Markets FAQs

  1. How important a metric is PPP (purchasing power parity?)

  2. What emerging markets are best suited for investing in the oil & gas drilling sector?

  3. What businesses would benefit from more people going off the energy grid?

  4. How can I make my home run on energy that is 100% off the grid?

  5. What lessons did the tech bubble crash give to investors in the Internet sector?

  6. What are the nations with the lowest PPP (purchasing power parity) with respect to ...

  7. What is the difference between GDP and GDP accounting for PPP (purchasing power parity)?

  8. Are acquisitions only for large companies?

  9. How do I evaluate whether a company is a good acquisition candidate?

  10. How can I trade in foreign futures?

  11. How have futures performed historically?

  12. Are small cap companies less safe investments than large cap companies?

  13. When do economists use real GDP instead of GDP?

  14. Is real GDP a better index of economic performance than GDP?

  15. What is the most typical holding in an SPV?

  16. Which United States Presidents have run the largest budget deficits?

  17. What percentage of the global economy is comprised of the financial services sector?

  18. What is the relationship between minority interest discount and fair market value?

  19. How many nations must a company trade in to be considered a multinational corporation?

  20. What is the functional difference between GDP and GNP?

  21. Is there a natural rate of cyclical unemployment?

  22. Is the law of supply and demand a law or just a hypothesis?

  23. What can policymakers do to decrease cyclical unemployment?

  24. What distinguishes the financial services sector from the banks?

  25. How do the bull and bear markets affect the value of a spinoff company's stock?

  26. How risky is it to invest in metals and mining companies with operations in politically ...

  27. How does the price of oil affect the stock market?

  28. Are warrants more desirable than options?

  29. Why should a growth investor consider the metals and mining sector?

  30. What techniques are most useful for hedging exposure to the metals and mining sector?

  31. Are warrants traded by brokers?

  32. What's the difference between return on sales (ROS) and operating margin?

  33. What impact does government regulation have on the financial services sector?

  34. How does the price of oil affect Russia's economy?

  35. Why should an investor consider the financial services sector?

  36. Why did oil prices drop so much in 2014?

  37. What is the financial services sector?

  38. Why are most brokerage firms owned by banks?

  39. What is the long-term sector outlook for financial services?

  40. When do economists use GNP?

  41. Is cyclical unemployment always due to recessions?

  42. Are small cap companies more risky investments than large cap companies?

  43. Does cash-on-delivery aid produce better results than a loan?

  44. What are some alternatives to real GDP?

  45. What effect has globalization had on international investments?

  46. How much of an economy's performance is captured by real GPD?

  47. Is globalization purely an economic phenomenon?

  48. What main factors affect share prices in the metals and mining sector?

  49. For investors, what are the alternatives to owning physical gold?

  50. Is the average return on small cap companies better than large cap companies?

  51. What are some ways of financing an acquisition?

  52. What does it require for a company to become a blue-chip company?

  53. How do I use the CAPM (capital asset pricing model) to determine the cost of equity?

  54. How do I calculate the cost of equity using Excel?

  55. What are the regulations surrounding limit order protection?

  56. What is the role of the nation-state in globalization?

  57. How does inflation affect the exchange rate between two nations?

  58. How does the privatization of a publicly traded company work?

  59. What impact does inflation and deflation have on a blue-chip stock value?

  60. How do I place a limit order online?

  61. Are there any economic arguments in favor of deflation?

  62. Why would a company want to do an acquisition of another company?

  63. What kinds of private equity investments are out there?

  64. What is the long-term outlook of the metals and mining sector?

  65. What value metrics are best for analyzing companies in the metals and mining sector?

  66. How do business ethics differ from industry to industry?

  67. What developed countries have the greatest exposure to metals and mining?

  68. What does the grade of a gold mine refer to?

  69. Are small cap companies a safer investment than large cap companies?

  70. Is GNP a valuable metric in a globalized economy?

  71. What are tradable commodities?

  72. What multinational corporations operate in the former Soviet Union?

  73. What insights are economists trying to capture with GNP?

  74. Are all multinational corporations also large cap companies?

  75. What does GNP say about the balance of trade?

  76. How does a nation's national debt affect the budget process?

  77. What are the most common ETFs that track the metals and mining sector?

  78. What area of the consumer price index (CPI) should I use if there is no CPI for the ...

  79. When should I use seasonally adjusted data from the consumer price index (CPI)?

  80. Whose buying habits does the consumer price index (CPI) reflect?

  81. What was the largest company Warren Buffett ever bought through Berkshire Hathaway?

  82. What is the difference between a merger and an acquisition?

  83. How does government regulation impact the metals and mining sector?

  84. What country spends the most on military and defense?

  85. What is the difference between a stop loss order and a limit order?

  86. What are the main reasons an investor would look at the metals and mining sector?

  87. Which developed country has the most debt?

  88. What investors come close to challenging Warren Buffett as the greatest investor ...

  89. What factors affect the price of copper?

  90. Are there leveraged ETFs that track the metals and mining sector?

  91. What are some of the most popular mutual funds for investing in the metals and mining ...

  92. What economic indicators are most used when forecasting an exchange rate?

  93. What country spends the most on research and development?

  94. What country has the wealthiest overall population?

  95. What's the difference between a capital market and the stock market?

  96. What is the best way to invest in small cap companies?

  97. When does cyclical unemployment become structural unemployment?

  98. What's the difference between a commodity and a product?

  99. Does Warren Buffett invest in gold? Why or why not?

  100. Can commodities also be investments?

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