Markets FAQs

  1. What is the railroads sector?

  2. Why is President Obama hesitant to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project?

  3. What kind of financial reporting requirements does GAAP set out?

  4. How is the consumer price index (CPI) used in market escalation contracts?

  5. What is the difference between the consumer price index (CPI) and the producer price ...

  6. How can growth investors benefit from investing in the oil & gas sector?

  7. What developed countries have the greatest exposure to oil & gas drilling?

  8. Which country has the most gold?

  9. What country is the world's largest exporter of goods?

  10. What's the average salary of an investment banker?

  11. How are Shooting Star patterns interpret by analysts and traders?

  12. What average annual return does the forest products sector generate?

  13. Is short selling ethical?

  14. How is it possible to trade on a stock you don't own, as is done in short selling?

  15. What kinds of restrictions does the SEC put on short selling?

  16. When short selling, how long should you hold on to a short?

  17. Why does GAAP require accrual basis rather than cash accounting?

  18. What are some high profile cases of companies who failed to be socially responsible?

  19. What role does intrinsic value play in call options?

  20. What is revenue cycle management?

  21. Why is the Put-Call Ratio important for investors and economists for tracking market ...

  22. Why do developed countries run current account deficits?

  23. What are the most famous cases of oligopolies?

  24. Why are oligopolies legal while monopolies are not?

  25. What country is the world's largest oil producer?

  26. Are there leveraged ETFs that track the oil & gas drilling sector?

  27. Who thinks fiscal deficits are a good idea?

  28. What precise measures are implemented in most monetary policies?

  29. What percentage of a diversified portfolio should be exposed to the forest products ...

  30. How does a change in CEO impact stock price?

  31. What are the most common Bullish patterns used by traders?

  32. What are the most common Bearish patterns used by traders?

  33. How is the Put-Call Ratio calculated and where does the information come from?

  34. What stock factors should you consider when a company makes a CEO change?

  35. How can particular scarcities benefit specific stocks?

  36. How does scarcity affect global agriculture stocks?

  37. What due diligence steps should an investor undertake before each investment?

  38. What telecommunication stocks pay the highest dividends?

  39. What is the difference between operating income and EBITDA?

  40. Is a current account deficit good or bad for the economy?

  41. What is a country ETF?

  42. What is spread hedging?

  43. What other sectors besides utilities are known as defensive?

  44. What role does intrinsic value play in put options?

  45. What is the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

  46. What is the difference between market capitalization and equity?

  47. Do high interest rates hurt the performance of telecommunication stocks? If so, why?

  48. Do high interests rates hurt the performance of telecommunication stocks? If so, ...

  49. What is the most widely used gearing ratio?

  50. Is debt/equity a good metric to use when analyzing utility stocks?

  51. What is an equity-indexed annuity?

  52. How does monetary policy influence inflation?

  53. Under what circumstances will a government change its monetary policy?

  54. What is the first day of the third quarter?

  55. What are the best technical indicators to complement the Negative Volume Index (NVI)?

  56. What does the gearing ratio say about risk?

  57. Are divergence trading strategies useful in forex trading?

  58. What are the differences between divergence and convergence?

  59. What is the difference between a hedge fund and a private equity fund?

  60. What is the difference between the gearing ratio and the debt-to-equity ratio?

  61. What is the purpose of a hedge fund?

  62. What are the most common momentum oscillators used in options trading?

  63. Where does a hedge fund get its money?

  64. When does a business report gross margins?

  65. What are some current examples of oligopolies?

  66. What are the major differences between a monopoly and an oligopoly?

  67. How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting a Golden Cross pattern?

  68. How are Golden Cross patterns interpreted by analysts and traders?

  69. Where are home values falling the fastest in the US, and why?

  70. How do I implement a Forex Signal System into a forex trading strategy?

  71. How are Bollinger Bands® used in options trading?

  72. What Canadian banks offer the best savings accounts?

  73. What US banks offer the best savings accounts?

  74. What is a common strategy traders implement when using the Elder-Ray Index?

  75. Who are Qualcomm's (QCOM) main competitors?

  76. What's the average salary of a bank teller?

  77. How are Bollinger Bands® used in forex trading?

  78. What US banks offer free checking accounts?

  79. How did the ABX index behave during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis?

  80. How can a trader profit from a Dead Cat Bounce pattern?

  81. How do traders identify descending triangle patterns?

  82. Why is the Breadth Indicator useful for tracking the overall economy?

  83. Who are Apple's (AAPL) main competitors?

  84. Who are Tesla's (TSLA) main competitors?

  85. How are descending tops interpreted by traders and technical analysts?

  86. Who are cambrists and how do I become one?

  87. What is the difference between loan syndication and a consortium?

  88. Why is the Accumulative Swing Index helpful for traders and/or investors?

  89. Why is the Bullish Belt Hold useful for traders?

  90. How does a cost of living adjustment (COLA) affect my salary?

  91. Why does inflation increase with GDP growth?

  92. What does it mean when an index or stock exhibits a death cross?

  93. How does the Circular Flow Of Income model work?

  94. How long does it take a broker to confirm a trade after it is placed?

  95. Who created Bollinger Bands®?

  96. How did World War II impact European GDP?

  97. What are some examples of companies that have high capital expenditures (CAPEX)?

  98. How do you know if a trade placed to a broker is confirmed?

  99. What's the highest year-over-year inflation rate in the history of the U.S.?

  100. What are the main components of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet?

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