Personal Finance FAQs

  1. How can I calculate my withholding tax rate?

  2. What is the difference between marginal benefit and marginal revenue?

  3. How can I use marginal benefit analysis to help my business strategy?

  4. Where did the term 'Nostro' account come from?

  5. What are some examples of diminishing marginal benefits in my personal spending?

  6. Why is the automotive sector a good choice for value investing?

  7. What is the difference between marginal benefit and marginal cost?

  8. How can I calculate a bond's coupon rate in Excel?

  9. How do interest rates affect a bond's coupon rate?

  10. What are some good resources to help entrepreneurs develop a business model?

  11. What's the difference between a financial plan and a financial forecast?

  12. What's the difference between short-term investments and marketable securities?

  13. For what sorts of purposes can the funds in a share premium account be disbursed?

  14. What are the revenue recognition criteria in accrual accounting?

  15. What is the best way for my startup to have sustainable growth?

  16. What are some examples of how corporations manage short-term investments?

  17. How is marginal analysis used in making an investment decision?

  18. What are the SEC regulations regarding a share premium account?

  19. What are the risks involved in a banker's acceptance?

  20. How do I decide whether a credit card offer is a good deal or not?

  21. What level of return on assets should an investor look for in the insurance sector?

  22. Under what circumstances might a merchant turn toward using a banker's acceptance?

  23. What profit margin is average for a company in the electronics sector?

  24. What price-to-book ratio is considered average in the chemicals sector?

  25. What is the average annual dividend yield of companies in the insurance sector?

  26. What is the average annual dividend yield of companies in the chemicals sector?

  27. What is the average debt/equity ratio of companies in the electronics sector?

  28. What is the difference between federal and state withholding tax?

  29. How can I use zero-based budgeting for my own finances?

  30. What are some of the well-known no-load funds?

  31. What can cause the marginal propensity to consume to change over time?

  32. How can I merge technical analysis and fundamental analysis with quantitative analysis ...

  33. What are some common financial instruments involved in speculation?

  34. Which factors drive the marginal propensity to consume?

  35. What are the different types of college savings accounts?

  36. What are the differences between a bond's yield to maturity and the spot rate?

  37. What is the formula for calculating the capital to risk weight assets ratio for a ...

  38. Why is it beneficial to innovate financial models and techniques used in quantitative ...

  39. What are some examples of industries that practice price discrimination?

  40. How can I use quantitative analysis to evaluate investment decisions if I don't have ...

  41. What are some common models that practitioners use in quantitative analysis of equity ...

  42. What is the difference between a modified duration and a Macaulay duration?

  43. How are open market operations and monetary policy related?

  44. What is the difference between a mutual fund and money market fund?

  45. What is the difference between a money market fund and a savings account?

  46. How does pork barrel spending hurt the economy?

  47. Can the marginal propensity to consume ever be negative?

  48. What is an aggregate limit and what type of insurance is it usually associated with?

  49. What happens to the intangible assets of a company when it is bought or sold?

  50. Should I expect growth or income from buying stock in the consumer packaged goods ...

  51. How does Federal Trade Commission use the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index to evaluate ...

  52. Can the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index be used to determine competitive balance in professional ...

  53. How do I calculate the Macaulay duration of a zero-coupon bond in Excel?

  54. What is the difference between the yield ratio and the dividend payout ratio?

  55. How is the Macaulay duration related to fixed income markets?

  56. What is a common strategy traders implement when using the Stochastic Oscillator?

  57. How do you calculate economic profit using Excel?

  58. What are examples of products and companies that rely on protective tariffs to survive?

  59. What are the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal integration?

  60. What is the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) hierarchy scale?

  61. What business risks ultimately caused Enron's collapse?

  62. How can I use the correlation coefficient to predict returns in the stock market?

  63. What are some examples of horizontal integration?

  64. How do stock dividends affect the retained earnings account?

  65. How does debt affect a company's beta?

  66. How do I create grouping schedule codes and subcodes for trial balances?

  67. Why is trading volume usually higher when the price of a security is changing?

  68. What is the most common solvency ratios used in fundamental analysis?

  69. What option strategies can I use to earn additional income when investing in the ...

  70. Do companies have to pay back their paid-up capital?

  71. What are the differences between preference shares and bonds?

  72. How do you calculate payback period using Excel?

  73. How does revolving credit differ from a general line of credit?

  74. What is the difference between a currency and interest rate swap?

  75. What are the early warning signs of a tech bubble?

  76. What caused the European / Eurozone debt crisis?

  77. What does it mean if a bond has a zero coupon rate?

  78. Why are coupon payments considered an annuity?

  79. What is the difference between a bond's coupon rate and yield to maturity?

  80. What factors drive share prices in the aerospace sector?

  81. What types of fees apply to checking accounts?

  82. How is investing in a corporate bond different from buying shares of the company's ...

  83. What are some reasons banks deny applications for checking accounts?

  84. What is the difference between a bond's yield rate and its coupon rate?

  85. How do debit spreads impact the trading of options?

  86. What formula can I use to calculate interest on interest?

  87. What does it signify about a company if there is a large difference between its EPS ...

  88. How does a master limited partnership (MLP) differ from other business structures?

  89. What are some examples of different corporate governance systems across the world?

  90. How can I use the combined ratio to compare insurance companies?

  91. How does the always be closing (ABC) strategy benefit a salesperson's sales funnel?

  92. Why is the strategy of 'always be closing' (ABC) popular in retail sales?

  93. How do you mediate a dispute between primary and contingent beneficiaries of a trust?

  94. What is the difference between MAGI (modified adjusted gross income) and adjusted ...

  95. How does the equity risk premium correlate with the Federal Reserve's prime rate?

  96. How does revenue recognition differ between profit and non-profit companies?

  97. What is the difference between financial forecasting and financial modelling?

  98. What types of information does one need to perform a thorough financial analysis?

  99. How can I find out the Medicare sustainable growth rate?

  100. How important is sustainable growth for the long-term future of a startup?

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