Personal Finance FAQs

  1. What is the difference between a 2/28 and a 3/27 ARM?

  2. What is the highest achievable FICO score?

  3. How can a trust lower federal transfer tax liability?

  4. What's the best kind of IRA for a 20-something?

  5. What is term insurance?

  6. What is multiline insurance?

  7. I'm a teacher. Which is better for me, a 401(k) or 403(b)? What is the difference? From whom do I get these plans?

  8. I understand that I can withdraw from a 401k the year I turn 55 without the 10% penalty (IRS 575). Can I do the same thing with an IRA without the 10% penalty?

  9. My company is the trustee of our 401k plan (which has 112 participants). What are the pros and cons of having the company instead of the plan provider/vendor as the trustee?

  10. Can I pull out most of my assets from my IRA and use the cash as long as I replace it in the IRA within a year?

  11. My recently deceased spouse's IRA has been rolled over into mine. Does the cost basis change for me?

  12. Is it possible for a company to have a positive cash flow and a negative net income?

  13. I am 59 (not 59.5) and my husband is 65. We have participated in a SIMPLE IRA with our company for more than two years. Can we convert the SIMPLE IRA to a Roth IRA? If we can convert, do we have to pay tax on the SIMPLE IRA money placed in the Roth? Are t

  14. I'm an 80 year old making increasing required minimum distribution (RMD) tax payments. I plan to convert my IRA to a Roth IRA and pay the taxes for the total RMD. Will I be able to withdraw funds from the Roth the year following the conversion? I understa

  15. What is the best retirement plan option for a physician with her own practice, employees and a desire to fund her retirement without making things complicated? She'd like to avoid plans that rely on a stringent income test or require all employees to part

  16. My spouse is the primary beneficiary of my IRA. I also have a contingent beneficiary. Can my spouse still transfer my IRA assets tax-free to her own IRA?

  17. How can I purchase stocks directly from a company?

  18. Can an IRA beneficiary roll the IRA over into another account and designate another beneficiary?

  19. Can I have a self-directed IRA or Roth IRA using the forex market?

  20. I have just been laid off. Can I use my 401(k) for living expenses now and report it as income next year?

  21. What aids will help me file my own tax return?

  22. Can I return funds to my Roth IRA after I have taken it as a distribution?

  23. Can I donate stock to charity?

  24. How does the number of credit card accounts I have affect my credit score?

  25. What are the economic implications of government subsidies on fuel costs?

  26. What are the Gnomes of Zurich?

  27. What is reinsurance?

  28. I overcontributed to my 401(k). What are my options?

  29. I converted my former IRA to a Roth for tax purposes in 1998, so even though the tax was paid over four years, am I correct to assume that this is now mine to withdraw, if I like, at no penalty? I am 60 years old.

  30. Does participation in a 401(k) plan prevent an individual from contributing to a Traditional IRA?

  31. How can I get information about my deceased husband's retirement account if his employer withholds it?

  32. What's the difference between a golden handshake and a golden parachute?

  33. What options do I have to save for my child's education?

  34. How do I "vest" something?

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