Personal Finance FAQs

  1. How do debit spreads impact the trading of options?

  2. What formula can I use to calculate interest on interest?

  3. How does a master limited partnership (MLP) differ from other business structures?

  4. What does it signify about a company if there is a large difference between its EPS ...

  5. What are some examples of different corporate governance systems across the world?

  6. How does the always be closing (ABC) strategy benefit a salesperson's sales funnel?

  7. How can I use the combined ratio to compare insurance companies?

  8. Why is the strategy of 'always be closing' (ABC) popular in retail sales?

  9. How do you mediate a dispute between primary and contingent beneficiaries of a trust?

  10. What is the difference between MAGI (modified adjusted gross income) and adjusted ...

  11. How does the equity risk premium correlate with the Federal Reserve's prime rate?

  12. How does revenue recognition differ between profit and non-profit companies?

  13. What is the difference between financial forecasting and financial modelling?

  14. What types of information does one need to perform a thorough financial analysis?

  15. In the context of a startup, what is sustainable growth?

  16. How important is sustainable growth for the long-term future of a startup?

  17. How can I find out the Medicare sustainable growth rate?

  18. What incentives are there for a given country to enforce sustainable growth rate ...

  19. What effect has the sustainable growth rate had on Medicare disbursements?

  20. Why do bond coupon rates vary so greatly?

  21. What can I use the Rule of 70 for?

  22. What is operations management theory and how can it help a business?

  23. What factors should a company consider when creating a marketing budget?

  24. Should I invest in penny stocks or large cap stocks for my retirement portfolio?

  25. What is the difference between structural unemployment and cyclical unemployment?

  26. What factors are most important to mezzanine financiers?

  27. How did the Great Recession affect structural unemployment?

  28. How does automated work affect structural unemployment rates?

  29. In which industries are mergers and acquisitions most common?

  30. What are some of the arguments against a value added tax (VAT)?

  31. What is the average return on equity for a company in the insurance sector?

  32. How does an insurance broker make money?

  33. Which ETFs that track the insurance sector are most popular?

  34. What is the difference between underwriting and investment income for an insurance ...

  35. Why should I consider looking for the A.M. Best rating before investing in an insurance ...

  36. What is the average price-to-book ratio in the insurance sector?

  37. Where does the term "always be closing" come from?

  38. How can I profit from a decline of stock prices in the insurance sector?

  39. How can central banks use open market operations to manipulate short-term interest ...

  40. How did the Soviet economic system affect consumer goods?

  41. How did mass production affect the price of consumer goods?

  42. What are foundry companies in the electronics sector?

  43. What risk factors should investors consider before purchasing a callable bond?

  44. What are the advantages of hiring a third-party marketing company?

  45. What is the difference between a regressive tax versus a progressive tax?

  46. What is the difference between the death benefit and cash value of an insurance policy?

  47. Will a hike in the minimum wage result in deadweight loss to businesses and labor?

  48. What is the formula for calculating deadweight loss in Excel?

  49. How does being overweight affect my healthcare costs?

  50. What items on the income statement are considered in fundamental analysis?

  51. How do earnest money deposits work in a short sale?

  52. Should a small business test the substitution effect on its products before launch?

  53. How can you calculate the substitution effect in Excel?

  54. Is the substitution effect negative for consumers?

  55. What variables are most important when making a prediction through sensitivity analysis?

  56. Did the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act contribute to the 2008 financial crisis?

  57. What is the difference between cyclical and non-cyclical stocks?

  58. What metrics are used to gauge the effectiveness of a marketing strategy?

  59. Why would growth investors be attracted to the electronics sector?

  60. Is the nominal value of GDP a sufficient metric for measuring the economy's health?

  61. What options strategies are commonly used for investing in the electronics sector?

  62. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debt?

  63. What are some examples of debt instruments?

  64. If markets give information on value through price, how can nominal values be out ...

  65. What is a fiduciary deed and when is it useful?

  66. What are some of the benefits of positive brand equity?

  67. What are the differences between debit cards and credit cards?

  68. How are industrial goods different from consumer goods?

  69. What is the relationship between national interest rates and the amount of revolving ...

  70. What are the most commonly used key performance metrics (KPIs) for small business ...

  71. Is it wise for a company to have heavy cash flow investing activities outside of ...

  72. What happens when my bank account is debited?

  73. What proportion of the chemicals sector is comprised of integrated companies with ...

  74. Does Medicare provide assistance for patients unable to perform Activities of Daily ...

  75. What is the relationship between nominal GDP and PPP (purchasing power parity)?

  76. How can the problem of asymmetric information be overcome?

  77. How does lower borrowing costs affect new airlines in the aerospace industry?

  78. What are some causes of structural unemployment?

  79. What's the difference between a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) and a mortgage-backed ...

  80. What are examples of the largest companies in the insurance sector?

  81. What impact have terrorist attacks had on the insurance industry?

  82. What is the difference between frictional unemployment and structural unemployment?

  83. Why do growth investors buy insurance stocks?

  84. How do you calculate the marginal propensity to consume?

  85. Do production costs include all fixed and variable costs?

  86. Are gross sales and taxable gross sales the same thing?

  87. How does the Affordable Care Act affect moral hazard in the health insurance industry?

  88. What is the difference between a value chain and a supply chain?

  89. How do wholly owned subsidiaries operate in the European Union?

  90. Is the prime rate in the US different from the federal funds rate?

  91. What's the most expensive city in the world to live in?

  92. What economic factors affect savings account rates?

  93. How is Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) calculated for those who own their own ...

  94. How does a strong value chain management team help a company?

  95. Why is moral hazard so prevalent in the financial services industry?

  96. What portion of an automaker's revenue tends to come from auto parts?

  97. What are the benefits of research and development for a company?

  98. What is the rate of return I can expect on a savings account?

  99. What factors are the primary drivers of share prices in the internet sector?

  100. How much money should I have in a savings account?

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