Options And Futures FAQs

  1. What's the difference between a straddle and a strangle?

  2. What risks do organizations face when engaging in international finance activities?

  3. Why do option volume quotes differ on different websites?

  4. What kinds of investments are allowed in a qualified retirement plan, and what kinds ...

  5. What is the difference between options and futures?

  6. How do I use a "basket" option?

  7. What's the difference between absolute P/E ratio and relative P/E ratio?

  8. What number of shares determines adequate liquidity for a stock?

  9. I passed my Series 7 exam, but I terminated employment at my sponsoring firm before ...

  10. How do restricted stocks, treasury stocks and stock appreciation rights benefit employees?

  11. What requirements must a company meet for options to be traded on its stock?

  12. I've noticed executives buy a lot of stock below market value, and then they sell ...

  13. What is the difference between forward and futures contracts?

  14. What is authorized stock?

  15. Can I roll over a profit-sharing plan to an SEP IRA account without suffering any ...

  16. Do I own a stock as of the trade date or the settlement date?

  17. I have a short period of time (1 year or less) during which I will have money to ...

  18. I am not a resident of the United States, but would like to be qualified as a registered ...

  19. I have several jobs. Can I contribute the maximum to multiple employer retirement ...

  20. Does the seller (the writer) of an option determine the details of the option contract?

  21. How do speculators profit from options?

  22. Why should I invest?

  23. How does the ISIN numbering system work?

  24. At what point in the ordering process does a broker charge commission?

  25. Is it possible to take the Series 7 exam without being sponsored?

  26. Can I roll my 403(b) and 457 into other low-cost venders when I change jobs?

  27. How do I register for the CFA program for the first time?

  28. What does "in street name" mean, and why are securities held this way?

  29. Are eurodollars related to the currency called the euro?

  30. Why was Microsoft subject to antitrust charges in 1998?

  31. What does the term "stock-for-stock" mean?

  32. Why are corporations so concerned about their stock price?

  33. I want to invest in equities, but I don't have much money. Is there a minimum number ...

  34. I'm a teacher. Which is better for me, a 401(k) or 403(b)? What is the difference? ...

  35. When does one sell a put option, and when does one sell a call option?

  36. Who is Mr. Copper?

  37. How can unethical executives use options backdating to evade taxes?

  38. How are futures used to hedge a position?

  39. Can I leave my pension to my spouse when I pass away?

  40. What methods can be used to fund a forex account?

  41. How many types of markets can an investor choose from?

  42. My brokerage firm won't allow naked option positions. What does this mean?

  43. How do you calculate the cost basis for a mutual fund over an extended time period?

  44. Why do options with the same underlying stock and strike prices trade for different ...

  45. What is the incentive to buy a stock without dividends?

  46. What is the difference between a Keogh and an IRA?

  47. What is the put-call ratio and why should I pay attention to it?

  48. Should I buy options that are in the money or out of the money?

  49. What does "squeezing the shorts" mean?

  50. How is a put option exercised?

  51. As a temporary resident of the US, can I withdraw funds from my Traditional IRA without ...

  52. How do you tell whether an option is American or European style?

  53. What is the difference between open-market and closed-market transactions?

  54. Who or what are the turtles?

  55. What's the difference between a golden handshake and a golden parachute?

  56. What does it mean to book the basis?

  57. What is Ginzy trading?

  58. What are goldbrick shares?

  59. How do I "vest" something?

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