Forex Trading Terms

  1. Foreign Currency Swap

  2. Foreign Exchange

  3. Foreign Exchange Market

  4. Forex - FX

  5. Forex Account

  6. Forex Analysis

  7. Forex Arbitrage

  8. Forex Broker

  9. Forex Charting Software

  10. Forex Charts

  11. Forex Club

  12. Forex eBooks

  13. Forex Futures

  14. Forex Hedge

  15. Forex Market

  16. Forex Market Hours

  17. Forex Mini Account

  18. Forex Option & Currency Trading Options

  19. Forex Option Trading

  20. Forex Pivot Points

  21. Forex Scalping

  22. Forex Signal System

  23. Forex Spot Rate

  24. Forex Spread Betting

  25. Forex System Trading

  26. Forex Trading Robot

  27. Forex Trading Strategy

  28. Forex Training

  29. Forward Booking

  30. French Franc - F

  31. Funding Currencies

  32. Funding Currency

  33. GBP

  34. GBP/USD (British Pound/U.S. Dollar)

  35. GHC

  36. GIP

  37. GMD

  38. GNF - Guinea Franc

  39. Gnomes Of Zurich

  40. Gold Standard

  41. Greek Drachma

  42. Greenback

  43. Grid Trading

  44. GTQ

  45. Guerrilla Trading

  46. GYD (Guyanese Dollar)

  47. Handle

  48. Hara-Kiri Swap

  49. Hard Currency

  50. Historical Currency Exchange Rates

  51. HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)

  52. HNL

  53. HNL (Honduran Lempira)

  54. HTG

  55. HTG (Haitian Gourde)

  56. HUF

  57. HUF (Hungarian Forint)


  59. Icelandic Króna - ISK

  60. IDR

  61. IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

  62. IEP (Irish Pound)

  63. ILS

  64. ILS (Israeli New Shequel)

  65. Inconvertible Currency

  66. Indicative Quote

  67. Indirect Quote

  68. INR

  69. INR (Indian Rupee)

  70. Inside Market

  71. Inter-Dealer Broker

  72. Interbank Market

  73. Interest Rate Differential - IRD

  74. Interest Rate Parity

  75. International Currency Converter

  76. International Currency Exchange Rate

  77. International Currency Markets

  78. International Fisher Effect - IFE

  79. IQD

  80. IQD (Iraqi Dinar)

  81. IRR

  82. IRR (Iranian Rial)

  83. ISK

  84. Ithaca HOURS

  85. Japanese Housewives

  86. JMD

  87. JMD (Jamaican Dollar)

  88. Jobber

  89. JOD

  90. JOD (Jordanian Dinar)

  91. Joint Float

  92. JPY

  93. JPY (Japanese Yen)

  94. KES

  95. KES (Kenyan Shilling)

  96. Key Currency

  97. KHR

  98. KHR (Cambodian Riel)

  99. Kiwi

  100. KMF

Hot Definitions
  1. Leased Bank Guarantee

    A bank guarantee that is leased to a third party for a specific fee. The issuing bank will conduct due diligence on the creditworthiness of the customer looking to secure a bank guarantee, then lease a guarantee to that customer for a set amount of money and over a set period of time, typically less than two years.
  2. Degree Of Financial Leverage - DFL

    A ratio that measures the sensitivity of a company’s earnings per share (EPS) to fluctuations in its operating income, as a result of changes in its capital structure. Degree of Financial Leverage (DFL) measures the percentage change in EPS for a unit change in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT).
  3. Jeff Bezos

    Self-made billionaire Jeff Bezos is famous for founding online retail giant
  4. Re-fracking

    Re-fracking is the practice of returning to older wells that had been fracked in the recent past to capitalize on newer, more effective extraction technology. Re-fracking can be effective on especially tight oil deposits – where the shale products low yields – to extend their productivity.
  5. TIMP (acronym)

    'TIMP' is an acronym that stands for 'Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico and Philippines.' Similar to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the acronym was coined by and investor/economist to group fast-growing emerging market economies in similar states of economic development.
  6. Pension Risk Transfer

    When a defined benefit pension provider offloads some or all of the plan’s risk – e.g.: retirement payment liabilities to former employee beneficiaries. The plan sponsor can do this by offering vested plan participants a lump-sum payment to voluntarily leave the plan, or by negotiating with an insurance company to take on the responsibility for paying benefits.
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