Taxes FAQs

  1. Does the tradeoff model or the pecking order play a greater role in capital budgeting?

  2. How do I calculate my effective tax rate using Excel?

  3. Why are some spin-offs taxable and some are tax-free?

  4. What is the difference between income tax and capital gains tax?

  5. What is the optimal level of withholding tax to enter on my W-4?

  6. How can I calculate my withholding tax rate?

  7. What's the difference between short-term investments and marketable securities?

  8. What are the risks involved in a banker's acceptance?

  9. How do I decide whether a credit card offer is a good deal or not?

  10. What is the difference between federal and state withholding tax?

  11. Which factors drive the marginal propensity to consume?

  12. How does Federal Trade Commission use the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index to evaluate ...

  13. What business risks ultimately caused Enron's collapse?

  14. How does a master limited partnership (MLP) differ from other business structures?

  15. What is the difference between MAGI (modified adjusted gross income) and adjusted ...

  16. How does revenue recognition differ between profit and non-profit companies?

  17. What are some of the arguments against a value added tax (VAT)?

  18. What is the difference between a regressive tax versus a progressive tax?

  19. What is the formula for calculating deadweight loss in Excel?

  20. Are gross sales and taxable gross sales the same thing?

  21. What is the difference between a regressive tax and proportional tax?

  22. What are the advantages to registering a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Delaware?

  23. Does location matter for taxes when calculating gross sales?

  24. Are progressive taxes ever more unfair that flat taxes?

  25. Is a progressive tax more fair than a flat tax?

  26. Who developed the theory of economic externality?

  27. Who first came up with the idea of a progressive tax?

  28. Do all taxes create deadweight loss?

  29. What are the pros and cons of a progressive tax policy and who benefits the most ...

  30. Is progressive tax the same thing as marginal tax rate?

  31. What's the difference between regressive and progressive taxes?

  32. What are the differences between regressive, proportional and progressive taxes?

  33. What is the difference between an operating expense and a capital expense?

  34. What are the advantages to structuring a business as a master limited partnership ...

  35. What are some examples of a value added tax?

  36. What are the tax implications of owning a master limited partnership (MLP)?

  37. What are common reasons for governments to implement tariffs?

  38. How are transfer prices set?

  39. What are some of the arguments in favor of a value-added tax (VAT)?

  40. How does a company derecognize a deferred tax liability?

  41. How is compound interest taxed?

  42. According to the law of supply and demand, what is the effect of an increase or decrease ...

  43. How does the Fair Accounting Standards Board (FASB) regulate deferred tax liabilities?

  44. What cost basis reporting rules are set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?

  45. How do value-added taxes work in the European Union?

  46. What is an adjusted cost basis and how is it calculated?

  47. Where do deferred tax liabilities come from?

  48. How is salvage value used in depreciation calculations?

  49. What are some ways to minimize tax liability?

  50. What are the disadvantages of the FIFO accounting method?

  51. What are some of the arguments for and against a Value Added Tax (VAT)?

  52. What is the difference between residual income and passive income?

  53. What are the three "nets" of an NNN lease?

  54. What are the differences between single, double and triple-net leases?

  55. What are some examples of different taxable events?

  56. Are capital gains taxed differently in different countries?

  57. What's the difference between general, limited and joined venture partnerships?

  58. What is the difference between disposable income and discretionary income?

  59. Is there a difference between capital gains and dividend income?

  60. Can the government tax your capital gains from other countries?

  61. What is the difference between capital gains and investment income?

  62. What kind of philanthropy did Nathan Rothschild do?

  63. Can you realize capital gains on intangible property?

  64. Do companies measure their cost of debt with before- or after-tax returns?

  65. What is the difference between a subsidiary and a wholly owned subsidiary?

  66. How are subsidies justifiable in a free market system?

  67. How does an entrepreneur pay taxes?

  68. Does China have the equivalent of other special administrative regions (SAR) outside ...

  69. What are some of the ways that economic growth can be achieved?

  70. What happened to Bernard Baruch's estate after his death?

  71. What are the differences between a revocable trust and a will?

  72. Why did Larry Page pay himself a salary of only $1 a year at Google?

  73. What is the difference between a subsidiary and a sister company?

  74. What is the tax impact of calculating depreciation?

  75. What do economists believe causes economic growth?

  76. How is face value used to determine taxation?

  77. What is the difference between a national and a regional investment brokerage?

  78. How is taxation treated for both the parent and subsidiary company during a spinoff?

  79. Who is eligible to hold a deferred tax asset?

  80. What are some examples of ways businesses can use a deferred tax asset?

  81. Do tax liabilities appear in the financial statements?

  82. What's the difference between the marginal tax rate system and a flat tax?

  83. Is the marginal tax rate a progressive tax?

  84. Are marginal tax rate schemes more fair than flat taxes?

  85. What is the highest marginal tax rate in the United States?

  86. How do deferred tax assets help in meeting retirement goals?

  87. What are the best ways to pay less income tax?

  88. How much tax does Warren Buffett think billionaires should pay?

  89. What is the difference in tax liability between gross income and other kinds of income?

  90. Can you calculate the marginal tax rate in Excel?

  91. Who does Warren Buffett plan to bequeath his estate to?

  92. What's the largest charitable donation Warren Buffett ever made?

  93. Why is it that under some circumstances, capital expenditure cannot be tax-deducted ...

  94. What are the best and worst states to pay taxes in?

  95. What country spends the most on education?

  96. How are yields taxed on a certificate of deposit (CD)?

  97. What are the most common deferred tax assets used by individuals?

  98. Should I use a deferred tax asset for all of my retirement funds?

  99. What types of regulations are in place regarding fringe benefits?

  100. How is a deferred tax asset taxed?

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