Insurance FAQs

  1. Why is the insurance sector considered a low-risk investment?

  2. What are the biggest stadium naming rights deals of all time?

  3. What are some examples of how corporations manage short-term investments?

  4. What price-to-book ratio is considered average in the chemicals sector?

  5. What is the average annual dividend yield of companies in the chemicals sector?

  6. How can I use zero-based budgeting for my own finances?

  7. What are some examples of industries that practice price discrimination?

  8. How are open market operations and monetary policy related?

  9. How do you calculate economic profit using Excel?

  10. What is a common strategy traders implement when using the Stochastic Oscillator?

  11. What caused the European / Eurozone debt crisis?

  12. How do you mediate a dispute between primary and contingent beneficiaries of a trust?

  13. How can I use the combined ratio to compare insurance companies?

  14. What is the average return on equity for a company in the insurance sector?

  15. Which ETFs that track the insurance sector are most popular?

  16. What is the difference between underwriting and investment income for an insurance ...

  17. How can I profit from a decline of stock prices in the insurance sector?

  18. What is the average price-to-book ratio in the insurance sector?

  19. What is the difference between the death benefit and cash value of an insurance policy?

  20. Does Medicare provide assistance for patients unable to perform Activities of Daily ...

  21. What impact have terrorist attacks had on the insurance industry?

  22. What are examples of the largest companies in the insurance sector?

  23. Why do growth investors buy insurance stocks?

  24. How does the Affordable Care Act affect moral hazard in the health insurance industry?

  25. Why are insurance companies and pension funds considered financial instruments?

  26. What is the difference between moral hazard and adverse selection?

  27. What is the difference between an operating expense and a capital expense?

  28. What is the theory of asymmetric information in economics?

  29. How do I calculate the combined ratio?

  30. What is the difference between the loss ratio and combined ratio?

  31. What does the lapse ratio in the insurance sector measure?

  32. Why some insurance policies are more expensive than others?

  33. Why should I keep track of my insurance policy?

  34. How does the combined ratio measure the financial health of insurance companies?

  35. Do mortgage escrow accounts earn interest?

  36. What is the difference between adverse selection and moral hazard?

  37. How does adverse selection affect insurance premiums?

  38. Which markets are most prone to market failure from adverse selection?

  39. What is the pro rata condition of average on an insurance claim?

  40. How does adverse selection contribute to market failure?

  41. How do I change my contingent beneficiary?

  42. What types of companies are in the automotive sector besides auto manufacturers?

  43. What's the difference between a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) and a collateralized ...

  44. If both the primary and contingent beneficiaries are unavailable, what happens to ...

  45. How do government stimuli increase the number of jobs in the private sector?

  46. What are the three "nets" of an NNN lease?

  47. What types of insurance policies have contingent beneficiaries?

  48. What are the differences between single, double and triple-net leases?

  49. Under what circumstances will a contingent beneficiary receive an insurance payout?

  50. Do contractors require subrogation clauses for their contract workers?

  51. Are waivers of subrogation clauses ever ineffective in preventing a third-party lawsuit?

  52. Can you ask your landlord to remove a waiver of subrogation clause from your lease?

  53. Can you sue an insurance company for not paying a claim over a waiver of subrogation ...

  54. What is the difference between ex-ante moral hazard and ex-post moral hazard?

  55. What is the difference between moral hazard and morale hazard?

  56. Is there a way to insure delivery duty paid?

  57. How might having insurance increase moral hazard?

  58. What is Warren Buffett's relation to "Supercat" insurance?

  59. Do production possibility frontiers have multiple possible equilibria?

  60. What are examples of risks for all underwriter types?

  61. How does insurance underwriting differ from investment underwriting?

  62. How do I become an underwriter?

  63. What country spends the most on healthcare?

  64. Can companies insure their accounts receivable?

  65. What types of regulations are in place regarding fringe benefits?

  66. How much money can Uber drivers make?

  67. What is a longevity annuity?

  68. How do I determine the face value of a life insurance policy?

  69. Is short selling a form of insurance?

  70. What are some examples of common fringe benefits?

  71. How do you financially prepare yourself for unemployment?

  72. What's the average salary of an actuary?

  73. What are the key points when getting ready to file for unemployment aid?

  74. What is an equity-indexed annuity?

  75. What are some examples of when insurance bundling is a bad idea?

  76. Who are the best-rated life insurance companies in the US?

  77. What are some examples of unexpected exclusions in a home insurance policy?

  78. Who are the best-rated auto insurance companies in the US?

  79. Who are the best-rated home insurance companies in the US?

  80. What is a collateral assignment of life insurance?

  81. What are the tax implications of a life insurance policy loan?

  82. What are the pros and cons of life insurance policy loans?

  83. What's the difference between a grace period and a run out period?

  84. How does the grace period work on my Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

  85. Do unpaid medical bills appear on my credit report?

  86. How does taxation on life insurance for a qualified retirement plan work?

  87. What's the difference between renter's insurance and homeowner's insurance?

  88. On average, what can I expect my private mortgage insurance (PMI) rate to be?

  89. Why do I need to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI)?

  90. What are the different types of private mortgage insurance (PMI)?

  91. What's the difference between private mortgage insurance (PMI) and mortgage insurance ...

  92. How can I avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI)?

  93. What is pay-as-you-drive auto insurance?

  94. Can my insurance company refuse me coverage?

  95. Suppose my garage collapsed onto my car. Are damages covered by my home insurance ...

  96. What changes might I need to make to my insurance policy?

  97. When is it a good idea to use an irrevocable life insurance trust?

  98. What are the requirements to be able to contribute to an HSA?

  99. How do I know if I qualify to open a HSA (Health Savings Account)?

  100. Is life insurance good for mortgage protection?

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