Insurance Terms

  1. Equalization Reserve

  2. Equity-Indexed Universal Life Insurance

  3. Errors And Omissions Insurance - E&O

  4. Essential Health Benefits

  5. Estate

  6. European Life Settlement Association - ELSA

  7. Fake Claims

  8. Family Income Rider

  9. FDIC Problem Bank List

  10. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - FDIC

  11. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act - FDICIA

  12. Federal Housing Administration - FHA

  13. Federal Insurance Contributions Act - FICA

  14. Federal Insurance Office - FIO

  15. Federal Tax Lien

  16. Federal Unemployment Tax Act - FUTA

  17. Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program

  18. Fidelity Bond

  19. Financial Guarantee

  20. Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery And Enforcement Act - FIRREA

  21. Financial Responsibility Clause

  22. Financial Services Agency - FSA

  23. Finite Reinsurance

  24. Fire Insurance

  25. First Dollar Coverage

  26. First-Loss Policy

  27. Fixed Annuity

  28. Fixed Charge

  29. Floater Insurance

  30. Flood Insurance

  31. Forced Place Insurance

  32. Foreign Credit Insurance Association - FCIA

  33. Form 4684: Casualties And Thefts

  34. Free Asset Ratio - FAR

  35. Free Look Period

  36. Fringe Benefits

  37. Front-End Debt-to-Income Ratio - DTI

  38. Gap Amount

  39. Gap Insurance

  40. Garage Liability Insurance

  41. Grace Period

  42. Grandfathered Health Plan

  43. Group Carve-Out Plan

  44. Group Health Insurance Plan

  45. Group Life Insurance

  46. Group Term Life Insurance

  47. Group Universal Life Policy - GULP

  48. Guaranteed Investment Contract - GIC

  49. Guaranteed Investment Fund - GIF

  50. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

  51. Guaranteed Loan

  52. Guaranteed Renewable Policy

  53. Hardship Exemption

  54. Hazard Insurance

  55. Health Insurance

  56. Health Insurance Marketplace

  57. Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act - HIPAA

  58. Health Maintenance Organization - HMO

  59. Health Plan Categories

  60. Hidden Load

  61. High Ratio Loan

  62. High-Deductible Health Plan - HDHP

  63. HIPAA Waiver of Authorization

  64. Homeowners Insurance

  65. Homeowners Protection Act

  66. Homestead Exemption

  67. Hospital Insurance Trust Fund

  68. Human-Life Approach

  69. Hybrid Annuity

  70. Implied Authority

  71. Impound

  72. Income Exclusion Rule

  73. Incontestability Clause

  74. Incurred But Not Reported

  75. Indemnity

  76. Indemnity Insurance

  77. Insurance

  78. Insurance Bond

  79. Insurance Claim

  80. Insurance Company Credit Rating

  81. Insurance Coverage

  82. Insurance Derivative

  83. Insurance Fraud

  84. Insurance Industry ETF

  85. Insurance Proceeds

  86. Insurance Score

  87. Insurance Trust

  88. Insurance Underwriter

  89. Insured Financial Institution

  90. Interbank Network for Electronic Transfer - INET

  91. Investment In The Contract

  92. Invisible Hard Market

  93. Irrevocable Beneficiary

  94. Issue Age Policy

  95. Jobless Claims

  96. Joint And Survivor Annuity

  97. Joint Life With Last Survivor Annuity

  98. Joint-Life Payout

  99. Key Person Insurance

  100. Kidnap Insurance

Hot Definitions
  1. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities - TIPS

    A treasury security that is indexed to inflation in order to protect investors from the negative effects of inflation. TIPS are considered an extremely low-risk investment since they are backed by the U.S. government and since their par value rises with inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, while their interest rate remains fixed.
  2. Gilt-Edged Switching

    The selling and repurchasing of certain high-grade stocks or bonds to capture profits. Gilt-edged switching involves gilt-edged security, which can be high-grade stock or bond issued by a financially stable company such as the Blue Chip companies or by certain governments.
  3. Master Limited Partnership - MLP

    A type of limited partnership that is publicly traded. There are two types of partners in this type of partnership: The limited partner is the person or group that provides the capital to the MLP and receives periodic income distributions from the MLP's cash flow, whereas the general partner is the party responsible for managing the MLP's affairs and receives compensation that is linked to the performance of the venture.
  4. Class Action

    An action where an individual represents a group in a court claim. The judgment from the suit is for all the members of the group (class).
  5. Retail Sales

    An aggregated measure of the sales of retail goods over a stated time period, typically based on a data sampling that is extrapolated to model an entire country. In the U.S., the retail sales report is a monthly economic indicator compiled and released by the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce.
  6. Okun's Law

    The relationship between an economy's unemployment rate and its gross national product (GNP). Twentieth-century economist Arthur Okun developed this idea, which states that when unemployment falls by 1%, GNP rises by 3%. However, the law only holds true for the U.S.
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