Personal Finance FAQs

  1. What are the differences between single, double and triple-net leases?

  2. What does the bottom line figure illustrate?

  3. What are some examples of expansionary fiscal policy?

  4. What are some examples of expansionary monetary policy?

  5. What is the most important "C" in the Five Cs of Credit?

  6. What are the most common operating expenses for an online business?

  7. How do banks measure the Five Cs of Credit?

  8. What is the difference between an accrual and an account payable?

  9. What are some examples of inelastic goods and services that are not affected by the ...

  10. What are some examples of different taxable events?

  11. When is accrual accounting more useful than cash accounting?

  12. How did Nathan Rothschild become a stock exchange speculator?

  13. Why does Richard Branson keep opening up new Virgin products instead of focusing ...

  14. What strategies do companies use to regain market share they have lost?

  15. How does accrued interest work on student loans?

  16. What questions are commonly asked during a portfolio management job interview?

  17. What is the difference between portfolio management and financial planning?

  18. What are the primary advantages of forming a joint venture?

  19. How does the risk of investing in the automotive sector compare to the broader market?

  20. What is the purpose of drawing up a cash flow statement?

  21. Under what circumstances will a contingent beneficiary receive an insurance payout?

  22. What happened to Nathan Rothschild's estate after his death?

  23. What was Nathan Rothschild's interest in funding the Napoleonic Wars?

  24. What is the difference between the Five Cs of Credit and credit rating?

  25. How did Jeff Weiner get the idea for LinkedIn?

  26. What's the difference between economic value added (EVA) and total revenue?

  27. Do contractors require subrogation clauses for their contract workers?

  28. What are the risks of using CI (competitive intelligence) for espionage?

  29. Are capital gains taxed differently in different countries?

  30. What is the difference between business intelligence and business analytics?

  31. What's the difference between general, limited and joined venture partnerships?

  32. What is the formula for calculating free cash flow?

  33. What are the historical origins of business intelligence?

  34. How does the stock market affect gross domestic product (GDP)?

  35. How does accumulated depreciation affect net income?

  36. Why would a homebuyer need to take out PMI (private mortgage insurance)?

  37. How does it affect a company's credit rating to buy back shares?

  38. Can you ask your landlord to remove a waiver of subrogation clause from your lease?

  39. What are the different groups involved in corporate governance?

  40. Are waivers of subrogation clauses ever ineffective in preventing a third-party lawsuit?

  41. What is the difference between disposable income and discretionary income?

  42. How do I determine a particular company's market share?

  43. What advice does Howard Schultz offer would-be business moguls?

  44. What are the long-term economic effects of a negative current account?

  45. Why does the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) care about accounting practices?

  46. How did the financial crisis affect the banking sector?

  47. Why did Howard Schultz leave Starbucks, only to return eight years later?

  48. Why is the time value of money (TVM) an important concept to investors?

  49. What are the elements of an effective value proposition?

  50. How did Tim Cook become head of Apple?

  51. What is Jeff Weiner's personal business philosophy?

  52. What can cause price deflation?

  53. What is the difference between asset-price inflation and economic growth?

  54. How does Jeff Weiner make money from LinkedIn?

  55. Can the government tax your capital gains from other countries?

  56. What's the difference between economic value added (EVA) and accounting profit?

  57. Why does time value of money (TVM) assume that a dollar today is worth more than ...

  58. Can you sue an insurance company for not paying a claim over a waiver of subrogation ...

  59. What's the difference between outsourcing and insourcing?

  60. What is accounting fraud?

  61. When did people first start using collateral to secure loans?

  62. What advice has Larry Page given to would-be entrepreneurs?

  63. How does Tim Cook's vision for Apple differ from that of the late Steve Jobs?

  64. What does financial accounting focus on?

  65. What are the implications of a low Federal Funds Rate?

  66. What is the difference between a balance sheet and a cash flow statement?

  67. What is the impact of inflation on liquid assets?

  68. What is the difference between capital gains and investment income?

  69. What is the difference between an expense and a liability?

  70. What impact does industrialization have on wages?

  71. What is human capital and how is it used?

  72. What kind of philanthropy did Nathan Rothschild do?

  73. Who were Bernard Baruch's greatest influencers?

  74. Does the bank set up an escrow account for the buyer and seller in a home sale?

  75. Can you realize capital gains on intangible property?

  76. When is an expense ratio considered high and when is it considered low?

  77. Do landlords set up escrow accounts for their tenants' security deposits?

  78. How does disposable income influence the marginal propensity to consume (MPC)?

  79. What inputs are considered to be factors of production?

  80. What advice has Tim Cook given to would-be business leaders?

  81. What is the difference between ex-ante moral hazard and ex-post moral hazard?

  82. What are some ways to increase your disposable income?

  83. Why would growth investors be attracted to the automotive sector?

  84. Do employers use agency theory in labor relations?

  85. What is the difference between moral hazard and morale hazard?

  86. What are the primary disadvantages of forming a joint venture?

  87. What are the four types of economic utility?

  88. Does agency theory apply to brokers and clients?

  89. How can a creditor improve its Average Collection Period?

  90. What types of companies tend to have the most deferred revenue?

  91. What is Howard Schultz's educational and professional background?

  92. What is the difference between deferred revenue and accrued expense?

  93. Why is it important for a financial advisor to have a unique value proposition?

  94. Why do some economists consider entrepreneurship to be a factor of production?

  95. How did Larry Page amass his wealth?

  96. How did Richard Branson make his fortune?

  97. What is the formula for calculating inventory turnover?

  98. What is the relationship between interest rates and inflation?

  99. Why do some analysts argue that trade deficits aren't bad for the economy?

  100. How did Howard Schultz build Starbucks from a small business into an empire?

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