Insurance FAQs

  1. Do FHA loans have private mortgage insurance (PMI)?

  2. Should I be Worried About My Insurance Company?

  3. How does an insurance broker make money?

  4. When is mortgage insurance tax deductible on rental property?

  5. What's the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental ...

  6. What is variable life insurance?

  7. Do beneficiaries pay taxes on life insurance?

  8. Can I borrow from my annuity to put a down payment on a house?

  9. Why would a homebuyer need to take out PMI (private mortgage insurance)?

  10. How old should you be to get life insurance?

  11. Why is accidental life insurance so inexpensive?

  12. What is term insurance?

  13. Does dental insurance cover implants?

  14. Does dental insurance cover dentures?

  15. Can CareCredit be used for family members?

  16. Can a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) be used for dental?

  17. Does dental insurance cover braces?

  18. Does dental insurance cover crowns?

  19. Does a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cover massages?

  20. Does a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cover Lasik?

  21. Are Flexible Spending Account (FSA) expenses tax deductible?

  22. Does a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cover acupuncture?

  23. Does renters insurance cover dog bites?

  24. How much renters insurance do you need?

  25. Can I get renters insurance without a lease?

  26. Can roommates share renters insurance?

  27. Does homeowners insurance cover vandalism?

  28. Does homeowners insurance cover tree damage?

  29. Does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?

  30. Does homeowners insurance cover fires?

  31. Can I get dental insurance with Medicare?

  32. Does homeowners insurance cover broken pipes?

  33. Does the FDIC cover identity theft?

  34. Do FHA loans require mortgage insurance?

  35. Does homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?

  36. Does renters insurance cover jewelry?

  37. Why might landlords require renters insurance?

  38. Does money in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) roll over?

  39. Does dental insurance cover teeth whitening?

  40. Can I get dental insurance with Obamacare?

  41. Is homeowners’ insurance tax deductible?

  42. Is homeowners' insurance required by law?

  43. Does a flexible spending account (FSA) cover chiropractic?

  44. Does homeowners insurance cover termites?

  45. Are Cafeteria plans subject to FICA, ERISA or FUTA?

  46. Does homeowners insurance cover mold?

  47. What is the expense ratio in the insurance industry?

  48. Are Cafeteria plans exempt from Social Security?

  49. What are the biggest disadvantages of annuities?

  50. What are the risks of annuities in a recession?

  51. How can I determine if a longevity annuity is right for me?

  52. Can your life insurance company sue you?

  53. How can insurance companies find out about DUIs and DWIs?

  54. Can your insurance company cancel your policy without notice?

  55. Does your car insurance company report accidents to the DMV?

  56. How do I calculate insurance premium tax?

  57. Can your insurance company drop you after an accident?

  58. Can your car insurance company check your driving record?

  59. Can your insurance company drug test you?

  60. What is the difference between a peril and a hazard?

  61. What happens if my insurance claim falls below the deductible level?

  62. How is the deductible I paid for my insurance claim treated for tax purposes?

  63. What level of reserve ratios is typical for an insurance company to protect against ...

  64. What risks do I face when investing in the insurance sector?

  65. What are the main factors that impact share prices in the insurance sector?

  66. Why do insurance policies have deductibles?

  67. Can I buy insurance to reduce unlimited liability in a partnership?

  68. What is the range of deductibles offered with various health insurance plans?

  69. Which emerging markets are seeing the strongest growth in the insurance sector?

  70. Is it more important to have a low deductible or a low premium?

  71. What kinds of costs are included in Free on Board (FOB) shipping?

  72. How do insurance companies use a whistleblower?

  73. How is maintenance of standard of living for survivors accomplished in estate planning?

  74. What options strategies are best suited for investing in the insurance sector?

  75. Why should value investors consider the insurance sector?

  76. What are the major categories of financial institutions and what are their primary ...

  77. What do insurance companies qualify as hazardous activity?

  78. Why was the accountant responsible for auditing ZZZZ Best unable to determine that ...

  79. How much do changes in interest rates affect the profitability of the insurance sector?

  80. Under what circumstances would I benefit from a high net worth insurance policy?

  81. How can I invest in a mutually owned insurance company?

  82. How can premium financing of life insurance help high net worth individuals (HNWI)?

  83. What demographic trends are creating potential profits for insurance companies?

  84. How are contingent beneficiaries informed of a payout?

  85. How does life insurance help high net worth individuals protect their businesses ...

  86. What is the usual profit margin for a company in the insurance sector?

  87. What financial ratios are most useful for an investor to evaluate the liquidity of ...

  88. In what ways does government regulation impact the insurance sector?

  89. What are the benefits of high net worth insurance?

  90. What are the restrictions for naming a given individual as my contingent beneficiary?

  91. What debt/equity ratio is typical for companies in the insurance sector?

  92. What is the main business model for insurance companies?

  93. How does the risk of investing in the insurance sector compare to the broader market?

  94. What are the most popular mutual funds that invest primarily in the insurance sector?

  95. What economic indicators are important to monitor when investing in the insurance ...

  96. Who are Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.A) main competitors?

  97. Which insurance companies pay the highest dividends?

  98. Why do some companies in the insurance sector engage in reinsurance?

  99. What is the long-term outlook of the insurance sector?

  100. How does the insurance sector work?

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