Markets FAQs

  1. Why do companies postpone earnings announcements?

  2. What is hedging as it relates to forex trading?

  3. Where does the name "Wall Street" come from?

  4. What do all of the letters in a stock option ticker symbol mean?

  5. How can I find out if my employer is a member of FINRA?

  6. What are the most common currency pairs traded in the forex market?

  7. How long does it take for a merger to go through?

  8. I have a KSOP through my employer that I've invested 100% in company stock. I am ...

  9. I own shares of a company that just received a delisting notice from Nasdaq. Does ...

  10. What happens when a company buys back its shares?

  11. How can a futures trader exit a position prior to expiration?

  12. How can I hedge against rising diesel prices?

  13. How can I find out which stocks also trade as options?

  14. Why does a crisis in emerging markets cause U.S. Treasury yields to decrease?

  15. Who or what is Dow Jones?

  16. How are stock warrants different from stock options?

  17. Can an option have a negative strike price?

  18. Why are the bid and ask quotes usually so far away from each other in after-hours ...

  19. I have a CFA designation. Do I qualify for any exemptions from FINRA licensing exams?

  20. Can investors short sell pink sheet or over-the-counter stocks?

  21. Which is better for tax deductions, itemization or a standard deduction?

  22. Why are options very active when they are at the money?

  23. What are the disadvantages of using net present value as an investment criterion?

  24. How do I receive sponsorship from a member firm in order to write a Series 7 exam?

  25. How do I measure option liquidity?

  26. How does a credit crunch occur?

  27. Where can I find a company's annual report and its SEC filings?

  28. What exactly is insider trading?

  29. Is a Canadian resident allowed to participate in a direct stock purchase plan from ...

  30. What is an efficient market and how does it affect individual investors?

  31. What is a penny stock?

  32. What does membership in the New York Stock Exchange entail, and why is it known as ...

  33. What is a typical day in the life of someone in M&A? How long does a project last?

  34. What is the difference between hedging and speculation?

  35. I overcontributed to my 401(k). What are my options?

  36. How do central banks inject money into the economy?

  37. What do the phrases "sell to open", "buy to close", "buy to open", and "sell to close" ...

  38. Are we in a bull market or a bear market?

  39. Where did the bull and bear market get their names?

  40. I live in the U.S. How can I trade stocks in China and India?

  41. My company is the trustee of our 401k plan (which has 112 participants). What are ...

  42. Is technical analysis used only to analyze stocks?

  43. What is the weighted average of outstanding shares? How is it calculated?

  44. What does it mean to be "above water"?

  45. What does it mean when a stock trades on the Pink Sheets or the OTCBB?

  46. What are pro forma earnings?

  47. What happens to the stock prices of two companies involved in an acquisition?

  48. Do stop or limit orders protect you against gaps in a stock's price?

  49. Do noise traders have any long-term effect on stock prices?

  50. What is the cheapest, fastest way to research, buy and trade stock?

  51. What is a back door listing?

  52. What are the advantages and disadvantages for a company going public?

  53. I'm about to retire. If I pay off my mortgage with after-tax money I have saved, ...

  54. Do hedge funds and mutual funds invest in commodities in high inflation environments?

  55. Who are the key players in the bond market?

  56. What does a cut in interest rates mean for the stock market?

  57. Can I make money using put options when prices are going up?

  58. Can a stop-loss order be used to protect a short sale transaction?

  59. When you buy a stock in a company, does it necessarily mean that one of the shareholders ...

  60. What is the difference between leverage and margin?

  61. What is the best method of analysis for forex trading?

  62. Why would a person choose a mutual fund over an individual stock?

  63. What is GDP and why is it so important?

  64. What is a staggered board?

  65. I own options on a stock, and it's just announced a split. What happens to my options?

  66. When is a takeover bid legally canceled?

  67. What are the "Dogs of the Dow"?

  68. I am in the second year of taking SEPP distributions from my IRA. Can I transfer ...

  69. What is Black Monday?

  70. If an IRA owner dies after starting required minimum distributions (RMD) but the ...

  71. How can I invest in gold?

  72. Is there such a thing as a nano cap or micro cap index?

  73. What does it mean when a bond has a put option?

  74. What happens to my call options if the underlying company is bought out?

  75. What is a Bermuda swaption?

  76. Is there a world currency? If so, what is it?

  77. If everyone is selling in a bear market, does your broker have to buy your shares ...

  78. Short selling vs. purchasing a put option: how do the payoffs differ?

  79. What happens when a circuit breaker is put into effect?

  80. What effect does a company's dividend reinvestment plan have on its stock price?

  81. Why is the U.S. stock market doing well despite the recent U.S. economic downturn?

  82. Can I roll my 403(b) and 457 into other low-cost venders when I change jobs?

  83. What does the 'FIG' at an investment bank refer to?

  84. What is the incentive to buy a stock without dividends?

  85. Why do brokers ask for personal information before they make any trades?

  86. What does the law say about non-U.S. citizens buying stocks of U.S. companies? Are ...

  87. I'm a teacher. Which is better for me, a 401(k) or 403(b)? What is the difference? ...

  88. What are leading, lagging and coincident indicators? What are they for?

  89. What is happening during a risk repricing?

  90. What's the difference between a mutual fund and a hedge fund?

  91. What is the haircut rate imposed by clearing corporations?

  92. What do people mean when they say there is a "bubble" going on in the market, such ...

  93. What will happen to my U.S.-based stock portfolio if the U.S. dollar substantially ...

  94. Does the seller (the writer) of an option determine the details of the option contract?

  95. Do traders, market makers, specialists or others ever deliberately drive a stock's ...

  96. If a country's currency is determined by the strength of its economy, why isn't the ...

  97. My brokerage firm won't allow naked option positions. What does this mean?

  98. Why did my stock's ticker symbol change?

  99. How can my stock's price change after hours, and what effect does this have on investors? ...

  100. How do I register for the CFA program for the first time?

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