Real Estate & Mortgages FAQs

  1. Can I take my 401(k) to buy a house?

  2. Can I take my 401(k) to buy a house for my children?

  3. How is market value determined in the real estate market?

  4. What is the difference between adjusted and regular funds from operations?

  5. How can I use the funds from operations to total debt ratio to assess risk?

  6. What are examples of typical leasehold improvements?

  7. How much of the global economy is comprised of the real estate sector?

  8. What is the difference between "closed end credit" and a "line of credit?"

  9. In what instances does a business use closed end credit?

  10. What are the long-term effects of delinquent accounts?

  11. How was the American Dream impacted by the housing market collapse in 2008?

  12. How much risk is associated with subprime mortgages?

  13. What is the process for a building owner depreciating leasehold improvements in a ...

  14. How can I invest in tax liens?

  15. What kinds of real estate transactions use triple net (NNN) leases?

  16. What does the American Dream mean to different generations?

  17. What are the financial consequences of filing for bankruptcy?

  18. What is the difference between a lien and an encumbrance?

  19. What is the difference between economic value and market value?

  20. How long can a building owner or landlord depreciate a leasehold improvement?

  21. What are the major categories of financial institutions and what are their primary ...

  22. Are subprime mortgages still available for homeowners?

  23. What are the different types of subprime mortgages?

  24. Why does the real estate sector appeal to growth investors?

  25. How much of an institutional pension fund's portfolio is typically investing in real ...

  26. What is the difference between funds from operations per share and earnings per share?

  27. Which leveraged ETFs can I buy to invest in the real estate sector?

  28. How do taxes impact Net Operating Income (NOI)?

  29. What security should I use funds from operations for?

  30. What economic indicators should an investor in the real estate sector consider?

  31. What factors drive share prices in the real estate sector?

  32. What are the most popular ETFs that track the real estate sector?

  33. What emerging markets are best suited for investing in the real estate sector?

  34. What average annual return is typical for a long term investment in the real estate ...

  35. What are the most common mutual funds for investing in the real estate sector?

  36. What financial metrics are best for evaluating companies in the real estate sector?

  37. What is the importance of the capitalization rate in real estate investing?

  38. Why should investors care about Net Operating Income (NOI)?

  39. How is Net Operating Income (NOI) used in real estate?

  40. What dividend yield is typical for the real estate sector?

  41. What is the average debt/equity ratio of real estate companies?

  42. What are the best options strategies for investing in the real estate sector?

  43. What industries use the loan to value ratio?

  44. How does the risk of investing in the real estate sector compare to the broader market?

  45. How does the value of the real estate impact the value of a triple net (NNN) lease?

  46. Is the banking sector subject to any seasonal trends?

  47. What is private wealth management?

  48. What is the difference between an Equity REIT and a Mortgage REIT?

  49. Which REITs pay the highest dividends?

  50. What price-to-earnings ratio is average in the real estate sector?

  51. How have low interest rates affected the real estate sector?

  52. What are the main segments of the real estate sector?

  53. How can an investor profit from a decline in the real estate sector?

  54. Why can real estate be a good addition to a traditional stock and bond portfolio?

  55. When should a real estate broker release earnest money deposit funds?

  56. Can small investors buy collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs)?

  57. What is the difference between an option-adjusted spread and a Z-spread in reference ...

  58. What are some historical examples of debt securitization?

  59. Which has performed better historically, the stock market or real estate?

  60. For what sorts of purposes can the funds in a share premium account be disbursed?

  61. What price-to-book ratio is considered average in the chemicals sector?

  62. How can I calculate the Macaulay duration of a zero-coupon bond?

  63. How can I use the correlation coefficient to predict returns in the stock market?

  64. How did the Great Recession affect structural unemployment?

  65. Where does the term "always be closing" come from?

  66. How do earnest money deposits work in a short sale?

  67. Did the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act contribute to the 2008 financial crisis?

  68. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debt?

  69. What is a fiduciary deed and when is it useful?

  70. How does lower borrowing costs affect new airlines in the aerospace industry?

  71. What's the difference between a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) and a mortgage-backed ...

  72. Is the prime rate in the US different from the federal funds rate?

  73. Do creditors have the same rights in all 50 US states?

  74. What is a Z bond in a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO)?

  75. Were collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs) responsible for the financial crisis ...

  76. What's the difference between the prime rate and the repo rate?

  77. What should ordinary borrowers know about the prime rate?

  78. What do mortgage lenders use the securitization food chain?

  79. What criteria does a property need to meet to be considered an 'investment grade' ...

  80. Why do banks securitize some debts, and how do they sell them to investors?

  81. Do mortgage escrow accounts earn interest?

  82. Why should you invest in tangible assets?

  83. Can unearned rent be considered deferred revenue?

  84. What role did securitization play in the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis?

  85. Which asset classes are the most risky?

  86. How often is interest compounded?

  87. How can you use a debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) to evaluate real estate investments?

  88. How does the loan-to-value ratio affect my mortgage payments?

  89. What's the difference between a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) and a collateralized ...

  90. What is the difference between a savings & loan company and a bank?

  91. Why does the loan-to-value ratio matter?

  92. Why do MBS (mortgage-backed securities) still exist if they created so much trouble ...

  93. Are all mortgage backed securities (MBS) also collateralized debt obligations (CDO)?

  94. What does asset management mean in regards to real estate?

  95. What is the difference between a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) and an asset ...

  96. How did moral hazard impact the financial crisis of 2007-08?

  97. How do commercial banks make money?

  98. What are the three "nets" of an NNN lease?

  99. What is the difference between a PMI (primary mortgage insurance) loan and a Federal ...

  100. What are the differences between single, double and triple-net leases?

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