Personal Finance FAQs

  1. What is an assumable mortgage?

  2. Can FHA loans be used for investment property?

  3. Can a Foreign Individual Open a Savings Account in the United States?

  4. How do I know if I should refinance my mortgage?

  5. How can I avoid paying taxes on my Social Security income?

  6. Can I buy a house directly from Fannie Mae (FNMA)?

  7. How does an insurance broker make money?

  8. Why are IRA, Roth IRAs and 401(k) contributions limited?

  9. Who's required to fill out a Schedule C IRS form?

  10. What's the difference between IRS Forms 1040EZ and 1040A?

  11. Are My Social Security disability benefits taxable?

  12. How do Ridesharing Companies Like Uber Make Money?

  13. How to Find Mortgage Lenders That Use VantageScore

  14. What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning an Equity REIT vs. a Mortgage REIT?

  15. How does the loan-to-value ratio affect my mortgage payments?

  16. Do FHA loans require escrow accounts?

  17. How is the stock market affected by Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

  18. Is it a good idea to add a reverse mortgage to your retirement strategy?

  19. Can I take my 401(k) to buy a house for my children?

  20. Will quitting your job hurt your 401(k)?

  21. Can I get both military and Social Security benefits?

  22. Halloween's Effect on the Economy

  23. Can you have both a 401(k) and an IRA?

  24. When can I withdraw my IRA money?

  25. How are IRA withdrawals taxed?

  26. Are spousal Social Security benefits taxable?

  27. What's the difference between an individual retirement account (IRA) and a certificate ...

  28. Do retirement account withdrawals affect tax brackets?

  29. What are the financial benefits of retiring in the Philippines?

  30. Can I contribute to a Roth IRA and still participate in my employer-sponsored retirement ...

  31. What are the top Social Security scams targeted at the elderly?

  32. What are the main differences between Social Security Benefits & Social Security ...

  33. At what age will I be eligible for the maximum Social Security payout?

  34. Are dividends the best way to make money for retirement?

  35. What are Social Security spousal benefits?

  36. Are travel rewards credit cards worth it?

  37. How long should you keep bank statements?

  38. Are balance transfers worth it?

  39. Can I take money from my 401(k) to pay taxes?

  40. What's the best way to finance a car?

  41. When do mortgage payments usually start?

  42. How do travel rewards cards work?

  43. Do balance transfers hurt your credit?

  44. How often does Credit Karma update? (EFX, TRU)

  45. 3 Tips to Refinance a Mobile Home Loan

  46. How do you file IRS Form 709?

  47. What's the difference between FHA and conventional loans?

  48. Do mortgage lenders work on weekends?

  49. Is your salary on your credit report?

  50. How many mortgage payments can I miss before foreclosure?

  51. Is it possible to refinance a house you're renting out?

  52. When is mortgage insurance tax deductible on rental property?

  53. How do mortgage lenders check and verify bank statements?

  54. Are direct consolidation loans subsidized?

  55. How can I receive my Social Security benefits if I want to retire outside the U.S?

  56. Are Student Loans Forgiven After Death?

  57. Can student loans hurt your credit?

  58. How do construction loans work?

  59. When do checks expire?

  60. Do mortgage lenders use FICO 8?

  61. When is mortgage insurance tax deductible?

  62. How do mortgage lenders verify employment?

  63. Why doesn't Credit Karma offer FICO scores?

  64. How long should you hold on to credit card statements?

  65. How long does it take a check to clear?

  66. When Is Mortgage Insurance Typically Required?

  67. Who regulates mortgage lenders?

  68. Do home appraisers use Zillow?

  69. Can I take my 401(k) in a lump sum?

  70. What Home-Buying Costs Can I Deduct from Taxes?

  71. How should I analyze a company's financial statements?

  72. How do you read a P&L statement?

  73. Why do some companies pay a dividend, while other companies do not?

  74. Are Student Loans Tax-Deductible?

  75. Can I collect Social Security if I still have a job?

  76. Do tax brackets include Social Security?

  77. How soon do I need to start my application for Social Security retirement benefits?

  78. Student Loan Creditors Can Garnish Your Money

  79. How is the minimum payment on a credit card calculated?

  80. What rate of return should I expect on my 401(k)?

  81. Can Direct Consolidation Loans be deferred?

  82. How can I fund A Roth IRA if my income is too high to make direct contributions?

  83. Are my Social Security benefits reduced if I receive extra pensions from different ...

  84. What's the average salary of a market research analyst?

  85. What is the Difference Between Operating Income and Net Income?

  86. How does my spousal Social Security benefit work?

  87. Why would you keep funds in a money market account and not a savings account?

  88. Are student loans amortized?

  89. Are student loans dischargeable after bankruptcy?

  90. Can real interest rates be negative?

  91. What are the maximum Social Security disability benefits?

  92. Can student loans be used to pay rent?

  93. Federal student loan rates: who sets them, why they vary

  94. How are you taxed after selling a mutual fund in a Roth IRA?

  95. Can I take my 401(k) to buy a house?

  96. How do I calculate my gains and/or losses when I sell a stock?

  97. How do I calculate my Social Security break-even age?

  98. Are high yield bonds a good investment?

  99. What's the average salary of a loan officer?

  100. What's the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental ...

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