Personal Finance FAQs

  1. What is evergreen funding?

  2. Which investment would be most suitable for a client investing for retirement and seeking protection from purchasing power risk in the future?

  3. What effect did the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 have on debtors?

  4. What was Robert Citron's role in Orange County, California's bankruptcy?

  5. How much money do I need to start trading?

  6. The reason why ERISA qualified plans should have an investment policy statement is to:

  7. When and why did brokerages switch from fixed commissions to negotiated ones?

  8. A parent would choose to set up a Coverdell Education Savings Account for a child in order to save for college expenses AND:

  9. How are bonds rated?

  10. How do 401(k) loans work?

  11. What are the exceptions to the premature withdrawal penalty rules for IRA accounts?

  12. Can I refuse a gift by providing a "Qualified Disclaimer," and what does this entail?

  13. What is a tax-free 1035 Exchange?

  14. I have a profit-sharing plan with my former employer. I am now trying to buy a home. Can I use my profit-sharing money to put a down payment on a house?

  15. When is it a good idea to use an irrevocable life insurance trust?

  16. What does a "5 by 5" power in a trust document mean?

  17. Why do you need an emergency fund?

  18. What are the requirements to be able to contribute to an HSA?

  19. How does an employer benefit from a 401(k) matching plan?

  20. What is a "wash sale"?

  21. Because I missed a few credit card payments, the issuer raised my interest rate from 9.9% to 19.9%. What should I do?

  22. Why is accidental life insurance so inexpensive?

  23. Is life insurance good for mortgage protection?

  24. How do I know if I qualify to open a HSA (Health Savings Account)?

  25. Should I collect early Social Security?

  26. My mortgage payments are no longer affordable; is there anything that I can do to prevent foreclosure?

  27. What is the "stretch IRA" concept?

  28. How much life insurance should I have?

  29. Why is Game Theory useful in business?

  30. The real rate of return is the amount of interest earned over and above the:

  31. What are the distribution options for an inherited annuity?

  32. What are the pros/cons of naming a trust as the beneficiary of a retirement account?

  33. Which constitutional amendment made income tax legal?

  34. Is it wise to consolidate credit card debt?

  35. Should computer software be classified as an intangible asset or part of property, plant and equipment?

  36. What is PMI, and does everyone need to pay it?

  37. What happens to insurance policies and variable annuities if the insurance company itself goes bankrupt - do the policyholders get anything out of it?

  38. How do I know if I should refinance my mortgage?

  39. Will jointly filing taxes have the effect of joining a couple's credit?

  40. Does it make sense to convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth when the market’s down?

  41. My variable annuity account took a beating. Should I seek other alternatives?

  42. What is a convertible insurance policy?

  43. Why would you want a monthly benefit versus a daily benefit?

  44. Is there more to insurance policies than price?

  45. Which is not a process the Federal Reserve uses to control the level of business activity?

  46. What is the difference between early retirement and full retirement as it applies to Social Security retirement benefits?

  47. Who set the record loss for "rogue traders"?

  48. All of the following are allowable deductions used in determining taxable estate EXCEPT

  49. How do companies calculate revenue?

  50. When holding an option through expiration date, are you automatically paid any profits, or do you have to sell the option and pay commissions?

  51. How do I choose which insurance company to use?

  52. What is disability-income insurance?

  53. If my spouse passes away, will I have to sell my home to meet creditor obligations?

  54. Should I pull my money out of an annuity if the insurance company is having financial problems?

  55. How do I value the shares that I own in a private company?

  56. Where did the term "tenbagger" originate?

  57. Does a company logo change require a material disclosable event?

  58. What is an elimination period?

  59. Is there a limit on the amount of disability insurance that I can buy?

  60. How much life insurance is enough?

  61. What changes might I need to make to my insurance?

  62. What are the benefits of credit ratings?

  63. How do I stop emotional spending?

  64. When is the best time to purchase long-term care insurance?

  65. Which insurance policies do I really need?

  66. What documents should I have ready in case my partner or I should die?

  67. Which of the following accounts does ERISA cover?

  68. Will Medicare pay for long-term costs?

  69. How is my insurance premium calculated?

  70. What is the "three-legged stool"?

  71. Why might one insurance policy cost more than another?

  72. Is it possible to short sell real estate?

  73. Which of the following BEST describes a wash sale?

  74. What is long-term care insurance?

  75. What is indexed universal life insurance?

  76. What is pension maximization?

  77. Is it wise to put an IRA account into a fixed or variable annuity?

  78. What is moral hazard?

  79. Which statement(s) is/are FALSE about market risk?

  80. What is long-term care?

  81. Is there a correlation between inflation and house prices?

  82. What are activities of daily living (ADL)?

  83. What was the first company with a $1 billion market cap?

  84. Why should I invest in the market when I can buy and sell houses or cars?

  85. What are some cheaper alternatives to sending children to summer camp?

  86. Is there short selling in China?

  87. A lot of retirement projections seem to assume an 8% rate of return. Is this realistic?

  88. What is a "phishing scam" and how can they be avoided?

  89. How did Dow Chemical defeat an international monopoly in the 1900s?

  90. What's the difference between EBITDA, EBITDAR and EBITDARM?

  91. Why does the IRS withhold income taxes from employee paychecks?

  92. Do nonprofit organizations pay taxes?

  93. Should a Canadian citizen who lives and works in the U.S. continue to contribute to a RRSP account?

  94. When is it a good idea to take out a loan to invest?

  95. Why are credit cards able to charge such high interest rates compared to other lenders?

  96. I overcontributed to my Roth, then lost half of this money to the market. Does the 6% penalty apply to my original contribution, or only what's left of it?

  97. What is the difference between a gilt edged bond and a regular bond?

  98. Why is Frank Quattrone credited with contributing to the growth of the dotcom bubble?

  99. What is cliff vesting?

  100. What is a "force majeure"?

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