. Is there a limit to the number of SPVs / SPEs a company can create?

  79. Can bond traders trade on interest rate swaps?

  80. Are small cap companies less safe investments than large cap companies?

  81. Is real GDP a better index of economic performance than GDP?

  82. What level of default rate is typical for the credit services industry?

  83. When do economists use real GDP instead of GDP?

  84. What is the most typical holding in an SPV?

  85. What percentage of the global economy is comprised of the financial services sector?

  86. Are commodities the same as consumables?

  87. Which United States Presidents have run the largest budget deficits?

  88. How is correlation used differently in finance and economics?

  89. How is correlation used to measure volatility?

  90. How do I use a Turtle Channel to create a forex trading strategy?

  91. What is the best software to use for business analytics?

  92. Are accounts payable an expense?

  93. How is correlation used in modern portfolio theory?

  94. Are accounts payable an asset?

  95. What is the most important type of data used in business analytics?

  96. Are accounts payable a liability?

  97. How do I implement a forex strategy when spotting a Tri-Star Pattern?

  98. Are accounts payable counted as revenue?

  99. How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting an Tri-Star pattern?

  100. What are the best technical indicators to complement the Ultimate Oscillator?

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