Markets FAQs

  1. What is the difference between systemic risk and systematic risk?

  2. In forex, what are the commodity pairs?

  3. Which is TRUE about Treasury bond futures?

  4. What are all of the securities markets in the U.S.A?

  5. How do I employ a cash-and-carry trade?

  6. What is a V-shaped recovery and how is it different from other recoveries?

  7. What does it mean when futures prices are in contango?

  8. Which insurance policies do I really need?

  9. Why is the British pound / U.S. dollar currency pair known as "trading the cable"?

  10. What is the significance of a Schedule 13D?

  11. The SEC's Rule 144

  12. What is an unregistered mutual fund?

  13. What is a permanent portfolio?

  14. What is a growth recession?

  15. Is it possible to short sell real estate?

  16. What was the most miserable day for financial markets according to the Misery Index?

  17. A Straddle

  18. What is the gold standard?

  19. What is an alligator spread?

  20. What was the Gold Reserve Act?

  21. What is moral hazard?

  22. Which statement(s) is/are FALSE about market risk?

  23. Under the Investment Company Act of 1940, an investment company must have minimum ...

  24. What is the difference between an acquisition and a takeover?

  25. What was the first company with a $1 billion market cap?

  26. All of these apply to an option exercise notice EXCEPT:

  27. Why should I invest in the market when I can buy and sell houses or cars?

  28. What are some cheaper alternatives to sending children to summer camp?

  29. What burst the Mississippi bubble?

  30. Which statement about the New York Stock Exchange is FALSE?

  31. Is there short selling in China?

  32. When and why did the euro make its debut as a currency?

  33. How do indexes determine which stocks are removed or added to them?

  34. What is a Greenspan put?

  35. When did the U.S. start using paper money?

  36. What was the millionaire boom?

  37. How do I invest in the Nasdaq or the NYSE? Is it even possible? Would I want to? ...

  38. How do I know if I am buying unregistered securities or stocks?

  39. Why did Tyco's financial statements attract the SEC's attention in 2002?

  40. Why would a company do a reverse merger instead of an IPO?

  41. Why is Frank Quattrone credited with contributing to the growth of the dotcom bubble?

  42. Where can I find all of the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

  43. What is the difference between return on equity and return on capital?

  44. What currency is affected by the interest rate decisions of the Bank of England (BoE)? ...

  45. What is an unregistered security scam?

  46. What does it mean when advertisers say that "financing is available"? Should I trust ...

  47. What is the difference between inflation and stagflation?

  48. Investment advisors must register with the SEC when their assets under management ...

  49. What is the salad oil scandal?

  50. What are the penalties for withdrawing from my Traditional IRA less than a year after ...

  51. What business processes were used to establish the Chevrolet motor company?

  52. Which of the following are tools that are employed by the Federal Reserve in its ...

  53. What is a wild-card play?

  54. How did currency trader John Rusnak hide $691 million in losses before being caught ...

  55. What is a vest fleece?

  56. Why don't stocks begin trading at the previous day's closing price?

  57. How does a pump and dump scam work?

  58. I own shares of a company that just received a delisting notice from Nasdaq. Does ...

  59. I live in the U.S. How can I trade stocks in China and India?

  60. Do I own a stock as of the trade date or the settlement date?

  61. I am a non-U.S. citizen living outside the U.S. and trading stocks through a U.S. ...

  62. How do investors lose money when the stock market crashes?

  63. Can investors short sell pink sheet or over-the-counter stocks?

  64. Why do brokers ask for personal information before they make any trades?

  65. Where do investors tend to put their money in a bear market?

  66. What happens when a circuit breaker is put into effect?

  67. When is a takeover bid legally canceled?

  68. What is hedging as it relates to forex trading?

  69. What is a back door listing?

  70. What number of shares determines adequate liquidity for a stock?

  71. I know there is a form of deposit insurance where a portion of my bank account deposits ...

  72. I own some stock warrants. How do I exercise them?

  73. What happens when a company buys back its shares?

  74. How is a put option exercised?

  75. What is the difference between forward and futures contracts?

  76. How do speculators profit from options?

  77. Why do futures' prices converge upon spot prices during the delivery month?

  78. I passed my Series 7 exam, but I terminated employment at my sponsoring firm before ...

  79. Who or what are the turtles?

  80. What are cleantech stocks?

  81. What is the difference between a Keogh and an IRA?

  82. What is a Bermuda swaption?

  83. Where does the name "Wall Street" come from?

  84. Why should I invest?

  85. What are the listing requirements for the Nasdaq?

  86. If everyone is selling in a bear market, does your broker have to buy your shares ...

  87. If the stock market is so volatile, why would I want to put my money into it?

  88. When must a company announce earnings?

  89. What's the difference between absolute P/E ratio and relative P/E ratio?

  90. What's the difference between old- and new-economy stocks?

  91. How do I measure option liquidity?

  92. Is a Canadian resident allowed to participate in a direct stock purchase plan from ...

  93. What is the value of one pip and why are they different between currency pairs?

  94. What should I use as a benchmark for my small-cap stock portfolio?

  95. Can I roll my 403(b) and 457 into other low-cost venders when I change jobs?

  96. Why do options with the same underlying stock and strike prices trade for different ...

  97. Why does a crisis in emerging markets cause U.S. Treasury yields to decrease?

  98. Am I qualified once I complete my FINRA certification exam?

  99. What is a liquidity squeeze?

  100. How long does it take for a merger to go through?

  101. What are leading, lagging and coincident indicators? What are they for?

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