Options And Futures FAQs

  1. What is the put-call ratio and why should I pay attention to it?

  2. Should I buy options that are in the money or out of the money?

  3. What does "squeezing the shorts" mean?

  4. How is a put option exercised?

  5. As a temporary resident of the US, can I withdraw funds from my Traditional IRA without ...

  6. How do you tell whether an option is American or European style?

  7. What is the difference between open-market and closed-market transactions?

  8. Who or what are the turtles?

  9. What is dilutive stock?

  10. What is an evergreen provision and how does it affect shareholders?

  11. Why do futures' prices converge upon spot prices during the delivery month?

  12. Which option is better on a mutual fund: a growth option or a dividend reinvestment ...

  13. What is options backdating?

  14. I converted my former IRA to a Roth for tax purposes in 1998, so even though the ...

  15. What types of accounts are available for forex trading?

  16. What is the difference between Series 9/10 and Series 24 qualification exams?

  17. How do I go about opening up a Roth IRA?

  18. How does pyramiding work?

  19. Who sets the price of commodities?

  20. I make over $100,000/yr and my adjusted gross income precludes standard IRA contributions. ...

  21. What was "Operation Wooden Nickel"?

  22. What exactly is a company's float?

  23. How does leverage work in the forex market?

  24. I do not want to totally get out of my retirement 401(k), but I want to take 72(t) ...

  25. I own some stock warrants. How do I exercise them?

  26. Why can't I have fixed rollover costs in forex?

  27. What are managed futures?

  28. How do I use a "basket" option?

  29. What's the difference between a straddle and a strangle?

  30. What risks do organizations face when engaging in international finance activities?

  31. Why do option volume quotes differ on different websites?

  32. What kinds of investments are allowed in a qualified retirement plan, and what kinds ...

  33. What is the difference between options and futures?

  34. What does "guns and butter" refer to?

  35. What are the oldest mutual funds, by date of inception?

  36. What does the diluted share price reveal about a company's financial strength?

  37. What are some of the features and benefits of SEP IRAs and Roth IRAs?

  38. Can an option be exercised on the expiration date?

  39. What's the difference between a regular option and an exotic option?

  40. What's the difference between "top-down" and "bottom-up" investing?

  41. What is earnings management?

  42. What is market capitulation?

  43. What's the difference between absolute P/E ratio and relative P/E ratio?

  44. What number of shares determines adequate liquidity for a stock?

  45. I passed my Series 7 exam, but I terminated employment at my sponsoring firm before ...

  46. How do restricted stocks, treasury stocks and stock appreciation rights benefit employees?

  47. What requirements must a company meet for options to be traded on its stock?

  48. I've noticed executives buy a lot of stock below market value, and then they sell ...

  49. What is the difference between forward and futures contracts?

  50. What is authorized stock?

  51. Can I roll over a profit-sharing plan to an SEP IRA account without suffering any ...

  52. Do I own a stock as of the trade date or the settlement date?

  53. I have a short period of time (1 year or less) during which I will have money to ...

  54. I am not a resident of the United States, but would like to be qualified as a registered ...

  55. What's the difference between a golden handshake and a golden parachute?

  56. What does it mean to book the basis?

  57. What is Ginzy trading?

  58. What are goldbrick shares?

  59. How do I "vest" something?

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